Heartless is it? Interpretation, parsing words and synonyms

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Heartless is it? Interpretation, parsing words and synonyms
Heartless is it? Interpretation, parsing words and synonyms

How do you think the world would change if all people were kind and sympathetic? It would probably be much better. Wars and disagreements would stop, harmony, peace and silence would reign. But no, not all people are good. Some of them are even heartless. This word often appears in speech, you probably heard it. It is considered primordially Russian. In this article, we will reveal its lexical meaning, indicate examples of use, as well as synonyms.

Part of Speech Definition

First, we advise you to determine which particular part of speech this or that word belongs to. It does not just exist in the language, but performs a certain syntactic function.

Heartless is an adjective. It is used to characterize nominal parts of speech.

Boss reprimands subordinate

Serves to expand the statement, convey more information.

It answers the question: "What?". You can change it by birth: heartless, heartless. And also put in the plural form: heartless.

BIn some cases, it is more appropriate to use the short form. For example: heartless, heartless.


Next, we will begin to parse the word "heartless" in composition. How to make it? To determine the root of this adjective, let's pick up a few words with the same root: heartlessness, core, heartily, heartlessly.

It can be determined that this word has the following composition:

  1. "Is-" is a prefix.
  2. Next comes the root "heart".
  3. Then the suffix "n".
  4. And finally the ending "th".

Lexical meaning

Now let's start defining the lexical meaning of this word. The adjective "heartless" is recorded in Ozhegov's dictionary. You can read his interpretation.

This is the meaning of the word: devoid of gentleness, cruel or soulless. Literally, "without a heart".

The heart has long been considered the center of man, the stronghold of love and kindness.

If a person was called heartless, then it is obvious that he is deprived of such qualities as kindness, mercy and warmth.

He is cruel to others, he cannot be called kind-hearted, with a heart of gold. Such a person can also be described as: cold, angry.

Heartless is an extremely negative characteristic. She points to a bad temper.

Such people are capable of meanness and bad deeds. They only think about their own good.

Sample sentences

If you just look at the valueadjective "heartless" in the dictionary, it will be of little use. In time you will forget it. It is important to fix the value in memory with the help of sentences:

  1. This heartless boy is throwing stones at pigeons. What will grow out of it?
  2. You must be so heartless to kick us out of the house in the cold.
  3. Heartless people revel in their anger.
  4. Evil woman
  5. You are a heartless little man, Vasily Ignatievich, only evil is on your mind.
  6. Some heartless people are simply not capable of normal relationships with others.

Synonym selection

After you have mastered the interpretation of the word "heartless" and learned how to apply it in sentences, you can begin to select synonyms. A little note: this is how words with a similar interpretation are called. So, the following options are at your service:

  1. Ruthless. Some ruthless people are incapable of simple human kindness.
  2. Cruel. You are cruel, Vasya, you won't get a kind word from you.
  3. Merciless. One ruthless tyrant thought only about his own good.
  4. Insensitive. The insensitive ruler did not listen to the murmurings of the common people.
  5. Man in black suit
  6. Soulless. You can't be so soulless!
  7. Cold. His heart was cold, it did not know mercy.
  8. Inhuman. The inhuman executioner was deaf to pleas.
  9. Stale. You are a callous person, unworthy to live on this earth.

Heartlessis an adjective for which you can pick up a wide variety of synonyms. But they should not contradict the general meaning of the phrase.

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