Faculties and speci alties of TSU, passing scores

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Faculties and speci alties of TSU, passing scores
Faculties and speci alties of TSU, passing scores

An old-timer among representatives of higher education in Siberia and the Far East is Tomsk State University. As a leading classical research university with a recognized scientific, educational and innovative center, it provides high-quality and competitive higher education. Information about TSU - faculties and speci alties, passing scores and admission rules - we will consider in more detail in the article.

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General information

At the Imperial Tomsk University, which has been functioning since 1878, today there are about eleven thousand students in the full-time department and four in the correspondence department. In total, the university presents a choice of 130 areas and speci alties, and the quantitative composition of postgraduate and doctoral studies includes 800 people.

The high degree of competitiveness in the education market is proven by the inclusion of TSU in the list of 15 leading Russian universities (2013) and fourth place in the 5-100 project (2015)

The University consists of 21 faculties and an educational institute, 1 branch and 38 preparatory centers throughout Siberia and Kazakhstan. The teaching staff is represented by 500 doctors and 1000 candidates of sciences, 51 laureates of the State Prize in the field of science andtechnology. In addition, all-Russian scientific competitions have repeatedly awarded TSU students and postgraduates.

TSU passing score may vary from year to year. This is due to its formation on the basis of a general competition among applicants: the higher their scores according to the results of the Unified State Examination, the more the passing bar rises.


The developed innovative infrastructure of TSU is represented by scientific, innovative centers equipped with modern technology: the SKIF Cyberia supercomputer, a powerful satellite communications transceiver station. Small enterprises, of which there are almost fifty, are responsible for the innovative activities of Tomsk State University. When the state was implementing the Federal Target Program to Support the Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel of Innovative Russia, TSU became the winner in 156 projects and 8 events.

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The social infrastructure of the university is provided by 2 preschool institutions with modern dormitories, a stadium with a swimming pool, a sports building with a summer recreation center near the Ob River. In Russia and abroad, the laureates of national and international competitions are very fond of - the choir, the violin ensemble and the jazz orchestra, which work on the basis of TSU.

Military training

For applicants who can afford the passing score of TSU, the presence of a military department will be a pleasant addition. Working since 1926, it has a highly qualified teaching staff and modern material and technic althe basis for quality military professional education.

Students are given the opportunity to acquire a military registration speci alty at public expense for service in the signal troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under one of two programs:

  • training of reserve officers - provides for the acquisition of military speci alties for the signal troops and military intelligence, as well as the title of "reserve lieutenant";
  • training of privates and sergeants of the reserve - includes training of communications and motorized riflemen with the assignment of the ranks of "private" and "sergeant" of the reserve.

Finishing the military department is necessary for students who plan to work in the public service in the future. In addition, they receive an additional scholarship.

University of the same name

Determining the future place of study, it will not be superfluous to know that there is another higher educational institution with the abbreviation TSU - Tver State University. It offers a choice of 45 speci alties for the applicant. This, of course, is not as much as in Tomsk, but at least two of its advantages can be distinguished in relation to the namesake university:

  1. Geographical location - if a future student is not a native Tomsk citizen and chooses a profession not based on the principle of territorial proximity, Tver University may be more acceptable in terms of transport interchange.
  2. The passing score of TSU (Tver) in 2017 was lower compared to the “competitor” of the same name. So, in the speci alty "Forestry" at the Tver University, the minimum score was 120, and in Tomsk - 171. And on the prestigious"International Economics" and "Jurisprudence" last year's scores were 232 and 247, respectively. In similar areas at TSU, you need to score 276 and 288 points.

TSU: faculties, passing score

Tomsk State University is a multidisciplinary university with the widest choice of specializations united by specialized faculties:

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  • geological and geographical;
  • historical;
  • mechanical-mathematical;
  • radiophysical;
  • journalistic;
  • innovative technologies;
  • psychological;
  • physical education;
  • physical and technical;
  • foreign languages;
  • physical;
  • philological;
  • philosophical;
  • chemical.

At TSU, the passing score for the budget (2017), depending on the direction, ranged from 160 to 288.

TSU passing score for budget 2017

Also, at the university, seven faculties work in the form of institutes and teach speci alties related to:

  • jurisprudence;
  • biology, ecology, soil science, agriculture and forestry;
  • military education;
  • art and culture;
  • economics and management;
  • computer science;
  • applied mathematics.

Mini and Max ratings

After analyzing the passing scores of TSU in 2017, we will single out the five speci alties with the lowest and the five with the highest scores for this university.

So, applicants withwith an excellent educational picture, you can amuse your ambitions and try your hand at applying to:

  • legal speci alties - 288 points;
  • linguistics - 269-285 (depending on the chosen language);
  • journalism – 271;
  • literary majors – 257;
  • foreign relations – 276.

Graduates with more modest USE results should pay attention to the following speci alties with a more accessible TSU passing score:

TSU faculties passing score
  • for training "electronic systems and complexes" you need to score only 160 points;
  • "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" is waiting for applicants with a minimum score of 184;
  • to enter the "physics", you need to overcome the barrier of 192 points;
  • nature lovers can apply for "Agronomy" (169) or "Forestry" (171);
  • close the top five are all specializations of the Institute of Arts and Culture of TSU. The passing score for the budget there is only 169.

Admission rules

Tomsk State University accepts applicants for the following educational levels:

  1. Bachelor, Specialist - persons with secondary general education can be enrolled here according to the results of the Unified State Examination or according to the results of exams conducted by TSU itself (in some cases). Also, graduates of colleges, technical schools and schools with the appropriate diploma are accepted for training. For them, entrance examinations are provided for a separate, more simplified program.
  2. Master's– here the university itself determines the order of entrance exams.

TSU students are enrolled in separate lists:

  • for studying at the university and its branches;
  • in the form: full-time, part-time, mixed;
  • by educational levels: bachelor, specialist, master;
  • for budget and paid streams.

Distribution of budget places

Regardless of the passing score, TSU allocates places:

tgu tver passing score
  1. Within a special quota - this category includes disabled children, disabled children, orphans and left without parental care, war veterans.
  2. As per target quota.
  3. Within the target figures obtained by subtracting the first two quotas.

About TSU minimum passing scores and additional creative tests

To enter Tomsk State University, you must score a certain minimum number of points in general education disciplines. There should be at least 45 in physics and mathematics, 50 in biology, 52 in computer science, history, literature, chemistry and geography, 57 in Russian, social science and a foreign language.

In addition to general education subjects, for some speci alties there are additional creative tests, the minimum score for each of which must be at least 60.

So, in journalism this test consists of writing a creative work (correspondence, article, essay, review, portraitsketches or reportage) on one of the proposed topics, as well as interviews based on its results.

For "literary creativity" creative test includes 3 stages. At the first stage, the applicant is invited to write an author's work in the genre of prose, poetry, literary criticism, dramaturgy, essay or children's literature in a given volume. This is followed by the writing of a creative study - improvisation on one of the proposed, not previously voiced topics that are not related to literary works. The final stage takes place in the form of a creative interview.

Applicants to the "Graphics" and "Fine Arts" directions should take into account that they will have to pass an additional creative competition, consisting of three exams: drawing, composition and painting.

For the "Artistic direction of the academic choir" an additional test is provided in the form of exams in conducting, solfeggio and piano.

TSU faculties and speci alties passing scores

Future professional athletes of the Faculty of Physical Education must pass a physical training exam, consisting of six types of tests: running (100 m and 1.5 km), two types of long jumps, as well as throwing a ball or shot put.

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