"Unexpected" - what is it? Meaning of the word

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"Unexpected" - what is it? Meaning of the word
"Unexpected" - what is it? Meaning of the word

The word "unexpected" is not rare in everyday speech. In this article, we will figure out where this expression came from, how it is spelled correctly and how it is appropriate to use it in a conversation. First of all, you need to understand what the meaning of this word is.


Unexpected - this is one that was not expected, did not expect to see or meet, the one about whom they did not think to know or hear.

The adjective under consideration can characterize the following phenomena:

  • unexpected meeting;
  • unexpected letter;
  • unexpected message;
  • unexpected incident;
  • an unexpected turn of events;
  • unexpected obstacles;
  • unexpected difficulties, etc.

In general, unexpected is unforeseen, happened without knowledge.

How to spell correctly

The word must be written together, because without "not" it is not used. There is no "expected" event, there are expected difficulties, for example.

Also, the word is often used as an adverb, so you should check it according to the spelling rule for adverbs:

suddenly entered=suddenly entered

Can be replaced by a synonym without not, so we write together.

what is unexpected

As for one or two "n", this word is very often mistakenly referred to as exceptions, although there is a whole rule for it in Russian. In this case, there are two prefixes: "not" and "o". And according to the rule, if one more prefix is ​​added to the prefix "not", then we write "nn".

The word is an adjective, not a participle. According to the rules of the Russian language, the participle is formed from the verb, and the adjective from the noun. Unexpected is derived from the word "expectation".

This word does not apply to a number of exceptions to verbal adjectives, since they are formed from imperfective verbs. These adjectives are:

  • unheard of;
  • unseen;
  • unexpected;
  • unexpected;
  • unguessed.

Be careful not to confuse the words "unexpected" and "unexpected". Only a person can be unexpected, and something inanimate can be unexpected.

Synonyms and antonyms

In the context of "unexpected" can be replaced by the following words:

  • sudden;
  • unpredictable;
  • emergency;
  • spontaneous;
  • involuntary;
  • unexpected;
  • unintended;
  • sudden.

And also phrases:

  • how it fell from the sky;
  • and never dreamed;
  • fastappeared;
  • fell on my head.

Antonymous to the adjective under consideration are the words:

  • predictable;
  • provided;
  • expected;
  • foreseen.

And also the phrase: known in advance.


unexpected meaning

"Unexpected" is a word often used to describe something unexpected that caused surprise or other mixed feelings. This is how you can characterize, for example, a marriage proposal.

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