Indisputable - what is it? What does this word mean?

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Indisputable - what is it? What does this word mean?
Indisputable - what is it? What does this word mean?

Although you rarely hear the word "immutable" in everyday communication, it's still worth replenishing your vocabulary with this magnificent word. In order to use this adjective appropriately and competently, you need to familiarize yourself with its meaning and spelling.

The meaning of the word "immutable"

When something is called immutable, they mean something that cannot be doubted, that is, the truth. Otherwise, they also interpret that immutable is that which cannot be violated, changed or challenged.

There is an expression "immutable law" - a law that is not subject to doubt. Or, for example, the "immutable rule", that is, the rule that must be observed.


Spelling prefixes

In modern Russian, the word "immutable" is a dictionary word that you just need to remember. You can always find the correct spelling in the spelling dictionary.

However, such a prefix as "pre", in this case, can be justified. Immutable is a statement that cannot be altered and shifted. According tothe rules of the Russian language, if the value of the prefix "re" fits the prefix, then you need to write "pre".

The word is spelled together, because without the particle "not" it is not used.

Synonyms and antonyms

Words that have the same meaning as the word "immutable" include: indisputable, absolute, indestructible, inflexible, obligatory, inviolable, rigorous, undoubted, self-evident, irrefutable, unconditional.

Antonyms: disputable, inaccurate, optional, controversial, non-guaranteed, changeable.

How to use

They say: immutable truth, immutable law, immutable phenomenon, immutable rule, immutable document, immutable charter, immutable result and the like. This word is rarely used today, but it has not been completely removed from everyday life.


beautiful dictionary

How many dictionaries, the same number of interpretations of a given word. However, summarizing them all, one thing can be said for sure: "immutable" is a word that means the indisputability of any law or statement. As a rule, this word is used to emphasize the importance or severity of a particular phenomenon. Everyone understands that the truth is already something proven more than once, but this does not prevent us from using the phrase "immutable truth" in speech.

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