How and why to develop the left hand of the right-hander?

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How and why to develop the left hand of the right-hander?
How and why to develop the left hand of the right-hander?

At times, every person wants his body to be more developed, versatile and fast. Some begin to develop their dexterity, stamina, quick reactions … And others simply begin to develop their left hand. What is it for? And how to develop the left hand to the right? Let's try to find answers to these questions together in a logical way.

Right-handed world

In our world, everything is arranged with the expectation of the right hand. Left-handers often have a hard time colliding with the same gearbox of a classic car. And the right-hander can only rely on his right hand, since the left is absolutely undeveloped and is a simple assistant, able to cope only with the most primitive actions: hold, correct, etc. How to develop the left hand so that it becomes an equal limb capable of performing various tasks? To answer this question, we first need to understand motivation. Namely: what do we need the left hand for?

Develop for what?

twocerebral hemispheres

To understand the main role of the left hand, you have to remember that it is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain. It is it that is responsible for emotions, creativity, aesthetics and imaginative thinking. With age, the summation of intuitive experience cannot take place due to the lack of development of the right hemisphere due to the inactivity of the left hand. Only the hand that constantly works develops the hemisphere. To make development easy and fun, check out some of the proven methods.


Drawing is a great way to calm down and join the beauty. And work with your hands. How to develop the left hand while drawing? Very simple. You just need to start right. The first step should be synchronization. That is, on two sheets of paper at the same time with your right and left hand, draw light and primitive patterns: circles, flowers, a spiral, etc.

simultaneous drawing

The second step is to draw by dots. Connect the points placed on the sheet together, of course, with your left hand. The points can be arranged both in a chaotic manner and in a logical chain.

Third step - drawing with paints with the fingers of the left hand. This is where you need to relax and surrender to the process completely. As the masters of painting say, the pictures drawn by the left "undeveloped" hand are distinguished by sensuality and originality, which the right working hand cannot create. After a certain amount of training, you will stop noticing the difference.


If you haven't alreadymastered any musical instrument, it's time to start. After all, this is the most direct way to become ambidextrous. Playing any instrument requires the participation of both hands, and synchronous.

playing guitar

Take the guitar for example. In order to master the game on it, you will have to synchronize the actions of both hands, with the left assigned to a more difficult task: to rearrange the fingers and forcefully press the strings to the fretboard. This tool will give in only after long and painstaking training, when the muscles of the left hand on the machine will perform their functions. If you're still wondering how to start developing your left hand, get a small musical instrument and try to master it. The result will not keep you waiting.


The easiest and most inexpensive method of developing the left hand is daily household chores. Train yourself to replace the right hand with the left in habitual actions. You can start by brushing your teeth, washing your face, eating. After your left hand gets used to doing these simple movements on the machine, connect it to cooking as well. Grate a carrot and chop an onion for her will be a good task.

Physical Education

How to start developing the left hand? It will be useful to apply physical education. You should start the exercises with the simplest: squeezing the rubber ball with the fingers of your left hand. This simple yet effective exercise will help strengthen your finger and hand muscles. In parallel with this exercise, it is advisable to work on strengthening the entire arm. This can be achieved by lifting any object up, whether it bedumbbell or match.

A small tennis ball is a great helper in the development of the left hand. Throw it up and catch it, tap it against the wall or from the floor. Doing thirty visits a day, you can quickly achieve success.

Swimming is another way to become ambidextrous. This is due to the fact that a person, finding himself in an unusual environment, strains all his strength and uses all reserves to control his body.


The most difficult way to develop is to write with your left hand. What does this method develop? Fine motor skills and, of course, the right hemisphere. In order to start writing with an unfamiliar hand, you need to know a few tricks.

left hand writing in a notebook
  1. The light should not fall from the usual left side, but from the right side.
  2. The notebook should be placed at the left corner.
  3. The handle should be chosen not too thin so that the fingers squeeze it well.
  4. Try to make the letters rounder to make them easier to write.


girl writes with two hands

Now that you know which hemisphere the left hand develops, you can draw conclusions whether you need to develop it or not. To summarize, the development of the left hand is a laborious, lengthy process, but very necessary for several reasons:

  • human reserves are limitless, you need to be able to discover, develop and use them;
  • development of the left hand will entail the development of the right hemisphere, which means it will reveal you from a new side;
  • developed left hand alwayswill be able to replace the right one in unforeseen situations;
  • acceleration of labor processes when using both hands;
  • improving the brain.

Ready to be Ambidextrous?

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