Analytical work is Doing analytical work

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Analytical work is Doing analytical work
Analytical work is Doing analytical work

In the modern world, analytical work is a way to evaluate the activities of an enterprise, ranging from large industrial ones to small offices. Similarly, work is carried out in preschool educational institutions (DOE). The analysis allows you to evaluate the internal and external relations of the organization and, based on the results, make a decision about changes in any area.

What is analytical work

Analytical work is the study, comprehension and transformation of information in order to understand an object and its functions. Analysis is part of the enterprise management process and improves the quality of management decisions. Analytical work requires knowledge of the area being audited and is carried out by professionals with analytical skills.

Identification of shortcomings in the work of the organization, the definition of reserves allows you to improve the quality of services provided. The management of the enterprise plans the period of the analysis. The plan is drawn up for 1 year, the analytics specialist is responsible for it.Control over the implementation of the analysis lies with the management of the enterprise. When analyzing preschool educational institutions, specialists from the Department of Education are involved.

work analysis

Stages of analytical work

Conducting analytical work includes the following steps:

  1. Drafting a work plan. They identify the direction of using the results, determine the program and plan. Define analytical tables and filling algorithm.
  2. Preparation of materials. Collection of information, identification of sources and verification of data reliability, analysis.
  3. Determining the preliminary estimate. Conditions for fulfilling indicators for the current period. Comparison with data for previous periods of work. Resource usage.
  4. Identification of the causes of changes and deviations from the standards. Determination of the range of interacting factors, disclosure of relationships and dependencies, assessment of the activities of the enterprise and employees. Identification of unused reserves.
  5. Evaluation and conclusion. Recommendations for the work of the organization and employees.

Analysis of methodical work

When organizing analytical work in a preschool educational institution, work in all areas of the educational process should be taken into account. Methodological work is evaluated according to the performance indicators of the kindergarten for the past year. This allows you to evaluate the quality of education and make changes if necessary.

analytical work

Analytical work is an opportunity for a teacher to improve teaching skills and develop professionalism.The formation of the need for teachers in self-education is formed through regular methodological work during the school year.

The analysis takes into account the methods of analytical work, the organization of the pedagogical council, which clearly presents the abilities of teachers. One of the levels of professional development is consultations. Open lessons allow you to evaluate the activities of colleagues and detect omissions when working with children. The analysis takes into account the number of seminars, open lessons, consultations, competitions and meetings. During the year, the senior educator controls the activities of teachers and chooses ways to correct deficiencies.

analysis of the open lesson

Analysis of working with children in groups of different ages

The analytical work of the educator during the period of adaptation of children in the preschool educational institution plays an important role. The main indicator is the number of children in the group with a mild degree of adaptation. For this, explanatory work is carried out with parents, a sparing regime is used. The mood of the children during the adaptation period speaks of the work of the educator. During this period, it is necessary to develop in children the desire for educational activities and compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

When preparing children for school, the level of competence of teachers is assessed. This indicator affects the results of the analytical work of the preschool educational institution. The use of various methods in work, the creation of a subject-developing environment in the group are taken into account. The analysis methodology takes into account the holding of meetings with parents and involvement in play activities.

During analytical work, experts pay attention to the attitude of children towards school. A plus is considered a creative approach and the relationship with other activities. The interaction of a teacher and a parent plays an important role in the formation of independence and psychological readiness for school in a preschooler.

analysis of the teacher's activity

Cognitive development

Analytical work is about identifying children's interests in all areas of development. An important role in the formation of intelligence is played by the cognitive formation of mathematical ideas about the world.

In the younger group, sensory materials and objects with different features are required. It is important for children to get motivation, for this activity should be carried out in a playful way. According to these criteria, cognitive activity is evaluated in analytical work.

Mathematical games form the cognitive activity of children. In the middle group, the teacher should teach children to compare, classify and find causal relationships.

Creativity and analysis of previous methods of work allows children to form an idea of ​​the world around them, develop logic and general mental development. The child must draw the appropriate conclusions himself, and not receive a ready-made answer from the teacher.

In the speech therapy group with children, systematic work should be carried out throughout the year. Tasks are carried out taking into account the abilities and interests of each child. The task of the teacher is to fill the gaps in the program by involving parents injoint reading and memorization of poems by heart.

educator analysis

Speech development

The analytical work of the educator includes increasing the abilities of the speech development of each child. Activity involves the development of speech in a playful way. For this, songs, rhymes, mime games are used. Learning new rhymes or songs helps to increase vocabulary. Mimicking animal sounds improves your child's listening experience.

Active speech development occurs in early preschool age. To form the correct sound pronunciation, it is necessary to develop speech hearing. When analyzing the activities of preschool educational institutions, shortcomings in the work of teachers in correcting sound pronunciation in children and working with parents are taken into account.

Social and personal development

The analytical work of the activities of the preschool educational institution involves an assessment of the formation of the social and personal development of the child in kindergarten. Educators should form a positive attitude towards others through thematic holidays and conversations.

work with children

When forming an adequate perception of the outside world, respect and tolerance should be cultivated, regardless of social origin, gender, religion. The organization of theatrical performances and games shows the different moods of the characters. Children learn behavior and perceive the world around them positively.

The assessment of the activities of the preschool educational institution as a whole is influenced by the number of events held within the walls of the kindergarten. Theatrical activities of teachershas a positive effect on the development of children.

Artistic and aesthetic development

The analytical work of the visual activity teacher determines the number of children who cope with the requirements of the program. Depending on age, drawing, modeling, and appliqué classes are held. At an older age, children learn non-traditional drawing techniques, get acquainted with the visual culture of the country and their small homeland.

The results of the analytical work are presented in the report of the teacher at the conference or during advanced training. The organization of exhibitions of works by pupils and parents allows you to connect the family to visual activities.

The results of the activities of a teacher in music education affect the result of analytical work in the whole educational institution. The task of a music worker is to take a responsible approach to events, the design of the hall, and the preparation of each pupil. The result of the teacher's activity will be the degree of musicality of children.

analysis of the activities of the preschool educational institution

The quality of education depends on the planning and organization of children with learning difficulties. At the same time, children with abilities should not be the only artists at the holidays.

Physical development

Assessment of the general level of physical development of children affects the result of the analysis of preschool educational institutions. A physical development instructor should develop endurance, speed and agility in children. To improve the quality of education in this area, children and parents should be involved in competitions,physical games and active holidays.

Analytical work is an analysis of the activities of the preschool educational institution for the implementation of development programs and the correction of shortcomings.

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