Why does a person work? Work as a way of survival, enrichment and self-realization

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Why does a person work? Work as a way of survival, enrichment and self-realization
Why does a person work? Work as a way of survival, enrichment and self-realization

Probably, every person at least once in his life thought about why he needs a job. We are born and raised by parents, receiving from an early age the installation - it is necessary to work. And in order for the career ladder to take off into the sky from dizzying success, you need to study. Therefore, in the article we will try to answer the question: “Why does a person work?”

why does a person work

Ancient times

From the beginning of history, our ancient ancestors worked. Work was an integral part of their lives. Then it was mainly aimed at gathering, hunting and other ways of obtaining food. And only much later, with the development of agriculture and the domestication of animals, work became a way of life. He strongly tied people to one place. But why does a person work? How does this affect descendants, society as a whole, and what will happen if we live without work? We'll talk about that.


To complete the picture, the factor of pure survival must also be mentioned. The point is that without toil or workit is extremely difficult to survive in any society, be it civilized, where the work process is rewarded with money, or primitive, in which food found or caught becomes its result. And it's not just about personal satisfaction. If we look again, for example, at distant ancestors, then there a man had to give her something to win the favor of a woman. And later, with the development of the social system, and feed their children. But why does a person work any more?

favorite work


Even in the Renaissance, it became clear that no normal development of society without culture and art is possible. Of course, at first glance, the connection between them is not so obvious, but in fact they are of great importance. By the way, the first musical instruments and animal figurines found during excavations are approximately 70-73 thousand years old. So the man who writes porters and books or composes poetry is doing no less important work than a farmer or a factory worker. Now we understand why a person works. He creates beauty by cultivating a sense of aesthetics in others.


It is not in vain called the engine of progress. At all times, people were born who wanted to learn the secrets of nature and the universe, and not to fish all their lives. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of science, even if some of its aspects or discoveries are not always clear and, at first glance, do not have much significance. For example, concrete and practical application of one of the aspects of Einstein's theory of relativity was found only decades later. She helped to understand why time is onartificial satellites of the earth is constantly, albeit slightly, but ahead of what exists on Earth. And it's not a banal clock error. So the state cannot develop without any scientific program. Even ordinary laboratory assistants contribute to science with their work.

discussion on why a person works

Favorite work. Does it happen?

This question is popular. He often haunts people. After all, the world is arranged in such a way that only a small part of the population is occupied with the direct development of science, society and some other discoveries of great importance. And the rest is forced to work just to have a livelihood. Alas, it's hard to change. And often people have to put up with this fact or look for new activities to which the soul lies. A person's desire to work is also fueled by such an important factor as good pay and profit.

lesson why people work

As one saying goes: "Make your favorite activity bring money, and then you will be happy." It is absolutely correct. But easier said than done. After all, even creative people in whose work others are interested, for example, artists and writers, sometimes it is difficult to achieve recognition. Rather, sometimes it is difficult for them to make their work sell and be in demand. So your favorite job is a dream that is very difficult to achieve. And the older the person, the more problematic it is. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to choose in youth the type of activity that willpay and bring joy.

Rejection from society

Now the phenomenon of voluntary rejection of society with all the ensuing consequences is becoming widespread. For example, downshifting and similar phenomena, when a person leaves a stuffy office, quits and starts freelancing. Or even live on interest from previously earned capital. Thinking about why a person works, we often talk about the fact that in the modern world, work takes too much time. The cult of consumption and personal enrichment actually deprives the individual of many factors of joy, in other words, makes him unhappy. And you need to give up the long working day for the sake of personal interests and all-round development.

a person's desire to work

Schools also often have a themed lesson. Why do people work - the teacher explains to the students. In addition to the obvious answer about making money for existence, an important factor is also analyzed - this is socialization. Without communication and other elements of relationships, the individual tends to lose the skills of life in society. Though not fatal, but still.

But you can often see the following picture: for example, a person who does not really need money or with an independent income, still goes to some easy job. His desire to work is due not only to habit. The fact is that without a constant concrete activity that bears fruit and demonstrates a clear result, people quickly lose interest in life. And even the fact that they are provided with everything andthere is no need to think about food, it doesn’t change anything.

Discussion on the topic "Why does a person work?" can last indefinitely. Most importantly, we have identified the most important factors that stimulate an individual to be active: enrichment, survival, self-realization, development and personal pleasure.

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