"Blurred eyes" - what does it mean?

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"Blurred eyes" - what does it mean?
"Blurred eyes" - what does it mean?

Phraseologisms have firmly entered our today's speech. A sharp word, an exact expression, like nothing else, can emphasize the peculiarity of the current situation, convey the strength of the feelings experienced at the moment of speaking, describe the emotions experienced, and so on …

Soap in foam

Long live scented soap

The eye is blurred - a phraseological unit that has now become very popular. It is used in many modern industries and professions, if they want to express that:

  • the ability to perform qualitatively routine processes was lost due to their monotony;
  • reaction to monotonously happening events and facts has weakened.

What does soap itself have to do with it? What happens if it gets into the eyes? Blurry eye? It pinches, it becomes painful, instinctively a person closes his eyes or closes it. Stops looking and seeing what is directly in front of the eyes.

Or it means that there is some kind of obstacle in front of the open eyes, which limits the field of view … For example, soap suds. Thick, white, opaque.

Create soap suds

You can't see anything through it. Although it may be a veil of dust or smoke.

Can't see anything, it's not clear

The phraseologism "the eye is blurred" has a meaning related to the meaning of several other Russian idioms. In order not to be seen properly, you can blow smoke in your eyes or throw dust in your eyes. The result is the same, but the causes are fundamentally different.

Look under your breath

Smoke or dust is blown into the eyes to divert attention from something, to deceive, to embellish. This is when you live in absolute everyday chaos, with all the attributes due to it. Dirty dishes, dust, and so on… But by the time parents arrive, perfect order has been put in place. I put smoke in my eyes, and everyone is happy. Nobody gets you. Parents are happy and calm.

The eye is blurred from long monotonous activity. This is a situation where a person loses the ability to concentrate on small details, on particulars.

The eye blurs - what does it mean

Let's try to find examples of cases in everyday life. Many testers discuss the problem on the forums - the eyes are blurred.

I had the most egregious case when, after testing the Russian version and switching to English, and picking out a bunch of bugs from it down to the smallest detail, I suddenly noticed a hefty button in Russian that looked right at me for several hours. And she might not have noticed, because she was already so used to the Russian version that she took the button for granted. How to deal with the fact that you get tired, get used to the application and start testing like a robot, not like a living thingcreature?

The eyes get used to seeing, and the brain to analyze any standard system components of the interface, code. You are distracted from the details, your attention is scattered and defocused. This can haunt many people of creative professions: designers, writers, typesetters, programmers…

Roughly, but it will be fair to say that the eyes of bosses and leaders are very often blurred. Once appreciating a subordinate, many no longer pay attention to him.

The same can be said about some of the teachers. Many of them find it easier to look with a blurry look at children, not noticing both positive and negative in them. Children are the embodiment of nature, they are constantly changing depending on the conditions in which they are.

How to avoid

The eyes blur, you stop noticing the little things. This greatly interferes with the quality of their work. It doesn't matter if it's about leadership, teaching, computer technology, etc.

We need to look for measures that help to "blur" it. After all, it is the little things that make a great enterprise successful.

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