Chelyabinsk Medical Academy: the flagship of training Ural doctors

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Chelyabinsk Medical Academy: the flagship of training Ural doctors
Chelyabinsk Medical Academy: the flagship of training Ural doctors

Being a doctor is not easy. This is said by students who entered the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy. They made their choice consciously and are ready for the difficulties of mastering the profession. Getting into this institution is not easy. After all, the medical university of the capital of the Southern Urals is valued for the quality and modernity of education. Passing scores are always high here, there are many who want to become students of ChelGMA. Throughout their studies, the children intensively study special literature, memorize Latin terms, adopt the experience of the luminaries of medicine. The theoretical knowledge gained is supported by real practices in urban hospitals. Address of the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy: st. Vorovskogo, 64.

Education at ChelGMA

The higher medical educational institution of Chelyabinsk is subordinate to the federal ministry. Rector of the Medical Academy - Ilya AnatolyevichVolchegorsky. President - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ilya Ilyich Dolgushin. Both have academic degrees of doctors of medical sciences, are honored scientists of the Russian Federation.

Pre-university training has begun

The university provides for multi-level training of doctors and a continuous education system. These include:

  1. Pre-university training: study in gymnasiums and lyceums with a medical and biological bias; training courses; career guidance in high school.
  2. Training at the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy.
  3. Postgraduate studies.
  4. Retraining and advanced training of doctors.
  5. Certification of medical professionals.
  6. Training of scientific and pedagogical workers

Historical background

Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy

Chelyabinsk Medical Institute was opened on July 1, 44. There was a war, and the Kyiv Medical Institute was evacuated to the Urals. The fate of the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute began with him. After the departure of the people of Kiev home, almost 150 people remained to work in Chelyabinsk. Among them are 7 doctors of sciences, more than three dozen candidates and 10 graduate students. Alexander Nikolaevich Fedorovsky then became the first head of the ChMI. At first, only medicine was taught at the institute. In the 91st year, the institute received the status of a state institution (ChGMI). which raised his status. And since 1995 it was renamed the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy (ChelGMA). The staff of today's educational institution has 157 doctors and 740teachers. In addition to "General Medicine", many other speci alties are open, which are taught at several faculties.

Training areas for doctors

Future dentist

Annually, the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy recruits students. Future doctors are given the opportunity to choose the direction of study. Faculties open:

  1. Pediatric.
  2. Medical.
  3. Dental.
  4. Pharmaceutical.
  5. Medical preventive.
  6. Management and higher nursing education.

On the basis of the university, the Medical College was created and carries out educational activities. It organizes the training of specialists in secondary vocational education programs: paramedics, nurses, midwives, laboratory assistants, pharmacists.

What does the institution have?

Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy is territorially located not far from the Regional Hospital, on Vorovskogo Street. The school has four buildings. The first of them also houses the administration of the university. There are theoretical departments in the buildings, where students of 1-3 courses receive knowledge.

Lecture at a medical school

4-year students continue their education in their own clinic of the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy and at 10 special departments located in the largest hospitals in the city. The Medical Academy has five student dormitories, outbuildings for conducting economic activities, a research building of the Central Research Institute,a dispensary and a camp on Lake Spruce.

Student Scientific Society

Scientific activity of students is very important. It helps to shape the outlook of future doctors and to act as researchers themselves. The skills of the first scientific papers will be very useful for future medical professionals. From participation in olympiads, preparation of preparations, abstracts, to independent medical and biological research with the assistance of experienced teachers, the experience of young people studying at ChelGMA is increasing.

Practical work in the medical academy

SSS coordinates the work of student scientific laboratories and circles of departments, helps to bring students' scientific developments to life, informs them about grants and competitions, promotes participation in symposiums, seminars, scientific conferences and other events. In addition, the SSS organizes once a year student scientific conferences, actively promotes the release of the collection of the conference, its program, which reflects the scientific research of students not only from Chelyabinsk, but also from other medical universities.

Extracurricular work

Student life is diverse and interesting. There are good traditions in the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy:

  1. Own newspaper - published for 63 years in large circulations.
  2. Creative approach to events, such as Student Spring festivals.
  3. Neuron Student Construction Team has been working since 1996 and is now being revived.
  4. The university team of KVN "County Town" is well known in Russia.

The website of the institution under study contains detailed information about speci alties, admission conditions for students in the new academic year, entrance tests, benefits, budget funding and Open Days. It also provides up-to-date information on postgraduate education at the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy. Good luck future doctors!

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