Serene is it? Word interpretation

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Serene is it? Word interpretation
Serene is it? Word interpretation

It's good to live when you don't have to worry about anything. Everything is served on a silver platter. Things take care of themselves, and the weather is always good outside. Then your heart is joyful, and you wake up in a good mood. That is, live peacefully. This nice word will be discussed in the article.

Part of Speech

First, you should indicate what part of speech the word "serenely" should be referred to. It can be:

  • neuter short form adjective;
  • an adverb indicating the course of action.

That is, "serenely" is a word that refers to two parts of speech at once. In the first case, one should ask the question "what?", in the second - the question "how?" It is worth noting that the word "serene" is more often found in speech in the role of an adverb.

Lexical meaning

Since the meaning of the adverb corresponds to the adjective, we will give the interpretation of the word "serenely" specifically for the adjective. The interpretation is recorded in the Ozhegov dictionary:

  • calm;
  • not disturbed by anything.
  • Rest in peace

That is, it is possiblecharacterize a person (or action) who is completely at ease and does not experience any discomfort.

Examples of usage

As already mentioned, the word "serene" can be both an adjective and an adverb. Let's use it in sentences.

  • "He lived serenely, it's a fact, he only thought about his piece of bread, he didn't start a family."
  • "Even though your state of mind is serene, you will still face difficulties sooner or later."
  • "We work serenely, everything is verified with us, according to a clear schedule."
  • "The sea is unusually calm now, with only occasional small waves running through it."
  • "This girl was serenely reading a fiction book; she was so carried away by an interesting plot that she did not notice anything around."
  • Boy with a toy
  • "His childhood is serene, they buy him everything he wants."
  • "The sky is serene, there is not a single cloud that spoils the flawless and cold blue."
  • "The cat serenely stretched out on the carpet, he sniffed sweetly and did not blow in his mustache."

Now you understand the meaning of the word "serene". You can easily use it in sentences.

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