Fun - what is it? Word interpretation

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Fun - what is it? Word interpretation
Fun - what is it? Word interpretation

Without fun, our life would be boring. Imagine a series of gray days. Of course, a person is constantly looking for adventure, finds at least a little joy. Otherwise it is simply impossible to live. In a word, you need to somehow look for fun. This is exactly the thing that will cheer you up and decorate your life with bright colors. In this article, you can get acquainted with the interpretation of the noun "fun", and also learn how to use it in various kinds of sentences.

Lexical meaning

First of all, it's worth finding out what the meaning of the noun "fun" is. This word can be found in the explanatory dictionary. It has two main definitions.

Happy and successful people
  • Entertainment or fun, fun. It can be some kind of pleasant pastime. For example, before fun could be called a fair. It was not only the buying and selling of goods. On the contrary, the meaning of the fair was also in a pleasant pastime, communication, games and fun.
  • Entertainment item. If in the first sense it is precisely a pleasant pastime that is meant, then here it means a thing that, in fact,causes a good mood. For example, fun is a toy that a child plays with. Previously, for the fun of the public, trained bears were driven.

A few suggestions to consolidate knowledge

New knowledge is best learned when you put it into practice. Here are some examples of using the word "fun" in sentences.

  • Ring dances are pure fun.
  • I didn't know that I'm just fun for you, that you are amused by me.
  • He could offend someone for fun, and then revel in malice.
  • Cheerful clown
  • This is just fun, just look at what tricks this clown is doing!
  • Buy a rattle, at least the baby will have fun.
  • A disguised bear was driven through the streets for the amusement of the public.

This way you can use the noun "fun" in speech situations.

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