Sensitive is Interpretation of the word

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Sensitive is Interpretation of the word
Sensitive is Interpretation of the word

How do you sleep? Some people literally cannot be woken up by a cannon shot. They can sleep even when a neighbor is drilling with a drill behind the wall. Other people are light sleepers. They wake up at the slightest noise. In this article, we will reveal the meaning of the word "sensitive". It is an adjective that can be used in a number of situations.

Initial form

Immediately, it is worth mentioning one point. If you do not know the meaning of a word, then you should immediately refer to the explanatory dictionary.

But even here there are some nuances. "Sensitive" is an adjective. It is used in the feminine form. But you must understand that the dictionary contains adjectives in the initial form, that is, in our case - in the masculine form.

That is, when you look up the meaning of the word "sensitive" in the dictionary, you will be given a dictionary entry for the adjective "sensitive".

Lexical meaning

In Ozhegov's dictionary you can find the meaning of the word "sensitive". There are two definitions in total.

Quickly perceiving something with the help of the senses. So you can characterize, for example, a dream. That is, a person quickly wakes upfrom a little noise. The ear is sensitive. A person can recognize the smallest sounds

Heart in palms

Responsive or sympathetic. That's how you can describe a person. A friend is sensitive. He will always listen to you and help you. Everyone is drawn to a sensitive person, because he can help in word and deed. This is a figurative meaning

Sample sentences

If you want to start using the adjective "sensitive" in speech as soon as possible (and do it right), we advise you to make sentences with this word more often.

  • This sensitive woman will always come to the rescue.
  • I have a light sleep, I can't rest when there is noise behind the wall.
woman listening
  • With my sensitive hearing, I caught the soft singing of birds.
  • And only a guitar, this sensitive friend, can calm my soul even for a moment.

As you can see, the adjective "sensitive" can be used both literally and figuratively.

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