Perianth: what is the corolla and calyx of a flower?

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Perianth: what is the corolla and calyx of a flower?
Perianth: what is the corolla and calyx of a flower?

A flower is a modified shoot, which is an important organ of sexual reproduction in angiosperms. The flowers are very varied. They have a specific smell, shape, color and size, but their structure has the same type of structure: perianth, pedicel, stamens and pistil. To find out what a corolla and calyx are, you need to consider the structure of the perianth.

Varieties of perianth

Each perianth consists of two main parts: a corolla and a calyx. If both of these components are present in the perianth at the same time, then it is called double. If there is only one thing - simple.

There are flowers that have no perianth at all. In this case, they are called naked, or uncovered.

The structure of the perianth

What is a whisk

A lot of concepts, as you know, can have several meanings. In our case, the word "whisk" is ambiguous, and it is important to understand that we are not talking about kitchen utensils or machine parts. We are interested in the question of what is a whisk in biology.

So, the inner part of the perianth (double) is called the corolla,consisting of brightly colored petals. It can develop from vegetative leaves, but most often they are stamens (generative organ). The corolla is the most prominent part of the flower, differing from the calyx in a variety of shapes, colors and larger sizes. It is he who plays the role of "bait", attracting bees with his spots and lines, forming beautiful patterns. Insects see these patterns in ultraviolet light, and the different colors of the petals serve as a specific indicator of the presence of nectar for them. However, it also happens that the corolla of the flower develops poorly or even undergoes reduction. This is the case for wind pollinated angiosperms because they do not need to attract desired pollinators.

Another important function of the corolla is to reflect some of the sun's rays and close the petals, which helps to protect the generative organs of the flower (pistils and stamens) from overheating during the day and cooling at night.

The bee flies up to the perianth

What is a cup

The calyx is the vegetative organ of a flower, consisting of a different number of sepals, often green in color and capable of photosynthesis. The formation of organic substances from inorganic is not the main function of this part of the flower. The calyx protects the unopened bud of the plant.

Thus, even an ordinary flower has a rather complicated structure, which helps it to adapt to many environmental conditions. A flower is one of the units of flora, small, but as perfect as allthe rest, created by mother nature.

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