The life of George, Duke of Kent

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The life of George, Duke of Kent
The life of George, Duke of Kent

The ruling dynasty of Great Britain has existed for more than a century. During this time, many members of the great house became famous all over the world not only thanks to the family name, but also due to their contribution to culture, charity and the development of military affairs.

The Birth of a Prince

The full name of the Duke of Kent is George Edward Alexander Edmund. In the royal family, it is customary to name children with triple names. One of them is for the time of the reign, the other is the baptismal name, the third can be used as a "home" address among family members. Life years of George, Duke of Kent - 1902–1942. The boy was born on December 20, 1902 in the east of England in a large family. From an early age, the education of George, Duke of Kent, was attended by the best teachers, because, being a representative of the royal family, it is always important to have an excellent education. As a teenager, the young man graduated from the College for officers of the Royal Navy.

Prince family

Learning and becoming a person

George of Kent was the fourth son of the reigning king, so it was the brothers who influenced the young man's decision to connect his life with naval affairs. Edward and Albert, who will becomethe rulers of Great Britain in the future, but at different times, inspired the younger brother to try his hand at this craft. Upon graduation, Prince George of Kent remained a member of the Royal Navy.

Prince's military activities

The representative of the dynasty also held government positions in the ministry. The young man worked on internal affairs within the state, and also solved the difficulties that arose abroad. It is Prince George who is considered the first heir to the great house, who officially worked in government structures.

At the age of 37, George, Duke of Kent, was chosen as the head of the Grand Masonic Lodge, which is located in England and is the oldest and most numerous organization of its kind.

Rank values

Full list of George's titles - Duke of Kent, Earl of St. Andrews and Baron Downpatrick. Each of the names has a decoding:

  • Duke of Kent. The title comes from the toponym of the county of Kent - the most populated region of Britain.
  • Count of Saint Andrews. A city in Scotland, which is famous for its architecture, the oldest university of the 16th century. Is the world center of golf.
  • Baron Downpatrick. Settling in Northern Ireland.

The titles of the royal children combine the names of cities or counties of different parts of Britain to emphasize the unity of the country and the future ruler or prince.

Marriage and family

November 29, 1934 George, Duke of Kent, married in sacred marriage toheiress of the house of Glücksburg, with Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. The newly-made spouse also received the title of husband after marriage. Three children were born to this union:

  1. Prince Edward. The son followed in the footsteps of his father: he earned a military rank, became the head of the Masonic order and the Duke of Kent after the death of his father.
  2. Princess Alexandra, The Honorable Lady Ogilvie. The only daughter of George and Marina. Engaged in royal duties. In the 60s, she represented the Windsor dynasty on a trip to Australia, Canada and a number of other countries. The title of Honorable Lady Ogilvie was obtained through marriage.
  3. Prince Michael. Just like his father and older brother, the young man served in the army. At one time he worked in intelligence, but later voluntarily resigned. Unlike his sister, the prince rarely represented royal interests in diplomatic meetings. Currently, Michael of Kent is a businessman and the head of many of his own companies around the world.
Family with two children

Strange Facts

The Duke's entourage noticed George's hobbies and inclinations. The fact about the bisexuality of a man is known. For a long time he was friends with Sir Noel Coward, playwright and actor. Relations between men were purely friendly.

In the biography of the duke there is also another fact - drug use. Georg was not a drug addict, but was caught several times in an inadequate state.

Secular way out

1939 proved to be a hard and difficult year as the world was plunged into war. The Duke did notto sit in safety, but opposed the aggressor countries during the Second World War as a rear admiral, that is, on the front line of the fleet. A year later, in 1940, George joined the Royal Air Force and continued defensive activities.

The history of the prince in world culture

The personal life and biography of George, Duke of Kent has attracted many contemporary directors and writers. The fact-checked documentary The Queen's Lost Uncle was made, as the man was the uncle of the reigning Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II. In addition to the film, the world saw the printed work of Jeffrey Corrick "African Nights", a story about the personal life of the duke.

The Death of the Prince

Georg Edward Alexander Edmund tragically died on August 25, 1942 in a plane crash. A single version of the death of the Duke was not put forward. Someone believes that the plane crash was not an accident, and someone blames the technical malfunction of the aircraft, because of which the pilot was unable to gain the necessary height. Buried in a country family residence.

Official Emblem

As a representative of the great house, the Duke has his own coat of arms. The emblem of England is depicted on two parts of the canvas, on the third - Scotland, on the fourth - Ireland. On opposite sides are a crowned lion as a symbol of England, and a unicorn - a sign of Scotland. At the very top is a small leopard, and below it is a crown to make it look like the animal is walking along the personification of the power of the rulers. Below is a green lawn.

Coat of arms of the Winsors

The life of Duke George was filled with both difficulties and wonderful bright moments, because the man made an invaluable contribution to the development of the state.

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