Do you know how many megapixels are in the human eye?

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Do you know how many megapixels are in the human eye?
Do you know how many megapixels are in the human eye?

The human eye is arranged in an amazing way, scientists are still making amazing discoveries by studying the abilities of our visual organ. Compared to the most advanced modern photographic equipment, our eye is a truly unique mechanism. How many megapixels are in the human eye and is it more powerful than modern cameras? Do you want to know the answer to these questions? Read the article below!

The ability of the eye compared to the camera

eye resolution

The most advanced technology allows you to create cameras with a resolution of 21.5 to 42.4 megapixels. To find out how many megapixels are in the human eye, you need to understand how this organ works.

First of all, it is worth considering that the ability of the eye to see and distinguish colors is affected by the degree of illumination and the viewing angle. In the human sensory organ there are special cones and rods that are responsible for color and the ability to see in the dark. Of course, the principle of operation of the human eye and the matrix of the camera is different. Butif we discard some fundamental physical differences, we can calculate the approximate number of megapixels corresponding to the bandwidth of the human sensory organ.

How the human eye works

eye structure

So, the cones mentioned above are responsible for our ability to distinguish colors, there are about 7 million of them. Rods allow us to see in the dark and also provide peripheral vision capabilities. At night, these sticks are not activated, so in the dark a person does not distinguish colors.

When we look at objects, 1.2 million nerve fibers of the eye send signals about the image to the brain in a continuous stream, and the camera breaks the picture into frames, this is the fundamental difference between the work of the eye and a mechanical camera.

So how many megapixels are there in a human eye? A photo is not capable of transmitting a resolution of more than 40 megapixels, and the bandwidth of our eye is estimated from 70 to 150 megapixels, depending on the lighting. The viewing angle of the human eye also exceeds the capabilities of the camera. It is 130 x 160 degrees. And the camera's viewing angle is up to 140°.

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