Zhokhov education system: results, reviews

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Zhokhov education system: results, reviews
Zhokhov education system: results, reviews

Zhokhov's education system is based on a very old experience of classical knowledge in the field of education and on the application of the results of the latest research in pedagogy, psychology, and physiology of the child. For the effectiveness of the educational process, modern teaching aids and technical achievements are widely used. In the system, the concept of education is a detailed technology of the teacher's work, the method guarantees the level of knowledge acquisition required by the general educational standards of the state.

The author of the system is a methodologist with half a century of experience, an honored teacher of Russia, the author of mathematical textbooks and manuals - Vladimir Ivanovich Zhokhov. He taught at the Institute for the Improvement of Teachers and at the Lenin Pedagogical Institute in Moscow. More than 300 publications with various scientific research in the field of pedagogy were published by him for review by interested sections of society.

Features of the educational system

Zhokhov education system

In every child, by nature,a huge potential that is easily realized if the personality is not initially driven into the standard rigid framework that exists in modern first grades. By the initial period of learning, children are distinguished by significant motor activity, which is suppressed by the existing system, forcing the child to sit motionless at the desk for several hours. This leads not only to congestion in the musculoskeletal system, but also causes disruption of the nerve endings, worsening he alth.

The Zhokhov system of education in elementary school changes the usual style of teacher-student relations. An ordinary lesson with the pulling of any action of the child turns into active learning, when the direction of activity changes several times in the process. There is no habitual strict sitting at a desk, children freely walk around the class, ask the teacher questions they are interested in, discuss solving examples or problems.

The developed system of exercises, which are studied in modern psychological and physiological tests, serves as a mechanism for obtaining high learning results. Movements and exercises provide the best educational results, as they evenly develop parts of the brain, especially the right hemisphere. At the lessons, muscles relax, vision, touch and hearing are trained, speech is cleared with the help of speech therapy techniques, the voice develops.

Age of children

In the process of developing teaching methods, it is revealed that in the period from 5 to 6.5 years, the child most actively and fully absorbs information and knowledge. Therefore, in classes according to Zhokhovtake children who would have turned 6 years old before the end of the first year of study. To do this, they try to enroll children who are approximately 5 years and 3-4 months old at the time of admission.

These terms serve more as a recommendation, in practice, children aged 5, 2 to 7 are studying in the class. After that, the next period of activity of perception is determined within the limits of up to 12 years, but is not characterized by an increased efficiency of information absorption. An excellent result is that children easily pass testing and show good GEF results.

Relations between students and parents

Before the start of the child's education at school, parents attend informational seminars for two weeks, which explain what the Zhokhov system of education is, and what is the role of adult guardianship in this case. The recommendations come down to a convincing request not to interfere in the child's homework. The role of parents is only to control whether the student has started doing homework. Parents once studied at a standard school, and their methods for solving examples differ from the modern Zhokhov school.

Prospective methodology results

The effectiveness of the methodology is determined by the fact that all teaching methods are natural in child development, combining spiritual, intellectual, physiological and psychomotor components. Each method is designed for a separate temporal and spatial factor of use. For a child, the use of the system gives high prospects for the complete assimilation of the entire amount of knowledge incasual:

  • children are happy to attend school and do simple homework on their own;
  • the first noticeable differences from standard education in the assimilation of information are noticeable after two months of school attendance;
  • by the end of the first year of study, children easily master counting up to a million, work with the multiplication table, read and perceive text meaningfully;
  • reduced diseases, mild seasonal colds, accelerated growth;
  • class according to the Zhokhov system is distinguished by a friendly atmosphere, the absence of unnecessary opposition of forces and showdown through fights.

The role of the teacher in the new teaching method

Education according to Zhokhov differs in that it has its own system of marks, expressed in a ten-point system. The main thing in the system is the rating, which is an indicator of the activity of the child.

Zhokhov system

The classroom is staffed by teachers who have overcome the patterns of mainstream education. To work in the training system, it is enough to complete a training course using video materials. After that, the teacher becomes the director of the lesson and, following strict recommendations, develops methods for acquiring knowledge by the child. The teacher is invited to independently determine the semantic load and the quantitative component that the Zhokhov system contains. A representative from the teachers will easily write a scenario and play it out in a group of children. For teachers working on the system are provided:

  • detaildeveloped lesson plans for grade 4;
  • online support every week;
  • guaranteed result of testing students' knowledge of GEF;
  • training courses;
  • increased authority among students and their parents.

Methodological system of V. I. Zhokhov "Unique" for school principals

The system is for elementary school students and many are wondering if it is officially recommended by the Ministry of Education. Zhokhov's technology does not have such a recommendation, but, referring to the explanations of the Federal State Educational Standard, it becomes obvious that each teacher chooses the method that he considers effective for obtaining knowledge by students. The Constitution of Russia states that everyone is guaranteed a choice of teaching methods. Emphasis is placed on the inadmissibility of restrictions and barriers in the educational sphere to eliminate competitors.

The law "On Education" refers to the free choice of the educational system according to the needs of a person in knowledge and his inclination to master the sciences. There is an unhindered development of abilities, the creation of the necessary prerequisites for self-realization, the provision of the opportunity to choose the method of education and conduct learning activities.

The Zhokhov education system assembles specific teaching methods into a coherent harmonious system that effectively uses more than one and a half thousand factors that actively influence children's development. The teacher has the right to choose a training system according to any methodically designed system, if the knowledge gained from the resultsmeet the requirements of modern education.

Vladimir Ivanovich Zhokhov

The law encourages those teachers who independently develop new teaching methods and retain responsibility for the level of knowledge gained by students. If the professional interests of the directorate and the teacher do not coincide, a special commission is created to regulate the dispute that has arisen within the framework of the law. From this follows the conclusion that it is impossible to force a teacher to work according to some method, just as it is impossible to prohibit the use of a sound education system.

System Techniques

When watching methodological videos, it becomes obvious that the guys in the lesson do not sit in a strict pose with their hands folded on the surface of the desk, but lean back and freely fold their hands behind. This position gradually heals children's stoop. The Zhokhov system allows children to freely walk along the rows to the teacher during the lesson in order to ask a question of interest or stretch their legs after sitting. But this does not interfere with the acquisition of knowledge, since learning becomes a bright entertainment and does not require effort on the part of the teacher or student.

At the beginning of a math lesson, children are shown an interesting movie that has something to discuss in terms of size or depth using a simple example. Each lesson is accompanied by music or a song, sometimes a dance. The guys read letter by letter, there are no phonetic definitions. The development of speech occurs in verbal expression, counting objects, mathematicalactions are done in the mind. During the summer holidays and weekends, the children are not given homework.

In the education system there is no division of the program into separate subjects, such integrity is closer to the natural manifestation of the reality of the surrounding space. All concepts in the eyes of children have the experience of direct application, for example, mathematics. In standard classical education, mathematical laws are abstracted from reality.

Zhokhov education system in Moscow

Singing in the classroom solves a dual problem - it allows you to relax for more effective absorption of knowledge and regulates the activity of the two cerebral hemispheres. All the disparate concepts of each subject are linked into a single whole by the Zhokhov system. Feedback from parents who attended the lessons of children at school is positive. Some say that they themselves would be happy to study according to the progressive method.

The teacher receives on the Internet developed weekly lessons according to the system, participates in extensive seminars. The basic principles of practice are as follows:

  • every day the child receives a developmental exercise for the mind and exercises for the body;
  • a good song and melodious music are sure to sound in the lesson;
  • each topic is offered for perception through visual images, using the developed technology;
  • the child is perceived as an original personality with bright manifestations of character, worthy of respect;
  • studying any book brings prerequisites for the formation of a moral position and educationpersonality;
  • frequently arranged holidays serve as a starting point for the self-expression of the child and the disclosure of his talents;
  • drawings serve to reflect the inner world of children;
  • at home and on vacation means a good rest without mandatory cramming;
  • the system is designed for simultaneous learning in a class of 15 to 45 people;
  • preferably an equal number of girls and boys.
class according to the Zhokhov system

Discipline in the classroom

Issues of discipline concern those parents who are just getting acquainted with the basics of the teaching system. There are also a lot of problems for new teachers studying at the seminars. At meetings explaining the state of affairs, followers say that the Zhokhov system of education from the first days establishes a self-regulating discipline in the classroom. Children are so absorbed in an interesting learning process that the teacher becomes an authoritative person whom the children trust and obey implicitly. There is no school drill in the lessons, the natural behavior of the child in the classroom makes the process interesting and informative.

As for discipline at home, when completing tasks, parents need support in the matter of timeliness of implementation at the beginning of training. In the future, the process goes into the category of encouraging action and becomes desirable for children. The practice of homework in the system involves easy homework examples, sometimes they are absent altogether, since in the lesson the guys learn a huge amount of material, knowledge is deepare remembered.

students' achievements

Parents' opinion about the system

Supporters of the described type of education are actively campaigning for undecided parents to send their child to study in classes with this method. Vladimir Ivanovich Zhokhov spent a lot of time and effort on creating a system that would replace classical education and ensure successful school years for the student. But even gullible parents need an explanation of the features of this type of education. In the public domain, there is often no specific information about the effect of techniques and techniques on the child's body, his brain and psychology - only generalized data are given. Many parents believe that statements about the principles of naturalness and he alth preservation are clearly not enough, because such concepts were used in the education system many years ago.

After talking with parents about Zhokhov's education system, it becomes obvious that adults want more detailed explanations. Even at cognitive conferences and meetings with mothers and fathers of future first graders, it is not always possible to convey the truth. Many parents themselves practice such methods of education intuitively, without knowing the basics of teaching technology. Discipline raises a large number of questions, adult modern parents agree to give freedom to children, as recommended by the Zhokhov education system. Reviews speak of dosed liberties for children, since their psyche is not so developed and strengthened to correctly assess the freedom received.

Talking to parents of children studying inclass according to the Zhokhov system, one can get an idea that violations of discipline and opposition of children still take place. Some fathers and mothers are forced to take their children out of the classroom for this reason. If the authority of the teacher for children is insufficient, then it becomes difficult to resolve the issue of discipline. The Zhokhov system of education in Moscow has collected a lot of feedback, which is not always positive.

Negative sides

Zhokhov system reviews of parents

Many critics believe that this technology is not entirely suitable for family education. The role of parents is reduced to a minimum, they are invited to interact with the child according to some approved scheme, otherwise this may disrupt the stable process of education. The father and mother can intervene only in matters of discipline, and their right to convey their own experience to the child and explain the material in their own language is excluded. This situation is practiced by the Zhokhov system of education. Cons, as you can see, cannot be called insignificant.

Modern families confidently explain to the child all the questions in grades 1-4 without problems and perceive the restriction of such interference with hostility. Education of their own child for many of them is the main life priority, and they can provide it without using very harsh methods. Children feel the support of their parents, they, as before, turn to mom and dad on any issue.

Unfortunately, only a charismatic person can organize and creatively keep the whole class within the framework of activities interesting for children. For surethe founder of the system felt this deeply, as he gives weekly video instructions for teachers working according to his methodology. The freedom to choose a teacher is very limited, authoritarianism is created by repeating remarks from video materials or following a general concept. The teacher's initiative is not welcome, this is what causes a certain outflow of teachers from classes according to the Zhokhov system.

The load, despite the game forms of learning, is given to children is huge. Some guys look tired after a day at school. Others are agitated and find it difficult to move to a calm home environment. The soul of a child is little taken into account in methodological studies, a small person is considered, rather, as a container into which most of the educational material is loaded using a certain technology. Children act as an object of orientation for the application of specific methods. The achievements of learning children are obvious, but some first-graders get an answer to the problem without understanding where it comes from.

When transferring students to the fifth grade after receiving primary education according to the Zhokhov system, some have difficulties. Parents believe that such technology should have been developed not only for elementary grades, but for all subsequent ones.

In conclusion, it should be noted that teaching the Zhokhov system is not suitable for all students. For example, children with a retarded perception of reality do not fall into such classes. The system of game education itself is not new and gives effective results. Send the child to such a class or leave it on the acceptedstandard education, parents decide.

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