What is a "decree"? The meaning and features of the use of the word

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What is a "decree"? The meaning and features of the use of the word
What is a "decree"? The meaning and features of the use of the word

The word is widespread in politics, the media, and also in colloquial speech. Initially, it denoted the order of the governing bodies and was associated with a decision that is not subject to appeal and is mandatory for universal execution. From history we know the stable expression "royal decree", with which such a peremptory connotation of the word is associated. Now it is an element of the book style. The meaning of the word "decree" can be most fully considered by examples of use. Let's analyze further.

the meaning of the word decree

Meaning of the word in different explanatory dictionaries

In the "New Dictionary of the Russian Language" by T.F. Ephraim's "decree" is defined as:

  1. Order/decree of the supreme authority, as well as the head of state. It is legally binding and binding on everyone.
  2. In colloquial speech, orders or instructions matter.


The police order allows the decision to be made on the basis of the situation.

The concept of "conflict of interest" should be characterized at the legislative level, as stated in the decreeheads of state.

In the "Big Explanatory Dictionary of the Modern Russian Language" edited by D.N. Ushakov, the concept is defined as follows:

  1. Decree or order of an authority with legal force.
  2. Can act as a predicate, with negation. The expression is used when someone cannot act as an authority for another or give instructions. Typical for colloquial speech.


I have my own opinion, and his words do not dictate to me.

The girl is very naughty - even the remarks of the elders are not an order for her.

In the edition of the Small Academic Dictionary of the Russian Language, a "decree" is an order given by the supreme authority or head of state and has the force of law.


Decree on the appointment of a new parliament will come into force within a week.

Pending a new decree from the Minister of He alth, the sale of controversial medicines has been suspended.

decree of appointment

Morphological and syntactic features

What is a "decree" was discussed in the examples above. And what part of speech does the word belong to and what are the features of its declension? "Decree" is it. noun, inanimate, m. gender, 2nd declension. Root: -decree-. According to A.A. Zaliznyak belongs to the type of declension 1a.

Singular number:

Name decree
R. decree
D. decree
V. decree
TV. by decree
Ex. decree


Name decrees
R. decrees
D. decrees
V. decrees
TV. decrees
Ex. decrees


The following synonyms can be selected for the word in question: resolution, decision, order, edict, document, appeal, order, order, prescription, instruction, commandment, act, decree, law. In different contexts, they are able to partially or completely replace the word "decree". The words "edict", "decree", "order", "act" were borrowed from other languages ​​and also became equal synonyms. What is a "decree" becomes even clearer if we analyze the number of options in the list associated with documents.


The following stable expressions with the word in question are known:

“Not a decree” (someone to someone): means that you can not listen to or follow someone’s words, instructions and recommendations


The guy is completely out of hand, even the words of the teacher can't tell him.

"Living by Decree": fanatically following any prescription, even to the detriment of one's own interests


Some people find it much easier to live by decree - no need to take responsibility for their actions.

Figurative expressions and set phrases will help when reading fictionliterature, as well as in the process of writing essays. What is a decree, many people also know from the following clichéd phrases. They are constantly heard in speech and provide the opportunity for various options for the stylistic design of the word in combination with the following verbs: publish/sign/fulfill/accept/give/announce.

what is a decree

What is a decree, as well as what are the forms of declension and features of the use of the word, was considered with examples. The concept is most often used in general vocabulary, history, law, military affairs and the business environment.

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