Admission to the master's program at Moscow State University: programs, tuition fees

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Admission to the master's program at Moscow State University: programs, tuition fees
Admission to the master's program at Moscow State University: programs, tuition fees

Admission to the master's program at Moscow State University is the dream of many graduates of undergraduate programs of Russian universities. A prestigious university, a wide variety of programs - the list of advantages is endless. More information about master's programs is provided below.

Main building of Moscow State University

Educational programs

Let's consider the proposed master's programs for the faculties of Moscow State University. Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics offer the following programs:

  • mechanics and mathematical modeling;
  • mathematics and computer modeling;
  • mechanics.

Master's degree programs offered by the Department of Space Studies:

  • management;
  • applied mathematics and computer science;
  • mechanics and mathematical modeling;
  • state and municipal administration.

In all areas of the MSU master's program at this faculty, with the exception of the program "Management", "State and Municipal Administration", admission is conducted asbudgetary, and on a paid basis of education.

The Department of Global Processes involves the following areas of master's training:

  • foreign relations;
  • global economy and governance;
  • global economic processes;
  • international relations and global studies and others.
Graduates of Moscow State University

The educational program "International Relations and Global Studies" is taught in English. Budget places are not provided, paid places are allocated 10.

The Faculty of History offers the following educational programs:

  • history;
  • art history;
  • history of international relations.

Admission to full-time and part-time education is available. Moreover, the budgetary basis is available only upon admission to the full-time form. The program "History of International Relations" offers 10 paid places, state-funded places are not allocated.

The Faculty of Economics offers the following educational programs:

  • fundamental economics: theory and mathematical methods;
  • economic policy;
  • financial analytics;
  • innovation management;
  • world economy;
  • finance and credit and others.

Admission conditions

For admission to the MSU master's programs, applicants must successfully pass the entrance examinations in the core subject, depending on the chosen program. Moscow state. university. M.V.Lomonosov establishes the minimum number of points, which confirms the successful passing of entrance exams for applicants for the first year to study in master's programs this year, at the level of 40 points.

Tuition fees

The cost of studying at the MSU master's program depends on the chosen educational program and faculty. For example, the cost of one year of study under the program "History and Theory of Arts" is 350 thousand 500 rubles. The cost of training under the program "Mathematical and Information Security Software" is 217 thousand rubles a year.

Diploma of Moscow State University

Education on the program "Fine Arts" is conducted exclusively on a contractual basis, budget places are not allocated. The cost of education is 217 thousand rubles a year. The same situation has developed in the following programs:

  • strategic management and innovation;
  • musical performing arts and others.

Students of the following master's programs at Moscow State University: "Management in Culture", "Theory of Translation and Intercultural Communication", must pay 220 thousand rubles a year. Information on other educational programs can be found on the official website of Moscow State University.

Preparation for admission

MGU conducts a number of additional courses that allow applicants to obtain the necessary information on the structure and composition of entrance examinations. It is important to keep in mind that attending additional courses does not guarantee admission to the programs.magistracy.

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