A venerable is a well-deserved and respected person

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A venerable is a well-deserved and respected person
A venerable is a well-deserved and respected person

Earning the respect of fellow citizens is not easy. To do this, you need to demonstrate a fair amount of diligence, the ability to perform any work with full dedication, not to shirk because of laziness and not to retreat in the face of difficulties. And if someone was able to prove himself from the best side - this is a venerable professional. The epithet seems strange to you, never met in your life? However, on the pages of books and in the speeches of elderly people, the adjective appears quite often as a positive characteristic.

God bless

Despite the hypotheses put forward, experts reject the origin of the German “feed” Masten, and consonance with the verb “fatten” masten is called an accident. The etymology of the concept under study goes back to the Old Slavonic and Old Russian languages:

  • from mastiti - to anoint;
  • before masturbating - anointed.

They mean the anointed one, that is, the person to whom the higher powers paid special attention. And blessed for a long and fruitful service in any field of activity.

Venerable nurses
Venerable nurses

Merit at work

How to deciphertricky meaning? In practice, the meaning of the word "venerable" is rather trivial. It breaks down into several similar interpretations that describe a person:

  • respected for his work;
  • honored by many years of hard work;
  • distinguished by fruitful work;
  • venerable, aged.

In most cases, we are talking about specialists who have been working in the same field for many years. These can be teachers who have already released several generations of children, or ordinary nurses, whose care helps patients forget about pain and make it easier to endure the treatment process.

However, age has long ceased to be a key criterion. Through diligence, recognition can be achieved. But in the 21st century, when new scientific and non-standard professional areas appear, very young people can also gain authority. So, if a child began to get involved in computer games in kindergarten, and by the middle school he showed himself on the eSports scene, then at the age of 16 he is a venerable gamer. Designers, fashion models, figure skaters - many disciplines allow you to win the honor of your contemporaries in a matter of years.

Faker, venerable Korean gamer
Faker, venerable Korean gamer

Daily communication

The term is bright and ambiguous. It has an exceptionally positive semantic load, but at the same time it is in tune with some dubious expressions from Russian jargon. Therefore, it is worth using only at official events, as well as in a situation where you are sure that the interlocutor will understand you and will not take offense at emptylocation.

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