People of venerable age: what is the difference between the elderly and the elderly?

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People of venerable age: what is the difference between the elderly and the elderly?
People of venerable age: what is the difference between the elderly and the elderly?

Old age is a natural phenomenon. The aging of the body begins gradually and covers all levels: physical, psychological, social.

If there are people of respectable age in the house, they require a separate attitude towards them. And what is the difference between an old man and an elderly person? We will tell you more about this.

Old age

Let's start with this topic. What kind of people are considered elderly, according to their age group?

Persons over 60. It is believed that despite the external activity of a person of venerable age, the body begins to change. And of course, not for the better. All systems are changing. Physical activity decreases, certain psychological changes occur.

people of advanced age

It is at this age that older people begin to feel that all the best is left behind. The children have grown up, the grandchildren are almost adults. There are practically no peers nearby. Grandma or grandpa may start to mope, feel forgotten and useless.

Support from loved ones during this period is important. Older people need to see that they are needed and notlonely. How to show it? With your care and love. This does not mean that it is necessary to shift the entire household to the shoulders of an elderly person. But if he wants, let him take care of life, as he wishes.

Take older parents out of the apartment. Not only to the store or to the hospital. Visit exhibitions, cinemas and theaters with them, walk in parks, visit relatives. Do not interfere with visiting the temple, for many retirees this is a joy.

Old age

He comes after the old man. Alas, this is the final stage of human development.

Did your grandparents pass their 75th birthday? It means they have reached old age. People over the age of 90 are considered long-lived.

What are the main problems of this age? Of course, rapidly deteriorating he alth. Either the heart will stab, then the sciatica will seize, then the legs will not unbend. The body wears out more and more, the work of the heart slows down, the work of the organs is disrupted, the musculoskeletal system changes.

old man and old woman

No less complex problems - psychological. Many people of advanced age begin to have a fear of death. They withdraw into themselves, become sad, fall into depressive states.

How to help your dear person? Pay more attention and make sure he doesn't get left alone.


We examined what the elderly and senile age are. Older people are considered to be between the ages of 60 and 75. Old - from 75 to 90 years old.

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