What is "burning" - instructions for adults

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What is "burning" - instructions for adults
What is "burning" - instructions for adults

Youth slang has become very popular lately. Not only teenagers speak it, but also parents gradually adapt to the pronunciation of “new words”. Adults want to keep up with the times and speak the same language with children.

In various languages

Sometimes adults can't understand teenagers. What are they talking about? What does it mean? Parents are at a loss from an unfamiliar phrase, and the growing youths amuse themselves with their ignorance. Simple words in the understanding of young people can mean a completely different meaning.

Let's say the meaning of the word "burns", it would seem, is nothing more than the effect of a flame. The fire burns, the flame burns. But teenagers will laugh if an uncomprehending adult thinks it's about fire.

burns matches

Hot feelings

The explanatory dictionary of Efremova describes what “burning” means. When a person experiences a burning sensation “in the heart” or “in the pit of the stomach”, this indicates hot feelings experienced. These include: love, jealousy, shame, hatred.

In colloquial speech, the word "burn" means - to hit the ball in the game,tarnish, mark.

When the word "burns" everyone imagines how the flames absorb wooden or paper objects. If a person inadvertently brings their hands close to the fire, fiery tongues will also begin to burn the skin of the palms.

In poetic terms, “burn”, “burn”, “burn” are a metaphor that expresses heartache and an ardent feeling of love and passion.

What is "burning"?

Teenagers can't imagine their colloquial speech without youth jargon. This distinguishes them from adults, and growing children categorically do not want to have nothing in common with boring adults. They wear colorful clothes, make up their own makeup, and use their own language.

What is “burning” and how to understand this “hot” word, the dictionary of youth slang will explain. In the understanding of the younger generation, "burn" means: having fun at a cool party, that is, having fun, dancing, laughing, singing at a party or in a disco club.

"Let's light it up" - let's have fun, have a great time.

In one case, the word "burn" means a carefree pastime, and in the other - an unusual trick of the addressee.

burns the meaning of the word

"Well, you're burning!" - the teenagers admiringly say to a friend who, in a Santa Claus hat, with a bare torso, runs through the park and loudly sings “Jingle Bells!”

Fun, jokes, original antics and unusual behavior - it's all related to the expression "burning".

"Having a great time", "having fun", "surprising the company with funny jokes or perky songs", "attracting attentionlarge audience” – actions that characterize the word “burn”.

A good example of this word, which is relevant on New Year's Eve - "Let's light the garlands, turn on the music and let's light it up!"

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