Christmas quiz for kids and adults

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Christmas quiz for kids and adults
Christmas quiz for kids and adults

Probably everyone has seen at least one release of games like “What? Where? When?”, “Clever and clever” or “Weak link”. The faces of the participants are concentrated, the response time is limited, the tension is such that the air can be cut with a knife. What do these games have in common? That they are all quizzes.

This is a game where the goal is to answer verbally or in writing questions from various fields.

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Famous games of our TV

On television, quizzes have firmly occupied their niche. Below is an example of the top rated ones:

  • "Own game".
  • "What? Where? When?"
  • "Brain Ring".
  • "Field of Wonders".
  • "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
  • "Clever and clever".
  • "The weak link".

Types of quizzes

This game can often be themed, such as food, patriotism, or 20th-century Russian history. It all depends on the goal of the game and on where and with whom it is planned to play.

And also an important point - when. Yes, inon the eve of the New Year, the Christmas quiz is one of the most popular.

Entertainment format

There are quizzes:

  • With answer options, for example: "Choose the correct one from 4 given options".
  • With open-ended questions - when the participant needs to formulate the answer himself.
  • With yes/no answer options.
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Example game for kids and adults

Below is an example of a Christmas quiz game with open-ended answers. Here the participant is required to voice the correct answer himself, without prompting. This game will be interesting for both adults and children. The Christmas quiz will broaden your horizons and increase the overall level of erudition of any participant.

Both the New Year and the Christmas holidays are closely connected in the eyes of Russians. In our case, the Christmas-themed quiz also includes a number of New Year's questions. Respondents need to have knowledge from a variety of areas.

So let's get started: a Christmas quiz of different difficulty levels.

Starting difficulty level:

  1. Where is the residence of Santa Claus? (Great Ustyug).
  2. We need to continue the line from the poem: "Frost and sun …" (Wonderful day).
  3. The month when winter begins and the year ends (December).
  4. If the sleigh is being prepared in the summer, when is the cart being prepared? (In winter).
  5. Except for the countries of the former USSR, this female New Year's character is nowhere else. (Snow Maiden).
  6. How many years ago was Jesus Christ born? (2019).
  7. Where is the residence of Santa Claus? (Lapland).
  8. This celebration sees off winter (Shrovetide).
  9. This tree is decorated instead of a Christmas tree in warm countries (palm tree).
  10. Which of the Kremlin towers is most often shown on New Year's Eve? (Spasskaya).
  11. How many hours in Vladivostok is the New Year celebrated earlier than in Moscow? (Seven).
  12. Which institution do the heroes and friends of a famous film go to every year on December 31st? (To the bath).
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Medium difficulty:

  1. Which ruler decreed in 1700 that the New Year was now celebrated on January 1st? (Peter the Great).
  2. Through what gets the American Santa Claus into the house? (Chimney).
  3. Shards of this item made the fairy tale characters of a winter fairy tale insensitive. (Mirrors).
  4. Which palace has the same name as the cold season? ("Winter").
  5. What was the name of the king who ruled the country where Christ was born? (Herod).
  6. This Scandinavian god is a prototype of Santa Claus. (God is One).
  7. Santa's most famous helper is the red-nosed Rudolph. What kind of animal is that? (Fawn).
  8. The name day of this Russian hero is celebrated on January 1 by the Russian Orthodox Church. (Ilya Muromets).
  9. Norway has a tradition: every year this country gives the UK a gift in gratitude for helping in the Second World War. What is this gift? (Christmas tree).
  10. Ostrovsky wrote the dramatic work "The Snow Maiden", and this composer wrote an opera based on it. (Roman-Korsakov).
  11. On New Year's Eve, a red hat is put on the Manneken Pis fountain. What city is this fountain located in? (Brussels).
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High difficulty level:

  1. Who triumphs in winter, according to Alexander Pushkin? (Peasant).
  2. How long can a spruce live? (300-400 years).
  3. Who, according to Tyutchev, laughs in the eyes of winter? (Spring).
  4. Representatives of which craft were the first to learn about the Nativity of Jesus Christ? (Shepherds).
  5. Who is the author of the lines “Once in a cold winter season, I came out of the forest. Was it very cold? (Nekrasov).
  6. To what country did Mary with the baby and Joseph fled from Bethlehem? (Egypt).
  7. This man was not only the founder of Protestantism, a German theologian and monk, it is believed that it was he who first invented decorating the Christmas tree. What was his name? (Martin Luther).
  8. The song Jingle Bells originally had a different name and was not written for Christmas. What holiday was this song originally recorded for (Thanksgiving).
  9. What is the name of the scientist who invented the electric garland? (Edward Johnson).
  10. In this country, both Orthodox and Catholic Christmas are celebrated at the official level. (Belarus).

In conclusion

Christmas quiz will spice up any holiday night. It will bring children and adults together and bring a sense of celebration. During the New Year holidays, a Christmas quiz with answers held in a warm family circle is a great alternative to TV. Andif years later you ask a child what you remember most from the New Year holidays, hardly anyone will remember expensive gifts or a chic table. After all, the best memories of childhood are saturated with the comfort and warmth of a family hearth, and the Christmas quiz held by parents will be remembered by children for a lifetime.

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