31 Lyceum of Chelyabinsk: the best physical and mathematical training

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31 Lyceum of Chelyabinsk: the best physical and mathematical training
31 Lyceum of Chelyabinsk: the best physical and mathematical training

In the Chelyabinsk school number 31, mathematics and physics have always been taught according to a special enhanced program. The question is whether all students wanted and could master it. Indeed, in addition to a special mindset, the guys all the time required great diligence and, most importantly, a desire to engage in the exact sciences.

The school, in which the 31st Lyceum of Chelyabinsk used to be, was opened in 1965 of the last century. It was then that other well-known schools with a scientific bias opened their doors. Gifted children from the capital of the Southern Urals, Novosibirsk, as well as Leningrad and Moscow, received a chance to reveal their abilities at the same time. Physics and Mathematics Educational Institution No. 31 in the capital of the Chelyabinsk region has kept the bar high all the years. Thanks to the successes achieved by students and graduates, he became known throughout the country and even in the world. Lyceum address: st. Volodarsky, 18.

Success of the Lyceum

Chelyabinsk school No. 31 received the status of a lyceum in 1991. To date, the success of the educational institution is obvious. The lyceum not only acquired its own face, but also continued the glorious traditions of the school with a physics and mathematics bias. Graduates occupy leading positions in production, science, management, culture, work in city, regional, regional structures, as well as abroad. Many pupils of 31 lyceums of Chelyabinsk, who successfully graduated from it, subsequently defend doctoral and candidate dissertations, work in various applied, industry research institutes, including research centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Soros teacher - director of the lyceum

Director of Lyceum No. 31 A. Popov

The head of the lyceum, Alexander Evgenievich Popov, is a well-known talented teacher, awarded the Soros Prize and other awards. The director proudly says that the quality of education at the lyceum is such that graduates easily enter prestigious universities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The honored director is pleased with the successes of high school students at many domestic Russian Olympiads. The guys won dozens of victories on them. The best lyceum students are included in the Russian national teams to participate in championships in mathematics, computer science and economics at the international and world levels. Speaking about his life's work, about his native Lyceum 31 in Chelyabinsk, Popov emphasizes that this institution is among the best Russian schools (top 25), and it is the only one in the Ural region.

Innovative approach to education

ChelyabinskLyceum №31

Lyceum No. 31 was established by the municipality of Chelyabinsk, the Committee for Education. It employs a team of true professionals, teachers with decent work experience and great creative potential. In their activities, they, like the director, are guided not only by standard methods. You need to move through a paradox, a relaxed dialogue to the creative originality of the teacher and student. The lyceum impresses with the equipment of the educational process in all three departments: physics, mathematics and informatics. There are two specialized laboratories: one is related to robotics, the other to experimental physics. The concept of pre-university training in the 31st lyceum of Chelyabinsk showed itself well. Admission to the prestigious Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology or State University (Higher School of Economics) has become a reality for lyceum graduates.

At the initiative of Popov, within the framework of the social project, an "Emergency Pedagogical Assistance" was created, and these are:

  • support for orphans;
  • identifying special young talents in boarding schools;
  • volunteer assistance in children's hospitals and other types of assistance.

Equipment of the 31 Lyceum of Chelyabinsk: reviews

Laboratory of modern technologies. Lyceum №31

In the comments found on the Internet, there are a lot of good reviews about the strong and interesting teachers of the lyceum. Many people like the abundance of intellectual competitions, olympiads, visiting computer and mathematical schools. Someone likes a clear lead in the school curriculum. Parents are satisfied with the equipment of the educational process, excellent conditions for the study of younggeniuses: robotics, modern classrooms, halls, a library, expensive equipment. Also, the educational institution has a new updated website of its own. As a drawback, they note that in-depth education is conducted only in grades 5-11. Not everyone likes that there are few creative joint events. There are parents who are dissatisfied with cash contributions.

Winners of the International Olympiad-2019

The team of lyceum 31 of Chelyabinsk is monitoring the situation and replies that voluntary parental contributions are needed to create better conditions in the best school. Budget underfunding should not stop progress at the Lyceum, where future scientific geniuses are trained.

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