Voyage: what is it?

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Voyage: what is it?
Voyage: what is it?

In this article we will talk about the noun "voyage". What does this word mean? In what situations is it used? In the article we will give an interpretation of this language unit. The word "voyage" is not originally Russian. It came to us from the French language and is firmly entrenched in speech.

The lexical meaning of the word

To determine the meaning of the noun "voyage", you should use any explanatory dictionary. It contains the definition of the word. It has two meanings:

  • trip;
  • travel.
  • Landmarks of the world

You may notice that "voyage" is a word with a fairly simple meaning. It indicates a trip or a journey.

The dictionary indicates that the noun "voyage" has an ironic and playful connotation. From this we can conclude that the word is typical for conversational style.

Use in sentences

To illustrate the meaning of the noun "voyage", let's make some sentences using thisspeech unit.

  • We went on a trip to Europe.
  • To prepare for the voyage, you need to pack your suitcase, buy tickets and think over the route.
  • I was upset that this trip was extremely tiring, we traveled for two hours in a stuffy bus.
  • We remember the voyage for a long time, hospitable Georgia could not but amaze us.
  • To raise money for a good trip, you need to slightly tighten your belt, spend only on the essentials and keep track of last-minute trips.
  • Couple on top of a mountain
  • The voyage did not impress me, I expected much more, it seemed to me that the guide did not understand the sights of the city at all.
  • After the voyage came to an end, we all went home.
  • The voyage was scheduled for five days, but due to a storm warning, the rest had to be reduced by two days.

Now you know what the noun "voyage" means. Use it in speech more often, and then this word will be deposited in memory very quickly and effectively.

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