Squabbling is a bad character trait

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Squabbling is a bad character trait
Squabbling is a bad character trait

It is always a pleasure to be in a team where each member tries to be as polite and delicate as possible. Unfortunately for many, due to a bad mood, a bad temper or a desire to embroil others, squabbling is the norm of modern life. A bright personality trait, it often causes serious conflicts both at work and at home, leads to serious moral and even material losses.

How did the word come about?

The term is derived from the epithet "quarrelsome". Philologists could not establish the exact origin, but point to the onomatopoeic Proto-Slavic klikati as the primary source. Experts trace the connection with a shred (hair), something tightly intertwined. In the languages ​​of the Slavic group, related concepts are called such concepts as:

  • tangle;
  • curl;
  • tow.

It is invariably about things that are complex in structure and at the same time easily clinging to objects around.

Controversy is inherent in children

How is it interpreted today?

But if a hair or wool ball is easy to remove from clothes, thena quarrelsome person is a problem of a higher order. His bad temper is always and everywhere. The motivation is the struggle for personal interests, constant intrigues against colleagues or unloved relatives. And also a simple love for controversial situations: many people simply enjoy swearing, the opportunity to speak out and relieve nervous tension.

An ordinary retired quarrelsome neighbor sees no other way to entertain herself than to swear at the tenants, scold the youth and argue with the plumber. Colleagues show character in order to break into a warm place, improve social status and salary. Relatives, on the other hand, will go to any lengths to steal the inheritance and/or favor of a we althy uncle, even if it means making a cousin look bad through gossip and slander.

People squabble all the time and everywhere

How good is this?

Despite the attempts of people of the 21st century to be independent, to put themselves above others, ethical norms change little. Now quarrelsomeness is a negative factor. And if someone tries to assert his position by creating conflicts, he will quickly be put in his place. Because such behavior harms the corporate spirit, brings discord and destructively affects interpersonal relationships.

The concept is not considered offensive, although it has a negative connotation. The speaker does not so much call to calm down, but points to the aggressiveness of the interlocutor, his inability to conduct an equal dialogue and listen to the opponent. The term is not suitable for official negotiations, as it reduces the discussion toinformal level.

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