Styrism - is it bad or very bad? Tyrants in literature

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Styrism - is it bad or very bad? Tyrants in literature
Styrism - is it bad or very bad? Tyrants in literature

Bosses-tyrants are quite common. They want to cry and hide somewhere far away. Our happiness if there is an opportunity to change jobs.

When a tyrant lives in a family, it is much worse here. You can't hide from him, you can't run away, and you can't do anything. Although, having figured out what tyranny is based on, you can solve the problem of the behavior of such a person.

Evil woman

Who is this tyrant?

The most intemperate among us will answer short and clear. A tyrant is a comrade sick in the head.

Only this answer is wrong. A tyrant is a person who has power over other people. Fulfills his whims, regardless of the desires of others. A tyrant takes pleasure in humiliating others. He towers over others, humiliating them.

Remember Ostrovsky

More precisely, his work called "Thunderstorm". There is a certain Savl Prokofievich Wild there. His last name is telling, and his temperament is just right for her.

This Wild was the mostreal arrogant. We althy merchant with as much money as there are leaves on trees. This man was taken seriously. And this fact appealed to Saul. Dikoy decided that money is everything. In part, it was. Few people could familiarly pat the mayor on the shoulder. And it was not difficult for Savl Prokofievich.

The merchant treated his subordinates cruelly. He delayed his salary, sometimes he paid quite a penny. The workers tried to be indignant, but Dikoy began to rage. He shouted that they were worms, he would want to and destroy everyone at once.

Homework got even worse from the rich man. Tyranny is a terrible character trait from which the whole environment of a person suffers. So the Diky family had to suffer. How many times did they run away from home or holed up in the attic when their dear husband and father rioted.

Why was Savl Prokofievich a tyrant? Yes, because he had money in his hands. And he believed that he had the right to everything. At heart, Wild is a cowardly person who shivers when he is rebuffed. True, no one dared to do this, except for Kabanikh.

Losev as Wild

Who is the Boar?

The tyranny of the Wild and Boar is different. If he is a rich coward, then she is an ardent defender of antiquity. Marfa Ignatievna Kabanova is a vivid image of ignorance, hypocrisy and obscurantism. It would seem that this woman is a believer. Words such as "great sin", for example, slip through her speech. But its concept of life has nothing to do with true faith. And words are used for one purpose: to force the interlocutor to obey.

Kabanova absolutely refuses to accept any innovations. She lives the old fashioned way, and teaches others the same. Her tyranny is the imposition of her worldview on the home. She rotted her son Tikhon to such an extent that he was afraid to say a word. Just a little, Kabanikha shouted at him, reproached, sneered. I ate my daughter-in-law Katerina. And when she died, Kabanikha did not feel her guilt.

If Dikoy is a coward and a fool, then Kabanova, for all her ignorance, is cunning and smart. She is an excellent manipulator, able to suppress the will of other people. Marfa Ignatievna is afraid of Dikoy himself. She is able to fight back. No one dares to compete with her, everyone is afraid.

Despotism and tyranny are the main character traits of Kabanikh. Vicious and cunning, living in her own way, not wanting to change anything, she is an example of a dark fanatic for whom there are no points of view but her own.

Kabanova Marfa Ignatievna


And now consider Troekurov's tyranny. This is the hero of the novel "Dubrovsky". Who wrote it need not be reminded.

Kirill Petrovich Troekurov is a typical tyrant. He and Wild are two pairs of boots. Both are greedy for money and believe that capital is everything. Passion for money and unlimited power, these are the main features of both characters.

But if Dikoy was a coward, Troekurov is a rather determined person. He is distinguished by his excellent cruelty. And the one who is poorer than him is a nonentity in the eyes of Kirill Petrovich.

Book "Dubrovsky"

Because of his cruelty, he took the life of Andrei Gavrilovich Dubrovsky. But once they were comrades. Troekurov did not like that Dubrovsky did not curry favor with him. He was too proud and self-sufficient. This infuriated Kirill Petrovich. And he took away the estate from Andrey Gavrilovich.

From such permissiveness, Dubrovsky fell ill. And he never recovered from his illness. But this was not enough for Troekurov. He ruined the life of his daughter Masha. Tyranny is a disgusting trait possessed by a rich man. Having learned that his daughter is in love with Vladimir Dubrovsky, the son of a former comrade Troekurov, the tyrant father forcibly marries her. Thus, the fate of Masha and Vladimir is broken.

If there is a petty tyrant nearby

Literature is a good thing. But what to do in real life when you have to deal with tyranny?

If this is a boss who thinks everything is based on money, don't be afraid to fight back. Putting such a person in his place is difficult, but possible. Let him know that you will not tolerate a boorish attitude towards yourself. When things get really tough, quit. Better to lose your job than nerves and he alth.

If tyranny is a typical feature of someone close to you, don't give in to their pressure. They try to convince you how bad you are: offend a relative, do not listen to him, consider yourself smarter. Admit - yes, I'm bad. Don't let guilt build up in you. The self-righteous person only needs this. Boldly defend your interests and defend your life position.



The main features of tyranny are boundless cruelty towards others, suppression of someone else's will and manipulation of people. Tyrants are most often rich people. They believe that money gives them power over others.

If possible, try to avoid such people. And if you have to face, then put in place. Let them know that money is not a reason to humiliate others.

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