Synonyms for "interesting", example sentences

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Synonyms for "interesting", example sentences
Synonyms for "interesting", example sentences

In this article we will try to find synonyms for the word "interesting". To begin with, it is worth understanding what exactly this word means. Perhaps in different sentences it indicates different characteristics. To better assimilate the information, we will give examples of sentences with synonyms.

The lexical meaning of the adjective

As you know, some words in Russian can have multiple meanings. The same applies to the adjective "interesting". Synonyms for a word may differ from what exactly the meaning of this adjective is in each individual sentence. That is, it is first necessary to determine the dictionary meaning of the word "interesting".

  • Entertaining or curious, one that arouses interest. So you can say about the thing that interested you. A book, a show, and so on can be interesting.
  • Interesting transmission
  • Attractive, one who has a beautiful appearance. It's about aesthetics and the ability to attract attention. ToFor example, this can be said about a person with an attractive appearance. If they say that a woman is interesting, then she knows how to attract attention and collect admiring glances.

You need to be mindful of contextual synonyms. The word "interesting" can mean different things. Therefore, you must clearly understand what interpretation this word has in each specific context.

Several usage examples

For you to accurately understand the meaning of the adjective "interesting", let's form a few sentences with it.

  • I found an interesting quote in the book.
  • I like interesting people.
  • Yesterday a journalist wrote an interesting article.
  • What an interesting life you have!

Synonym selection

Now you can start choosing synonyms. "Interesting" is an adjective, which is appropriate to replace with several speech units of similar meaning.

  • Funny. We watched a funny comedy movie and just burst out laughing.
  • Curious. Recently, a curious incident occurred that attracted the attention of the public.
  • girl reading a book
  • Interesting. It seems to me that it is better to read an entertaining book than to sit all night long at the computer.
  • Entertaining. Fun fact: Knitting helps calm your nerves.
  • Violent. The conference discussed burning issues. This synonym for the word "interesting" can be used only in some situations when it is necessary to emphasize the relevance of someor problems.
  • Not boring. The dress had a casual cut that perfectly emphasized the girl's figure.
  • Showcase with sweets
  • Attractive. We noticed an attractive cake in the window and decided to buy it immediately.
  • Beautiful. The guy has a beautiful appearance, he should try himself in the modeling business.
  • Cute. I want to buy a nice notebook.

Such you can pick up synonyms. Interestingly, some words can be used interchangeably. For example, you can use the adjective "attractive" instead of the word "cute". But at the same time, carefully follow the context so that the replacement does not distort the meaning of the entire statement. We hope we were able to answer the question in sufficient detail!

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