Decoration is Meaning, synonyms, etymology, example sentences

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Decoration is Meaning, synonyms, etymology, example sentences
Decoration is Meaning, synonyms, etymology, example sentences

“Decoration” is a word that is interesting because it is both an action, an object, and an abstract concept. But at the same time, in all three cases, it is associated with the concept of "beauty", that is, it speaks of the desire to improve the surrounding space, to make it brighter and more attractive. More details about the fact that this is an ornament will be described in the article.

How to act

As noted above, the meaning of the word "decoration" is considered in three aspects. Consider them in the article.

Firstly, this is an action corresponding in meaning to the verb "decorate - decorate".

Usage examples:

  1. In our area, the leadership is very responsible in beautifying the urban environment, but, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the countryside.
  2. You can make clothes to decorate the figure, or you can make it to spoil it to the maximum.
  3. Decorating the house for the New Year holidays in every family is a joyful activity, especiallyfor kids.

Next - about the other side of the concept.

As item

royal crown

Secondly, an ornament is an object that serves to improve someone or something, to give a pleasing look to someone or something.


  1. It turns out that the sale of Christmas decorations is a very profitable business that can bring up to 500 percent profit, but it is also very risky. After all, literally a few days are allotted for the sale of goods.
  2. The view at the hall was rather strict, one might even say ascetic: no chic curtains, no pictures with rich frames, no statuettes, no other decorations were observed here.
  3. On the wrists and on the chest of a young gypsy during an incendiary performance of the dance, bright gilded jewelry tinkled - bracelets and a monista.
  4. For the night they were assigned a large room containing two old, majestic wooden beds with intricate carvings.

And one more shade of interpretation of the studied lexeme.

Like an abstract concept

Third, in a figurative sense, an ornament is something that transforms something, gives something a special charm, is a source of pride, one of the best examples or representatives of some community.


  1. The lightning, shining brightly on the clear horizon, was the eternal decoration of the heavens in these places.
  2. On the banks of this quiet river, which can rightfully be called the main decoration of the region,there are a lot of comfortable, cozy and bewitching natural corners.
  3. People endowed by nature with talent are the precious ornament of any society.
  4. The articles of this author with his fresh, original style of writing can be called a decoration of the magazine. They give it life, dynamics, flight.

Now let's study words that are close in meaning. They will help to better understand the interpretation of the studied lexeme.

Synonyms for "decoration"

Ring with diamonds

Among them are such as:

  • jewel;
  • little thing;
  • brooch;
  • trinket;
  • trinket;
  • jewelry;
  • pendant;
  • bracelet;
  • necklace;
  • earring;
  • tiara;
  • ringlet;
  • clasp;
  • necklace;
  • gemma;
  • egret;
  • ring;
  • frame;
  • jewelry;
  • cameo;
  • clasp;
  • inlay;
  • finishing;
  • arabesque;
  • thread;
  • pendant;
  • ornaments;
  • sculpting;
  • drapery;
  • decoration;
  • stucco;
  • acant;
  • pattern;
  • decoration;
  • favorite;
  • pretty;
  • decoration;
  • decor;
  • coloring;
  • weaving;
  • luxury;
  • refinement;
  • a point of pride.

Next, the origin of the word will be considered.



The noun "decoration" isverbal, that is, it is formed from the verb "to decorate." And he, in turn, is formed from another noun - such as "beauty". The latter is rooted in the Proto-Slavic language. It reveals a form such as krasa. Among other things, from him came:

  • Old Church Slavonic - "beauty";
  • Old Russian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian - "beauty";
  • Upper Luga krasa and Lower Luga kšasa meaning "splendor";
  • Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian - "beauty", which is a euphemism (replaces another word that is uncomfortable in a particular situation or obscene, rude) to the word "snake";
  • Czech and Slovak – krása meaning “beauty”;
  • Polish krasa, in the same meaning.

The word “decoration” is so interesting in its ambiguity.

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