Women of Hitler: history of relationships, photos, fate

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Women of Hitler: history of relationships, photos, fate
Women of Hitler: history of relationships, photos, fate

"The embodiment of the devil in the human body" - so called Adolf Hitler, many. And not by accident. It is difficult to imagine that such a monster could have human light feelings. But, like any other man, the Fuhrer could not resist the female charm. Hitler was loved by women. This can be said for sure.

Who are they - Hitler's women? Killers, mistresses? We will talk in more detail about the representatives of the weaker sex, who were part of the inner circle of the great Fuhrer.

Hitler's women: Eva Braun is a girlfriend

It is this woman who should open the "track record" list of Hitler's mistresses. When Eva met 40-year-old Adolf, she was only 17 years old. Then she assisted the photographer. Relations with Adolf Hitler were very difficult and tense, since Eva was very jealous of the Fuhrer for his many mistresses. Young Eva tried several times to commit suicide due to relationship difficulties. However, in spite of everything, the couplehad a rich sex life.

Eva once showed her close friends a photo of the British Prime Minister on the sofa in their apartment in Munich, the comment from her came out unequivocally and shocked her friends: “If only he knew what was happening on this sofa.”

eva brown

The girl was practically one with Hitler. However, she spoke very little and rarely with the German people. Everyone perceived her as a hostess in the house, which was located on the Obersalzberg mountain. However, Hitler did not introduce Eva to anyone.

On April 29, 1945, the couple legalized their relationship in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery. Just a couple of hours later, both newlyweds committed suicide. Eva drank a capsule containing potassium cyanide in front of her husband. The happiness didn't last long.

Magda Goebbels

You can talk for a long time about who the women of Hitler are. Magda Goebbels - the first Frau, the wife of the head of the propaganda department of the NSDAP, Joseph Goebbels. Many historians are sure that their marriage was of convenience. Despite the selfishness of this relationship, Magda gave birth to six children in this marriage. But the children further complicated their relationship. Joseph constantly cheated on his wife. He was annoyed that Magda was close to Hitler.

The German beauty almost never made concessions to her husband. She always had at least two or three lovers. Historians believe that Magda is an ardent follower of the Third Reich. However, when the war began to go against Hitler's plan, Magda was the first to question Adolf's success. One day she heard the Fuhrer speak on the radio andquickly turned it off, saying: “What nonsense is he talking about.”

adolf hitler and women

After the suicide of Eva and Hitler, Magda and Josef went the same way. First, they killed their joint children by giving them morphine to drink. They then put a cyanide capsule in each child's mouth. On the same day, the couple committed suicide.

Geli Roubal

Geli is the daughter of Adolf Hitler's paternal sister. Entering the Medical University of Munich, the girl moved into Adolf's apartment. The same, in turn, immediately began to have an effect on the young girl.

When Hitler found out that Geli was dating his driver, he forced her to end the relationship. He fired the driver, and Geli has since only appeared in public places with an escort.

woman hitler photo

In 1931, a young girl wanted to move to Vienna. Uncle Adolf forbade her to do so. Geli could not withstand such pressure and shot herself.

Definitely no one can say what kind of relationship she had with Hitler. Some believe that she had a love relationship with the Fuhrer. Others, on the contrary, consider her a victim of a tyrant. It is safe to say that their relationship cannot be called happy and he althy.

Hitler himself later admitted that Geli was the only woman he sincerely loved. In her bedroom, all things remained intact, and portraits of her adorned the walls in the Office of the Federal Chancellor.

Unity Mitford (Valkyrie)

In Hitler's entourage were not only native Germans.Unity Mitford - Adolf's mistress, the daughter of a British aristocrat. She was head over heels in love with Hitler, so she left for Germany in 1934 and met him in a Munich restaurant.

She gradually entered the circle of close associates and actively began to support the Nazi regime. Later, Adolf Hitler provided her with an apartment. When Unity moved into this apartment, a Jewish family lived there.

Hitler was loved by women

As soon as Hitler officially declared war, Unity tried to commit suicide. However, the attempt proved futile. Almost until the end of the war, Unity lived in England under the care of her family. She could no longer take care of herself. The bullet remained in the head, and too close to the brain. Therefore, the doctors did not dare to do the operation. She died in 1948 from a tumor resulting from meningitis.

In 2007, The New Statesman published an article that Mitford was returning to Britain already pregnant by Hitler. In the hospital, she gave birth to a child. But he was given to foster parents.

Emmy Goering

In the story about Adolf Hitler and his women, one must definitely mention the beautiful German actress Emmy Goering. She was the second wife of the Reich Minister of the Air Ministry. In German society, she was called the first lady of the Third Reich. It was this title that caused jealousy on the part of Eva Braun. Emmy didn't like her. However, both rivals had a mutual dislike for each other.

Emmy has always been in the spotlight of the media. Often published photos of her chic life.

the most shocking hypotheses

After the end of the war, Emma was sentenced to imprisonment. However, she was released a year later. She spent the rest of her days in a small Munich apartment.

Inga Lei

The most shocking hypothesis: Hitler's women committed suicide, remaining devoted to the Fuhrer until their last breath. And it's hard to argue with that.

Inga Ley is the wife of Robbert Ley, an official of the Nazi Party. She had an affair with Hitler.

hitler women their fate

He even had a nude portrait of her in his apartment. She soon committed suicide.

Elsa Bruckman

Born aristocrat, the Romanian princess Elsa Bruckman was the daughter of Prince Theodore. The young beauty married the German publisher Hugo Bruckmann. She and her husband simply adored Hitler, financing him in every possible way. However, both before and after the failed coup attempt in 1923.

winifred wagner muse

Elsa, like many of Hitler's women, was devoted to him. So that the Fuhrer could contact high-ranking people, she specially opened a salon for representatives of high society. Later, Elsa published philosophical reflections on this matter.

Eleanor Baur

An ordinary nurse, before being in Munich, gave birth to two illegitimate children. Like all women of Hitler, Eleanor was his close friend and mistress. She later founded the National Socialist German Workers' Party. She was the only onea woman who took part in the takeover of power called the Beer Putsch.

women and marlene

Eleonora Baur is one of the few who helped organize the Dachau concentration camp. She was later accused of using prisoners as labor force. Even after ten years in prison, she did not renounce Nazism. Died in 1981.

Charlotte Lobjoie

This girl was the daughter of a French butcher and Hitler's first girl everyone knew about. She was only 18 years old when she met the young Corporal Schicklgruber. However, the servant soon ran away from the bride.

It is not known for certain how this woman ended up with Hitler. Hitler (son in the photo below) did not recognize the child from her.

Hitler's son

Proving kinship was impossible at the time.

Maria Reiter

She was the tailor's 16-year-old daughter when she met Hitler. Then he was a well-known politician in Bavaria. Historians believe that he himself met the young lady during a walk.

Mary's father was an ardent opponent of the nationalists, even attended special meetings of the social democratic parties. It was this moment that gave special piquancy to the secret meetings of the couple. The relationship between Mary and Hitler resembled the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Adolf called the girl a cute baby and pussy. Maria was blindly in love with Hitler. She forgave him everything, even cruel antics to the dog, disgusting comments about meat dishes in the restaurant. Adolf was an avid vegetarian.

Manybelieve that the couple did not have an intimate relationship. They separated in 1928 as Hitler's political opponents tried to denigrate him with a platonic relationship with Maria. The gap was not easy for the girl - she tried to commit suicide. But the attempt was unsuccessful.

hitler women eva

Soon Maria became Adolf's mistress. Their relationship continued until Hitler got bored with them. After the war, Maria was one of the few who defended the Fuhrer from allegations of male inferiority.

The whole world was told that Adolf Hitler was defective as a man. They cited as evidence the facts that the Fuhrer was handicapped due to a wound in the groin during the First World War. Many told that Hitler was homosexual and impotent. These topics literally "sucked" during the discussion of his life. Only close friends of youth, his beloved women, claimed that Adolf, as a man, was absolutely he althy.

Marlene Dietrich

Women Hitler and Marlene Dietrich - a complex phrase. Marlene was the only woman in the world who refused the great Hitler to be his mistress. Dietrich is the Fuhrer's favorite actress. He never hesitated to talk about it. The dictator kept talking about the beauty of her legs. Whether Adolf Hitler managed to get his pet into bed is still an unsolved mystery.

Leni Riefenstahl

The talented actress, director, sophisticated beauty Leni admired Hitler's performances. One day, she secretly wrote a letter to him asking him to meet in person.

Past this energetic, charming and masculinely demanding of people, Hitler could not pass. Leni was a real "black sheep" among her contemporaries. She flew on planes, dragged herself through deserts and seas. Filmed and filmed all the time.

The footage of the official chronicle shows how good it was for two crazy people surrounded by each other. But according to the official version, they met with Hitler only on business matters.

führer women

Innovative film director and personal cameraman of Adolf Hitler - these definitions have always remained next to the name of Leni. Critics from all over the world agreed that Mrs. Riefenstahl was not a member of the National Socialist Party. However, thanks to her films, thousands of people joined the ranks of the nationalists.

For the rest of her life, she proved to the world that she just wanted to make movies. Her photography was pure art. However, no matter what anyone says, it was Leni who created the film Triumph of the Will, which is considered an artistic symbol of fascism.

Later this film was shown at the Nuremberg trials as an illustration of Nazi ideology. After many years, Leni said: “I regret making this film. If I had known what he would bring me, I would never have taken it off.”

After the end of World War II, Leni ended up in prison several times, spent two years in a lunatic asylum. After many, many years, the accusations of complicity with Nazism were dropped from her and they stopped persecuting her. However, world cinema forever turned its back on the great director. Leni died inage 102.

Winifred Wagner

Daughter-in-law of the famous German composer Richard Wagner. After the death of her husband, she organized the annual Bayreuth Festival. Then many already knew who Hitler's women were. Winifred Wagner - the muse in the life of the Fuhrer.

Magda Goebbels the first Frau

She met Hitler in the 1920s. XX century. Then Wagner gave Adolf paper to write "Mein Kampf".

In 1933, rumors began to circulate that Wagner's widow was going to marry Hitler. However, this did not happen. Although many argue that Winifred despised Hitler's hatred of the Jews. Like many women of Hitler, Wagner remained devoted to him until the end of her days. They were community friends.

Behind every great man is a great woman. It's hard to argue with this. Adolf Hitler and his women are proof of this. The Fuhrer is an outstanding personality, though not on the positive side. His political activity left a bloody and irreparable mark in the history of the twentieth century. Hitler's women and their tragic fates are an example of how one person can affect the lives of many.

Hitler had many one-time short-lived intimate relationships. Some fans from the great Fuhrer, while others were looking for their own benefit in him.

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