The best US universities: list, ranking

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The best US universities: list, ranking
The best US universities: list, ranking

The choice of higher education institutions in America is simply huge. More than a hundred of the best US universities are located in 130 cities. Almost every state has its own institution of higher education. Record holders for the number of universities are New York and California, where 12 educational institutions are located. Next come the states of Massachusetts and Texas - 9 universities.

Authoritative educational journals rank the best universities every year, and the United States, with its educational institutions, occupies a leading position. We will try to summarize this information and make our rating of the most-most. We will also take into account the opinion of Russian teachers regarding a particular university.

America's Best Schools

So, we bring to your attention the top best universities in the US. The list includes the most popular educational institutions in the country. Let's take a look at the notable and interesting features of each university, as well as talk about famous alumni.

Ranking of the best US universities:

  1. Californiainstitute.
  2. Stanford University.
  3. MIT.
  4. Harvard.
  5. Princeton University.
  6. University of Chicago.

We will analyze each participant in more detail.

C altech

This is one of the best universities in the US. The educational institution boasts an enviable number of successful students, including 35 Nobel Prize winners, as well as owners of other equally prestigious awards. Today's well-known figures from the field of energy and physics studied within these walls.

california tech

The university graduates more than 2,000 students every year. The main building of the best US university is located in Pasadena, a few kilometers from Los Angeles. All students live, as a rule, on the territory of the university. For new arrivals, very comfortable hostel houses with all amenities are provided. The educational institution has strong and interesting traditions, where each student, in addition to scientific knowledge, receives a rich extracurricular experience.

The main areas of the California Institute are physics, engineering and natural sciences. Many students continue to receive knowledge in graduate school. The latter fact was often played up in the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Stanford University

An honorable second place in the list of the best universities in the US is a higher education institution located near Silicon Valley. It is worth noting that the founders of such eminent companies as Google, Hewlett-Packard andSnapchat earning trillions of dollars a year are all Stanford graduates.

Stanford University

The buildings and surrounding areas of one of the best universities in the US occupy more than 8,000 acres of land, and a good half of the area has not yet been developed. In addition to faculty campuses, Stanford has many art museums, parks, and its own meditation center.

It is also worth noting that one of the best universities in the US has the highest competition for admission. From all comers - and these are tens of thousands of applicants - only 2-3% are enrolled. The share of international students fluctuates around 20%.


This long-term competitor of the leader of our ranking is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions. The Institute is the largest research center in the field of technology. Among the famous graduates of the university, the founders of Intel and the Dropbox service can be noted.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Judging by the statistics of the educational institution, only 5-8% of all applicants apply. The most popular faculties of the university are engineering and computer technology. In total, more than 10 thousand students study at the university, a third of which are foreigners.


Harvard University is the most recognizable educational institution in the world, with a leading position in the rankings of reputable journals. The university was founded back in 1636, it is no exaggeration tocan be called the oldest institution in America.

harvard usa

Harvard University has over 20,000 students, of which slightly less than half are international students. It is worth noting that gaining knowledge at this university is far from a cheap pleasure, but a special fund, in case of urgent need, provides financial assistance to its students.

The Institute boasts the world's largest library complex, consisting of 79 academic buildings. Here you can see both the original works of a hundred years ago, and modern scientific research in various fields of science.

Harvard alumni include 8 American presidents, at least 50 Nobel Prize winners and more than 60 living billionaires. This university is one of the few that has received an impeccable reputation in various fields of study: the humanities, science and technology.

Princeton University

Along with Harvard, this prestigious Ivy League institution boasts a rich and eventful 200-year history. About 8 thousand students study on the territory of the university, 25% of which are foreigners.

Princeton University

Princeton University is located near Philadelphia and New York, in a scenic location with beautiful parks, terraces and views. The enrollment process is quite complicated. Management is not inclined to make quick decisions on incoming applications, and the latter are very, verymany.

Other graduates of Princeton University include 40 Nobel laureates, three astronauts, two US presidents, Olympic champions, and well-known businessmen who have achieved success in the IT field.

University of Chicago

This educational institution is one of the world's leading research centers. It was founded over 100 years ago. Hyde Park attracts scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world. The University of Chicago offers high quality education and research in a wide range of scientific fields.

University of Chicago

The number of students is also impressive - more than 15 thousand students. One third of them are foreigners. Here you can get higher education in various fields: biology, humanities, engineering, medicine, law and even theology.

The educational institution is located in a picturesque place - Hyde Park, which is located near Lake Michigan. The university offers its students an interesting and no less diverse life than in the same metropolitan areas. Hyde Park is home to a huge botanical garden surrounded by old English gothic surroundings and modern buildings. All this is harmoniously combined and has an extremely beneficial effect on students.

Chicago Higher Educational Institution produced 90 Nobel Prize winners, some of whom conducted their research directly within the walls of the university. University students subsequently became ministers, supreme judges, well-known politicians and respected in scientific circlespersonalities.

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