Pyotr Osipov: biography and achievements. Company "Business Youth"

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Pyotr Osipov: biography and achievements. Company "Business Youth"
Pyotr Osipov: biography and achievements. Company "Business Youth"

Humanity today has an invaluable opportunity to get rid of stereotypes that have long lost their influence. Let go of the losing mindset. From mass negativity. And this is an opportunity to keep up with the times and not forget that 2015 is already coming to an end.

What does today's success theory sound like?

To succeed today, a person must be able to think consciously and take full responsibility for all their decisions. This quality is not inherent in most people, and what history teaches us says that it was brought up by the most worthy husbands.

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One thing is clear: the possession of all the intellectual qualities described above gives an undeniable advantage over the majority. If you are educated and experienced, your opinion matters a little more. It's hard to disagree that success can be defined as the result of taking advantage of these benefits.

Learn - and you will benefit! The conclusion is precisely this: successful people are a kind of caste who manage to do everything at once. Somea lifestyle in which development is the main criterion.

We have to be geniuses

The ability to reason before acting, to understand what is happening, benefiting and surrounding the rake placed everywhere, was especially valued in society throughout the known history of mankind. A person with such skills always quickly moves up the career ladder, often has an attractive, or quite the contrary, negative charisma.

peter osipov biography

The mentioned personality traits sometimes inspire many, and the vast majority of them are young people. Today, many people decide to take control of their lives in their own hands. But is it so easy to follow your beliefs when there are so many temptations around? Perhaps this is the key to success?

The image of a successful person has a list of differences from most

The ability to keep in your life priorities that are valuable for personal growth is a hallmark of purposeful people. Yes, this lifestyle attracts the attention of society. Undoubtedly. But is it because everyone is in dire need of a mentor?

It can be dried in completely different ways. When one shows aggressive criticism, others with a he althy interest decide to learn everything new.

business youth

One thing is obvious: the modern world is "sharpened" for successful educated people.

Mentioned in his blog LiveJournal by a young businessman who attracted the attention, which will be discussed further - PeterOsipov. An interesting fact: he proposed to divide all people into two categories. People from the first are those who roll the modern world, and the second are those who simply do not have time and roll to someone else's rhythm.

Pyotr Osipov: biography

Contrary to all expectations, he is not a native of the capital. Cheboksary is the city where Pyotr Osipov was born. Date of birth - December 16, 1987. Often in his stories, a young businessman mentions that at school age he was not ashamed to work as a janitor. Also, together with the rest of the guys, I handed over glass containers to a collection point. Nothing, I had to work, says Petr Osipov. Biography of an ordinary guy.

Today he owns a company with a monthly turnover of several million dollars. His project, "Business Youth", has focused on itself the attention of the widest target audience. Many are wondering whether to trust the experience of a young guy, others, on the contrary, enthusiastically accept his innovative ideas.

Peter Osipov believes that the Russian market at this moment is simply full of opportunities to start your own business. So does every employee in his company. "I'm angry at my people because they are not me," was Peter's answer to the question about the motivation of his employees. Peter is convinced that you need to love your work and go into it with your head. Only in this way can one follow the path of success and succeed in the modern world.

Peter is not shy about making all his goals public. For example, in one of the Moscow cafes, in the company of his friends, he makes a written statement that forin the next three months he should earn 15,000,000 rubles.

Such statements are not uncommon for Peter. The confirmation of the words can be a video uploaded to YouTube, or his daily essays on the blog. At the end of the term, Peter provides a report on the work done and the results achieved. The question arises: what gives the daredevil such confidence?

Nature is such that women…

Yes, nature is indeed such that women can motivate men to conquer any peaks. Moreover, it is their natural right. Of course, some people just don't get it. Well, Pyotr Osipov, obviously, not only understands this, but also managed to subordinate female love to his goal.

There are a lot of historical facts about how women served as the muse of inspiration for creative people and conquerors like Napoleon.

Pyotr Osipov is also ambitious towards women. The wife does not caustically receive expensive gifts from him. One of my goals in the past was a promise that Petr Osipov's girlfriend would receive the latest Range Rover as a gift.

Peter remembers the words of his beloved at one of the celebrations. Previously, the girl said, we dreamed a lot with Petya about many things, this was our favorite pastime, and now these dreams are starting to come true.

Expensive gifts, like cars and a house for parents, Peter considers as goals in the achievement of which he firmly believes. If it is impossible to do without faith in one's work, then the scale of the "Business Youth" project must be innovative.

Formula of discoveries: faithmultiply by energy

All great things were brought to an end sometimes thanks to the belief in success alone. It is as if there was no other option.

Peter Osipov date of birth

Peter often mentions the importance of developing a sleep culture, exercising and eating only he althy foods. Taking care of your body shouldn't take a backseat.

The period when he was dissatisfied with life has passed. The young man did not enjoy what he was doing. And then he just revised his views on his personal life.

The birth of a brand is gradual

The development of "Business-Molodist" can be called rapid if compared with a simple business, no different from the majority. Perhaps it would be more correct to look at examples of large global companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

These big companies are now considered some of the most expensive in the world, and their products are in almost every home. Since the inception of each company of this magnitude, the inhabitants have changed their perception of the world around them once and for all.

Now it is already difficult to imagine our life without modern household appliances, convenient and accessible to us, convenient mobile smartphones, computers.

When people with common interests unite, they will succeed

The beginning of the "Business Youth" project was similar. Two young guys, Pyotr Osipov and Mikhail Dashkiev met each other in Moscow for a reason. Both feltthemselves as white crows in a typical environment. Peter longed to interact with smart and purposeful people.

Peter Osipov and Mikhail Dashkiev

"I'm tired of everyone saying all the time: you won't succeed, it doesn't work, many called me strange," says Piotr Osipov. BM unlocked his potential.

Together with Mikhail Dashkiev, the guys set a common goal and, contrary to public opinion, began to earn big money legally.

Everything like everyone else, or the way I want?

The population of a country can be described by statistics or sayings. Maybe anecdotes. But it is impossible to dispute the fact that a significant part of it is tired of the standard state scenario. Study for a speci alty, take a mortgage from a bank or refuse, but this is the only chance for you to buy something in this life.

As a result, a citizen is born, experiencing all the same dissatisfaction with rising prices and lack of money. As a rule, such people take a passive-aggressive position of grunts.

On the other hand, our younger generation has been brought up in the information age. They have very different values ​​and priorities. Now everyone can afford daily development with the help of the Internet. Here Petr Osipov saw his chance.

Why does the BM idea work and generate income?

Peter not only understood how to make money in a way unfamiliar to others, but also created a whole company "Business Youth", helping those who wish to master such a useful skill.

petr osipovreviews

And indeed, "Business Youth" has been promoting its services for about four years. People study with burning power in their eyes, says Pyotr Osipov. The reviews are only positive, the statistics are amazing.

They say these classes are about doing things, not playing with theory…

Maybe something is wrong with the education system?

Studying at the university is, alas, not cheap, besides, it is very difficult to get a high mark, relying only on one's own strength. With this attitude, young people begin their journey of education in public institutions.

petr osipov business

The manner of teaching is also not always able to satisfy the interest of students. Not every teacher makes sure that the students learn the material correctly.

Free education has become an abstract concept today. In fact, young people have to pay for everything, and these are people who are still considered uneducated and unable to provide for themselves. Maybe demand shouldn't be like this?

The development of the educational system in America has already come to the point that the debt to the state for education has exceeded a trillion dollars. Students will inherit these debts from their parents even after their death. Debts of this magnitude are unrepayable and should not be.

There is definitely an apocalyptic note in the description of the latest facts. But if you hold the tail with a gun, and so that the current runs through the veins, then behind all these darkening events, glimpses of new hope are visible.

This is newconcept of education

Over the past couple of decades, the world has changed fundamentally. All large-scale events transform public views. Everything familiar and understandable goes into oblivion or for a retro sale, and the new can be not only interesting, but also eerily frightening. For most bad.

A well-known case can serve as a good example of the perception of innovation.

In the 60s of the last century, an expedition of geologists found in the taiga a family of people who had lived as hermits for more than half a century. It was the Lykov family. In all the years of living in the wilderness, the Lykovs have never met other people.

When geologists told them that a man was on the moon, they did not believe it. When they were shown TV for the first time, Agafya Lykova said: "We can't, this is a sinful thing." But, according to geologists, they could no longer watch the miracle TV.

Every day people increase the level of intelligence and, apparently, they found a way out of an unfair situation on their own. Thanks to such projects as "Business Youth", everyone can get an education. At the same time, they do not just open their own business, but learn to benefit and make money from everything around them.

Innovative ideas always receive a lot of criticism. For new discoverers, criticism does not serve as an obstacle, but only builds character. The "Business Youth" project has become a chance for many. Of course, it is easy and promising to work with people who will always support you and help you move forward.

According to Petr Osipov, "Business Youth" is capable ofgive impetus to the beginning of great changes for the entire people of Russia. Anyone who has the desire can do what they love. This is the most beautiful thing a person can get. The feeling of freedom that comes as a result will help you move forward.

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