Honey. College of Gorno-Altaisk. Conscious choice

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Honey. College of Gorno-Altaisk. Conscious choice
Honey. College of Gorno-Altaisk. Conscious choice

When young people choose a profession, they choose a path in life. At least, this step is a starting point in the future labor field. But if children already at school age know that their fate will be connected with medicine, then we are talking about a special vocation - the desire to help people. It is at the call of the soul that people come to study at the Gorno-Altai honey. college after high school many girls and boys. The only college in the city is located at: Communist Avenue, 116.

Forge of medical personnel in the Republic of Altai

The he althcare system needs labor personnel - qualified specialists not only of the highest, but also of the middle level. In order to train medical staff in 1936, an educational institution was organized in Gorno-Altaisk, which in the current 21st century, in December of the thirteenth year, received the official name - Budgetary vocational educational institution of the Republic of Altai "Medicalcollege". The founder of the profile educational institution was the republican ministry involved in he alth care.

Gorno-Altaisk - the territory of well-being

Who is cooked in the Gorno-Altai honey. college

Annually, open days are held for applicants of a medical school, where children and their parents can ask the administration questions regarding not only admission, but also further education, organization of student leisure and future employment opportunities. In addition, all the information of interest can be obtained by phone med. College of Gorno-Altaisk. The website of the educational institution lists the main areas of training for future specialists, which makes it possible to make a choice in advance. Main compartments:

  • Midwifery.
  • Medicine.
  • Laboratory diagnostics.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Nursing.

Timing and study opportunities

Admitted to medical. college of Gorno-Altaisk, future midwives (obstetricians), laboratory assistants, pharmacists, nurses (nursers) are trained for 46 months, they are recruited after the 9th grade of the school. The speci alty of a pharmacist can be obtained not only after the 9th, but also the 11th grade, then the study period will be reduced to 34 months. But paramedics are trained exclusively after eleven years of schooling, and the training period for them is 46 months.

Basically, the guys study at the expense of budgetary funds. However, paid training is also provided. Quantitybudget places are regulated by the Ministry. Successful students receive a scholarship.

Students of BPOU RA "Medical College"

The college also conducts budgetary and extrabudgetary training cycles for AVE programs, where they train medical registrars, teach skills in nursing care for newborns and helping children.

Conditions for study

In the process of learning, the guys do not think about everyday problems. For non-resident students there is an excellent hostel with a capacity of more than 340 places. There are training rooms, recreation rooms, and a psychological relaxation zone for the children right there. Also in the Gorno-Altai honey. The college has a physical education room, a medical center, its own museum and a cozy dining room. A social psychologist helps students, if necessary, to overcome difficulties that arise in the learning process. The college library has a wide variety of literature, both specialized and fiction.

Medical College of the Altai Republic. Gorno-Altaisk

Organization of the educational process

The Medical College is the only educational institution of its kind in the Altai Republic. A special training base is needed to train paramedical staff, pharmacy employees and workers in the treatment and prevention profile, to conduct various professional qualification courses.

For this, the college has:

  • Laboratories and classrooms equipped in accordance with the requirements of the State Standard.
  • Sportswearplayground (4500 m2) with a football field, running track, volleyball and basketball courts.
  • Multimedia equipment - half a dozen sets, computers - more than six dozen units.
  • DVD players, TVs.
  • Simulators and sports equipment.
Student Baitueva Alina - participant of the Conference "Youth. Science. Creativity"

There are many medical disciplines in the schedule of the medical college of Gorno-Altaisk. For the quality of the educational process, the following are used: devices, phantoms for the practical development of the rules of medical manipulations; medical and anatomical dummies, training tables. Equipment is periodically improved and updated.

Documents for admission

Administration of the Gorno-Altai honey. The college posted on the website a list of documents for admission to be submitted to the Admissions Committee, along with copies:

Happy student time
  1. School certificate or diploma of education.
  2. Passport.
  3. Pension certificate (green).
  4. Certificate of medical examination.
  5. Insurance policy.
  6. Vaccination information.
  7. Photo (43) – 6 pcs
  8. Information about the composition of the family (certificate addressed to the applicant).
  9. Conscription certificate.
  10. Multifora - 1 pc.
  11. Postal envelopes with stamps - 2 pcs

In addition, medical, nursing, and midwifery applicants must undergo aptitude testing at the time of application.

Former and current college students share their impressions of their studies on the Internet. Reviews about the Gorno-Altai honey. the college is generally positive. Active student life, interesting study, high-quality teaching - this is what is a priority for young people. There are small nuances regarding the rearrangement of the schedule, but the administration always strives to stabilize the situation. Yes, and you must admit, these are such trifles compared to the opportunity to learn what you love - providing quality medical care to people!

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