Who can hold a sinecure? The meaning of the word "sinecure"

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Who can hold a sinecure? The meaning of the word "sinecure"
Who can hold a sinecure? The meaning of the word "sinecure"

Currently, the meaning of the word "sinecure" is a good position with a high level of income, but at the same time practically does not require hard work from the employee. An example of such a phenomenon can be the management of a business that has been inherited by a person. Thus, the already launched working mechanism will bring excellent income for a long time with minimal effort spent on this business. Often this is the name of the position of the boss, whose job is only to control subordinates. However, this meaning of the word "sinecure" is not the only one. Let us turn to the origins of its origin and talk about how it gained its popularity in languages ​​around the world. To do this, we should move to the times of medieval Europe.

Church concept

sinecure in the church

It turns out that in the history of Europe there was such a church position. In this case, the meaning of the word "sinecure" is somewhat different. The person of this position was imposed administrative duties in the church, which did not require any special work. The main task of such a person was to take care of the parishioners, but at the same time he evenwas not always at the place of his service. This position was actively practiced in medieval Europe by the papacy. It's no secret that in the Middle Ages the church was the richest and most influential authority. People made huge donations to atone for their sins. Thanks to this, among the people this word has already become a household word and had a negative connotation. In the future, it was so firmly entrenched in speech that they began to call sinecure all those positions that make it possible to receive money and at the same time do absolutely nothing.

Why is the sinecure called that way?

This word owes its origin to the Latin language. It contained the phrase sine cura animarum, which literally translated as "without concern for souls." After that, by borrowing, a new word was formed in the German language - sinekure, from which the name of the position originated.

Another meaning of the word sinecure

man works

Sometimes the word is used to mean a carefree existence and no need for any benefits, subject to the minimum effort that needs to be made. This value is already obsolete, so it can only be found in old books.


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