Historian Yevgeny Spitsyn: biography, books on the history of Russia

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Historian Yevgeny Spitsyn: biography, books on the history of Russia
Historian Yevgeny Spitsyn: biography, books on the history of Russia

There are many topical and important issues in Russian society, the solution of which depends on the opinion of citizens. One of them is the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn. The fact is that for many centuries the country has experienced events that are very different in meaning and influence on people. Each requires reflection and analysis, the development of a common attitude towards it by all citizens of the country. And acquaintance with the history of the state begins from school. And in Russia there is no single history textbook. The problem is very serious. Let's discuss it and get to know the person who took responsibility for making the decision. This is the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn, who is now engaged in the popularization of the material collected in the four-volume textbook.

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Why is this important?

Start with a description of the state in which we live. It is the largest country in terms of area, consisting of subjects of the federation. And they, in turn, have their own government, which developsdecisions, including those related to the upbringing of the younger generation. That is, the content of the history textbook actually depends on the officials dealing with this problem in the relevant ministry. It turns out that the children of a huge and strong country receive different information about where it came from. And not only does the information in them vary depending on the outlook of the official, but the ideas also do not harmonize with each other, they enter into antiphase. And this ultimately leads to the disunity of citizens brought up on conflicting concepts. That is, it is, as the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn convinces, about the integrity of the state. This person spends a lot of time and energy trying to resist such threatening tendencies. It is important for him what his homeland will be like in ten or a hundred years. And an understanding is laid of where to go and how to develop for children sitting at school desks. When they grow up, it will be too late to change the worldview, but rather impossible.

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Evgeny Spitsyn (historian): biography

The Russian outback is said to be rich in talent. But the capital also sometimes gives the society bright and intelligent people. Spitsyn Evgeny Yurievich is a native Muscovite. He was born in 1966, at school he was fond of stories about military events, like many boys of that time. This was reflected in the choice of profession. In 1991 he graduated with honors from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. I immediately went to school to teach children. Spitsyn Yevgeny Yuryevich devoted more than twenty-five years to teaching. How is hehe says himself, he worked in two schools, one of which he headed for some time. Administrative activities did not fascinate him. This man considered his subject, history, to be more interesting. And he was forced to start writing a textbook by the situation in the education system, which he himself called catastrophic.

The core of the problem

University education differs from the one provided by specialized universities by its deep systematic nature. To put it simply, young people master the base that allows them to collect, structure and analyze large amounts of information. Practicing historian Yevgeny Spitsyn, as we know, studied the courses offered to perfection, as evidenced by a red diploma. Being engaged in teaching, this person constantly analyzed the quality of the system, which was undergoing changes in those days. His conclusions are disappointing. He considers the introduction of the Unified State Examination as a catastrophe, as well as the transition to the "Bologna system". These two circumstances create the most severe contradiction that destroys continuity in education. At the exam, students are required to demonstrate the ability to understand historiography. But the "Bologna system" leads to the fact that students do not study, therefore, do not understand this material. Having come to work, young teachers are not able to instill in students such skills because they themselves do not have them. It turns out a vicious circle.

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Evgeny Spitsyn: history textbook

It took more than fifteen years to create a work that optimally describes the path of Russia. In four volumes harmoniously combinedhistorical facts, names, as well as analysis of the works of famous scientists. Evgeny Spitsyn created his books for the younger generation. That is, he was sure that they would teach history at school on them. But this requires an appropriate decision of the government, but it has not yet been made. The first collection was released for sale in August 2015. It was acquired mainly by ordinary teachers who had principles similar to the author regarding the teaching of the subject. In the readers' reviews, it is noted that this four-volume book is the most convenient manual and help that allows the teacher to structure the material and present it to children at an accessible level. So the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn received recognition among his colleagues. His work was not in vain.

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Textbook structure

The four-volume edition consists of nine chapters, which include ninety-five topics. It covers all periods of the historical development of the Russian state. A distinctive feature of the textbook is that it includes a detailed historiography and bibliography of research. Each topic is accompanied by reference material to primary sources, which is considered convenient for the reader. This allows you to optimize the work on the preparation of lectures, lessons, reports or abstracts. Eliminates the need to search for additional literature. The textbook begins with the ethnogenesis of the Slavs and the formation of the first ancient Russian statehood. The last topic of the books, authored by Evgeny Spitsyn, is "GKChP: how the USSR was destroyed." That is, the textbook corresponds to the historical and cultural standard,approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

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Other works by the author

The textbook is not the first work created by Evgeny Spitsyn. Although it should be noted that it was thanks to this work that the author received recognition. The scientist and teacher published articles and books throughout his life. His works de alt with the history of Russia from ancient times, as well as the problems of modern culture and education. Articles were published in the Na Control magazine, in newspapers and on Internet resources. Evgeny Yuryevich considers the improvement of the methods of teaching history to be the goal of his activity. Therefore, in addition to the textbook, he published lecture courses. Among them are such as "Russian culture of the 9th-19th centuries", "History of Russia 1894-1945". These and other works receive the most positive feedback from readers, who note the convenient structure and accessibility of the presentation of the material.

evgeny spitsyn gkchp how they destroyed the ussr

Community activities

Evgeny Yurievich did not stop at the publication of the textbook. He considers it his duty to convey to the general public the correct attitude to the complex issues of Russian history. In 2016, he began to conduct a series of programs on this topic on the Day TV channel. His programs are popular with citizens of the Russian Federation and the entire Russian-speaking world. As the historian himself notes, his goal is to popularize knowledge, draw people's attention to the problems of presenting past events and the consequences of distorting the material. A citizen brought up on the wrong worldview becomes a traitor to the Motherland. Therefore, the country needs a single textbook. He isjust not officially recognized. The author himself refers to this circumstance philosophically. The Ministry of Education probably has its own opinion on a unified history textbook, and Yevgeny Yuryevich proposes to judge in public broadcasts who is right.

Evgeny Spitsyn historian biography


The activity of the historian Yevgeny Spitsyn is far from over. This talented person and citizen with an active life position does everything to develop the right attitude towards the study of history and its comprehension in society. And this is necessary so that people are proud of their country, and not ashamed of its past under the pressure of dubious propaganda. The great country and its peoples overcame many obstacles. There were ups and downs. But was there anything shameful in history? This question has been answered for many years. And the opinions of experts differ, which becomes the basis for further doubts and throwing in society. Is this how to build a Great Power? Without comprehending history, understanding the essence of events is indispensable. A noble goal, don't you think?

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