Junkie is a way of life?

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Junkie is a way of life?
Junkie is a way of life?

The slang word junkie is a definition that is associated primarily with drug addicts. They usually denoted a long-term dependent person who cannot control himself. Usually these were people with a history of taking drugs.


Junkie is usually a guy or a man who is addicted to drugs (drugs: cocaine, marijuana, glue). This word refers to a person without any goals in life. He only cares about getting high.

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Junkie is a way of life, it is an eternal stay in high, sin and pleasure. However, people are called this word:

  • sniffing glue;
  • taking hard drugs (opium, butyrate);
  • drug weed smokers.

A junkie is a person who has gone through some level of stupefaction to the state of a vegetable. His intellect is at a decadent level. In fact, this is a psychologically ill person for whom the current reality is gray and dull. He needs to brighten up his life with drugs to restore joy and usefulness in this world. Otherwise, he will experience the deepest depression.

Junkie is able to go to any crime for the sake ofanother dose of pleasure, and he is not actually aware of it. It is believed that these people are not dangerous to others. But this is only when they are under the influence of psychotropic substances. When they have a withdrawal, they become violent.

Modern concept of the word

This definition has now changed. Today, a junkie is a state of mind when a person is able to derive pleasure from anything. He is called that when he gets high from some thing constantly and every day. For example, he may feel euphoric from a simple computer game, and he will be called by this word.

junkie is a life burner

In the modern sense, a junkie is someone who can enjoy all day even a blade of grass, driving it over the skin and getting a pleasant pleasure. Also, this word can be used to refer to a person who causes pain to himself for pleasure.


Similar words with the slang term "junkie" are:

  • drinker, alcoholic, wino;
  • drug addict, addict, huckster.
  • go crazy, feel euphoric, enjoy, relax.

In the everyday life of drug addicts, "junkie" often means people who use heroin, smoke marijuana, marijuana. These people's ideas of normal behavior are reversed. More often they can afford too much: insult, behave obscenely, make inarticulate sounds similar to animals.

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