Comic nominations for teachers at graduation

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Comic nominations for teachers at graduation
Comic nominations for teachers at graduation

The end of primary or secondary school is traditionally celebrated with a graduation ball. At the solemn part of the evening, students' achievements are announced, diplomas and awards for winning the Olympiads are presented. When it's time for the informal part, graduates reward teachers with playful diplomas. If the celebration is conceived like the Oscars, then they come up with special nominations-congratulations to teachers at the graduation.

After warm words addressed to their mentors, the winners in the next nomination are called to the stage, which is announced with the utmost solemnity. All school groups have similar teaching staff. Therefore, successful congratulations read at one graduation can be recommended for inclusion in the program of the festive evening of other schools.

Congratulations from the leadership of the school

The number of school leaders includes the director and his assistants: the head teacher and the head of educational work. For them, the nominations "Lords of the School", "The All-Seeing Eye" are suitable. You can beat their number and come up with nominations with the number "three":

  • "Three Titans".
  • "Three heroes".
  • "The Three Pillars".

There may be individual characteristics in the nominations:

  • "The Queen Mother".
  • "Titanic work".
  • "Superhuman Patience".
Congratulations from the school principal

As a rule, the richest fantasy is among those who have completed 11th grade. Graduation teacher nominations can be thought up as allegories. If we compare the management of a school ship sailing on the sea of ​​knowledge with a real ship, we can offer the following nominations:

  • "Captain" - director.
  • "Boatswain" - head teacher.
  • "Skipper" - head of educational work.

You can congratulate the school leadership with a song remade in accordance with the marine theme:

  • "Argo".
  • "When we get back to Portland".
  • "Brigantine".
  • "Aurora".
  • "Sails of Krusenstern".

By presenting letters, you can distribute certificates for obtaining ownership of islands: "Kindness Island", "Severity Island", "Understanding Archipelago".

Congratulations from teachers

Each school has teachers of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other compulsory subjects. They are called in turn to the stage, reading out the name of the nomination. This is followed by a short greeting. Here are some nominations for graduation subject teachers:

teacher award
  1. The winner in the "Accountant" nomination, the master of integrals, the king of parallelepipeds, the lord of tetrahedra, the tamer of cosines, the winner of hyperbole, who comprehended the number pi, the teacher of mathematics, is called on the stage.
  2. Perpetual motion winner is awarded to a probable genius relative to mediocrities, personally familiar with mind fluctuations, applying the gimlet rule in a single closed system, master of force, mass and acceleration, physics teacher.
  3. The winner in the "Alchemy" nomination, the great magician and wizard, is invited to the stage, breaking the crystal lattices and creating polymer chains, a chemistry teacher.
  4. In the nomination "Best Traveler" a congratulatory diploma from the Geographical Society is awarded to the honorary Paganel of the school, a teacher of geography.
  5. The winner of the "Biggest Botanist" nomination is awarded, expert on mitochondria, holder of a microscope, great anthropologist and geneticist, teacher of biology.
  6. In the nomination "Master of the Artistic Word", the sower of the reasonable, kind, eternal, shining with a ray of light in the dark kingdom, the connoisseur of participial phrases, the teacher of the Russian language and literature is awarded.
  7. In the nomination "My Fair Lady", the owner of a Harvard accent, a tamer of perfects and indefinite pastes, an English teacher is invited to the stage.

After the congratulations of the teachers, it is good to show the number - a dance, a song or a skit.

Recognition of the excellent qualities of teachers

The first teacher is also invited to the graduation. For her, you canto make the nomination "My second mother". And since there are several classes, there are also several mothers. All of them will share the rewards equally. Graduates can sing a song dedicated to the first teacher.

Congratulations teachers

After that, the presenter will remind you that all the teachers showed excellent human qualities. And in the next few nominations for teachers at graduation, the winners will be announced. It can be both comic and serious congratulations. Here are some of the options:

  • "For endless patience."
  • "For falling in love with your subject."
  • "For harsh justice."
  • "For the gentleness of character."

Some teachers may receive multiple awards in different categories.

Congratulations from class teachers

Not a single graduation is complete without congratulations from class teachers. These teachers know their class best. They deserve special praise from the students at graduation. It is better to choose comic nominations for teachers:

  • "For the best main pedagogical role".
  • "For the best knowledge of students".
  • "The coolest coolest".
  • "For selfless courage in organizing extracurricular activities".
  • "For the most frequent removal from the class".
  • "For jokes in class".

Each teacher has his own characteristics. In the congratulations, they should be mentioned to give warmth.

Teacher awards

Congratulations from the group leaders

Someteachers conduct electives, create sections or circles for extracurricular education. They spend their time and energy to ensure that the guys know and know more. Do not forget about them either. Nominations for graduation teachers who led circles:

  • "Best Couturier" (cutting and sewing circle).
  • "Chief Painter" (drawing circle).
  • "For speed, strength and agility" (physical education teacher).
  • "Shakespeare Award" (to the director of the school theater).
Sketch for teachers

The most pleasant thing for these teachers will be a prepared performance on stage - a fashion show in their own tailoring outfits, an exhibition of paintings, an acrobatic sketch and a humorous scene. You can also combine everything in one performance.

Funny nominations

When all the major awards have been received, it's time to announce the ridiculous graduation nominations for teachers. These can be the most incredible awards: for the shortest hair, for the smallest shoes, for the deepest voice. Here are some more examples:

  • "For the highest decibel voice".
  • "For the most severe look".
  • "For a disarming smile".
  • "For defenselessness before a compliment".

Every person has weaknesses. When teachers have been in sight for many years every day, the guys know them well and will be able to pick up comic nominations for teachers at graduation so that everyone has fun and no one is offended.

teachersexact sciences

Congratulations in verse

You can announce nominations for teachers at graduation in verse by composing small quatrains about each of the subjects. It would be appropriate to express appreciation for the work of the teacher in these lines. Good, warm words are selected for each subject:

  • For a math teacher: “Under the guidance of this scientist, we stand today, inspired by knowledge. Finished studies, then - practice. And mathematics will help us with this.”
  • For a physics teacher: “You can measure, calculate and show everything. You can even believe that we can fly.”
  • For a chemistry teacher: “You have revealed the secrets of the world to us, you have initiated us into knowledge. For this we fell in love with you - well, what would we do without you?”.
  • For a geography teacher: “The blue ball is spinning and spinning. This is a globe pressed by hand. Spinning, spinning, wants to fall. Only we will not let him go to the abyss.”
  • For a biology teacher: “You taught us to love living things, appreciate, cherish and protect them. Let the next generation study the same things with you.”
  • For a teacher of Russian language and literature: “We will fly apart after school. And we will forever remember how you laid the foundations - we will read the classics.”
  • For an English teacher: “We speak English very good. This is your hard work. Can we go to Harvard: everyone will definitely understand us there.”
Awarding of the nominees

After all the awards, you can sing the final song. If the school has an anthem, it will do. And if not, you can follow the example of the SHKIDs and compose it inGaudeamus motif.


To make the holiday memorable, you should prepare well for it. If you give out tasks on time, then everything will work out. Funny nominations for graduation teachers are not difficult to come up with, especially if you know the person well. School teachers are people with humor, they will understand the efforts of the children and will not be offended even by clumsy jokes.

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