Private - what is it?

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Private - what is it?
Private - what is it?

Private - what is it? You can hear about a lot of things and processes that are used with this word. What does it mean?

General information

Private means that something belongs to one person or a relatively small group of people. Moreover, they are united on a voluntary basis, and not by order (as an example, in the latter case, utility companies can be cited). And this, in turn, denotes a certain specificity. Also, when talking about the private, it can mean a separate, very rare or even a single case of something. In addition, this is the name of the mathematical operator of the same name.

private it

As you can see, the word "private" is a very widely used tool in our language. To better understand its use, let's look at its application in practice. For completeness of the review, attention will be paid to both a general example and a particular one. So let's get started.

General example

Now we will consider private property. As mentioned earlier, this is the name of everything that belongs to an individual or a small group of people who have united on a voluntary basis. As an illustration, one can cite such a concept as a cottage. What is it? Soname the land and buildings that belong to a particular person or group (family). This is private property, which outsiders are not allowed to enter without the permission of the owners. In case of violation, forceful methods can be applied to them for detention with subsequent transfer to law enforcement agencies.

private property is

Private property is one of the foundations of capitalism, so it is protected with all rigor. Violation of this principle undermines the foundations of modern capitalism and leads to various, usually negative, consequences. Although we have protection for any type of legally acquired property, it just so happens that it is private property that is of the greatest interest to the vast majority of people.

Special example

Now let's look at the use of the word from a slightly different perspective. Only now for us the interest will be represented not by individuals, but by legal entities. We will consider a private enterprise. This means that it belongs to a certain person or group and was created on a voluntary basis. But at the same time, it does not claim certain material values. So, there are objects of communal property, for example - parks. They are administered by the municipal services of the cities where they are located.

private enterprise is

Private enterprises can claim a certain amount of land needed for their activities, but this implies the use of only certain types of territory. Moreover, it should be noted the statuswhich has a legal personality. If we take, for example, a hypothetical village, both a private and a communal enterprise will operate there at the same time. Both can include all residents. But nevertheless, they will have different powers and opportunities, on which the activities carried out and the final goals will already depend.

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