Graph - what is it? Meaning of the word

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Graph - what is it? Meaning of the word
Graph - what is it? Meaning of the word

Graph - what is it? This word can often be heard in everyday life, but not everyone knows its true meaning. If you are one of those people, don't fret! There is nothing to be ashamed of. In our article today, we will tell you in detail about the meaning of the word "graph", as well as share examples of its use. Interested? Then start reading soon!

Chart: what is it?

Let's not beat around the bush, but immediately give an answer to the question that interests you. To do this, we turn to the dictionary of Efremova. In her book, Tatyana Efremova gives four definitions of the word graph:

  1. Diagram or drawing, which shows the quantitative indicators of development, the state of something with the help of lines.
  2. A graphic artist.
  3. A plan for something that provides for order, sequence, etc.
  4. Work plan with exact indicatorsdue date, standards, etc.
hot water shutdown schedule

Examples of usage

Now let's look at examples of the use of this word in everyday life:

  1. A schedule for turning off hot water was posted at the entrance to the entrance.
  2. To find out the departure date, you need to find the train schedule.
  3. I am very lucky because I have a flexible work schedule.
  4. Vladimir is a very talented graphic artist! His work is amazing.
  5. New schedule needs to be done tomorrow.

Graph - what is it? You got the answer to this question in the last section. But if everything is clear with the first three interpretations of this word, then the latter should be analyzed in more detail, which we will now deal with.

The meaning of the word graph


Flexible work schedule is a work schedule in which the employee has the opportunity to choose the daily start and end of the working day at his own discretion. In addition, the employee can choose the daily duration of the working day on the basis of an agreement with his superiors. The introduction of a flexible schedule by one party without agreement with the other is prohibited. On the one hand, the bosses always speak, and on the other, the worker (namely, the worker, and not the trade union or other representative representative body of the workers).

Shift work

Shift work schedule is a mode of work in which the worker's schedule may change on different days. This work regime is common in organizations thatwork around the clock. The state structures that work according to this scheme include the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, the ambulance, the fire department. Commercial enterprises include supermarkets, cinemas, catering establishments, gas stations, etc.

Shift work is also practiced in the work of companies involved in issuing loans. True, in this case, it is needed not for the company to work 24 hours a day, but rather to serve customers for 7 days a week. The 8-hour working day imposes certain inconveniences on employees and company management, which is why they prefer to work in shifts.


There are 3 types of shift schedule:

  1. Two-shift. Two groups of workers go to the night and day shifts. They change in turn.
  2. Four-shift. It can be either a twelve-hour workday followed by two days off, or a twenty-four-hour workday followed by three days off. Most of all, this schedule is common at gas stations, small shops and other similar establishments.
  3. 72-hour chart. Split into three shifts. The duration of one cycle is 12 hours. Workers, according to this schedule, work according to the following principle: two shifts per day, two days off, two shifts in the evening, one day off, two shifts at night and three days off. After the cycle is completed, it repeats again.
Graph - what is it?

Work schedule with irregular day

Irregular work schedule isoperating mode, implying additional work in excess of the norm. It is used when needed.

What is the difference between working irregular hours and overtime?

  1. Overtime work has clear limits regarding its duration (no more than 4 hours in two consecutive days and no more than 120 hours in 12 months). Irregular work is different in that it has no restrictions - its duration depends only on how quickly the task can be solved.
  2. An employee who works overtime gets a pay raise. An irregular working day is rewarded with additional leave, the duration of which does not depend on the number of hours worked in excess of the norm. As a rule, the duration of the annual additional vacation is stipulated in the contract and is at least 30% of the time of the standard vacation.
  3. The conditions for irregular working hours are agreed with the candidate at the interview and are necessarily indicated in the contract as a separate clause. There are no such requirements for overtime work.
Function Graphs

Graph of functions

When it comes to what a graph is, one cannot help but say a few words about this graph. Although this term refers to mathematics and has nothing to do with what we wrote earlier, this topic is still worth devoting a couple of lines to.

A graph of functions is a set of points whose ordinates arethe corresponding values ​​of the function are the valid values ​​of the argument, and the abscissas are the valid values ​​of the argument.

We can put an end to this. We hope that the information provided was interesting for you and you learned a lot of informative facts!

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