Princeton University: academic and extracurricular life

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Princeton University: academic and extracurricular life
Princeton University: academic and extracurricular life

Princeton University in the United States year after year ranks first in the ranking of the best national universities in the country.

Princeton University is a private university founded in 1746. Tuition at Princeton University for the 2017-2018 academic year is $47,140. 5,400 students study here, and the campus area is 600 hectares.

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Princeton University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the United States. It is located in the quiet town of Princeton, New Jersey. Its campus, with ancient ivy-covered walls, offers students an active university life. The Princeton Tigers, members of the Ivy League, are famous for their consistently strong men's and women's lacrosse teams. University students live in one of six residential colleges and can join one of ten "dining clubs". These clubs serve as community and association organizations for the students who join them. The university's legendary motto is: "Princeton in the service of the state and in the service of mankind." This statement speaks to the dedication of the university to the service of society.

Besides basiceducational programs, Princeton offers prestigious master's programs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. One of the unique aspects of the Princeton curriculum is the requirement to defend a dissertation or complete a project on your own, depending on the field of study. Princeton alumni include such famous people as the 26th US President Woodrow Wilson, model and actress Brooke Shields and former first lady Michelle Obama. According to an old Princeton legend, if a student leaves campus through the main FitzRandolph gate without graduating, they will be cursed and may never graduate.


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The application deadline for admission starts on November 1st and ends on January 1st. The entry fee is $65. The acceptance rate at Princeton University is quite low. Of those who apply, about 7% of applicants are usually admitted to the university.

Study life

34 faculties of Princeton University organize the entire educational process. Here, students can enjoy all the exceptional resources of a world-class university.

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The curriculum emphasizes learning, creativity, innovation and interaction with liberal arts, arts, social studies, science and engineering programs. The following are the most popularcourses:

  • public policy analysis;
  • computer engineering;
  • econometrics and economics;
  • history;
  • operational research.

Student Life

The university has more than 300 student organizations, 38 sports clubs, 15 chapels (chapels). Outside the classroom, students have endless opportunities to discover new interests, connect, and build an environment around them that will both support them and continually challenge them. This makes Princeton a multifaceted community with diverse interests.


Princeton offers the best of both worlds: students can enjoy the tranquility of a tree-lined corner, as well as quickly get to the heart of New Jersey, New York, or another city using university transportation. The transportation system of Princeton allows residents of the campus to easily move throughout the territory and the surrounding area. A free shuttle service also connects student residences to major grocery stores and malls in Princeton.

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In addition, all kinds of parks are available to campus residents all year round, and students can always enjoy cycling, walking, and canoeing on the Delaware River. Beaches and ski resorts are also close to the campus.

For art lovers, the McCarter Theater is within walking distance. Nearby there is also a museum with a magnificenta collection of exhibits of fine and decorative arts. And in the restaurants and bars of the city there is always live music.

Tuition fees and financial aid

Princeton University students pay a hefty amount to study here, so 60% of students at the university offer financial aid.

Princeton is a dynamic community that seeks to capture students of all backgrounds and interests.

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The university offers one of the strongest financial aid programs in the country. It strives to make education accessible to all, which is why it offers a generous financial aid program that allows graduate students to graduate debt-free. Undergraduate students also receive significant university support.

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