PPU driver: training, job descriptions and responsibilities

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PPU driver: training, job descriptions and responsibilities
PPU driver: training, job descriptions and responsibilities

Several hundred thousand Russian schoolchildren complete their studies every year. From that moment on, they face a choice - who to go to study further. In recent years, working speci alties have become very popular.

duty ppu driver

The PPU driver also belongs to the category of these professions. Now this speci alty has become in demand not only among young people, but also among girls. Before submitting documents to an educational institution, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of this speci alty, find out what the PPU driver does, and study the risk factors.

What is PPU

Deciphering this abbreviation means "steam mobile unit". This equipment is intended for cleaning special equipment, containers, it is used to heat up concrete, to process transport and soil at sub-zero temperatures. In winter, PPU is necessary in order to warm up the upper layers of the soil.

professional standard machinist ppu

Field of activity

These machines are used in many fields of activity. Main destinations:

  • construction;
  • oil production;
  • utilities;
  • road sphere;
  • motor transport;
  • railroad.

Mobile steam generator plant - a platform on which the equipment that is necessary for work is located. First of all, this is a boiler (water turns into steam in it), a fuel tank, additional equipment, transmission, water fuel pumps. During the work, all the water contained in the tank is forced into the steam generator under high pressure. Then the steam is sent to the expander. After it is served directly at the destination.

oil industry

Adjustment of the pressure of hot air is made with the help of special valves, and an accidental increase in pressure is excluded due to a reliable system of non-return valves. The advantage of such an installation is that the hot steam is already ready 15 minutes after the start of the start. For production, installations are usually purchased that have a capacity of 5.3 cubic meters. Such a machine can work without interruption for up to 5 hours.

Characteristic of speci alty

Such a profession as a PPU driver belongs to the category of workers. In order to get a job in such a speci alty after training, you need to graduate from a college or college and receive a diploma of vocational technical education or complete special courses that issue a certificate of qualification. The maximum rank is the sixth. Usually companies that are looking for employees for this position,indicate what basic skills the employee should have. According to employers, the PPU driver should know how to perform:

  • locksmith work;
  • wellhead piping;
  • oil and gas production in compliance with the technological process;
  • complete setup of equipment, additional equipment, measuring devices available on the installation;
  • oil well maintenance.

He must have a clear understanding of the physical and chemical properties of paraffin, gasoline, oil and water vapor. The implementation of processes for the dewaxing of oil gathering units, outflow channels and functioning well lines using steam or hot oil should also be included in the basic knowledge base of the PPU operator.


After the worker gets a job as a steam plant operator, an employment contract is concluded with him, which describes in detail the job responsibilities. These are predetermined points that tell about what the employee has to do during work. He must strictly observe them, otherwise the employer may fire him. The job description of the PPU driver must be strictly observed. This section includes:

  1. Preliminary preparation of PPU for work.
  2. Carrying out the process of dewaxing oil flow lines, collection plants, wells and other objects with steam in accordance with the norms of the technological process.
  3. Tied units with technological field installations and wells.
  4. Drawing a line forsteaming hot oil, or dewaxing.
  5. Regulation of the operation parameters of the engine boiler, oil heater, instrumentation and any other PPU units.
  6. Installation and dismantling of any instrumentation on the working unit.
  7. Scheduled and unscheduled repairs.
  8. Recording the work done in a special accounting journal.
driver's rights

In some cases, if such a need arises, the PPU driver may be involved as a driver. This item must be additionally spelled out in official duties.


In addition to obligations to the employer, which are sealed with a signature in the contract, the employee operating the mobile steam plant has the right to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the decisions of the leader that relate to his activities.
  2. Suggest ideas to improve and improve performance.
  3. Notify the employer if there are any problems with the system.
  4. On request, receive any information that relates to his job responsibilities.
  5. Engage other employees of the company to solve particularly difficult tasks, these actions are performed only after the immediate supervisor is informed.


Despite the fact that the position belongs to the category of workers, during complex operations, the PPU driver (according to instructions) is responsible for all the work done.According to his official duties, he bears administrative, financial and disciplinary responsibility for the following actions:

  • inaccurate information about the performance of work;
  • improper execution of instructions from a superior;
  • illegal use of official authority for personal gain;
  • refusal to perform assigned tasks and labor functions prescribed in the contract;
  • non-compliance with the rules of one's own and other people's safety;
  • gross violation of labor regulations.

If one of these points occurs, then the employer has the right to impose an administrative or monetary pen alty. Therefore, the PPU driver is interested in the work being done with high quality and all tasks being completed in a timely manner.

Working conditions and wages

When applying for a job according to the professional standard, the PPU driver must discuss his mode of activity with the management. Typically, the process should be carried out in such a way that uninterrupted operation of the steam plant is ensured for 10-12 hours. Few people will be able to continuously perform their duties for such a long period of time, therefore, by agreement, a 7-8-hour work shift is established with several breaks, which are 0.5 hours. Often offered to work on a rotational basis.

official duties

Payment for the PPU driver is made according to a special tariff scale, in which there is a division into categories. The higher this figure in the diploma of training or advanced training, the higherwages will be. If there is a need to travel on a business trip, then the work there is paid by additional agreement. The average salary of a mobile steam plant driver is 45,000-50,000 rubles. In many ways, it depends on the region and field of activity.

Harmfulness at work

While working as a PPU driver, you must strictly observe the safety regulations, as you will be near hot steam. The following production factors are considered especially harmful:

  1. Performing work in the gas and oil industry that takes place in the Far North, at sea, in deserts and other sparsely populated areas.
  2. Reduced temperatures from -18 °C in open spaces.
  3. Increased production noise resulting from plant operation.
  4. Contact with mixtures of hydrocarbons - kerosene, white spirit, mineral oils, sublimates of coal sands and tars, gasoline, bitumen, petroleum tars, asph altenes.
medical examination

According to medical standards, if there are such harmful factors, then it is necessary to conduct a medical examination at least once a year. All medical procedures according to labor standards must be carried out at the expense of the employer.

Where they teach

Despite the fact that the speci alty is not the most demanded, about 10,000 people take vocational training and advanced training courses every year. The most famous institution that trains PPU drivers is the trainingCombine "StroyNefteGaz" It is located in the city of Tomsk, but has branches in Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg. Also, similar services are provided by the International Center "Alternative" and the training center in Tyumen.

International Center "Alternative"

Jobs in Russia

By opening any site that posts job offers, you can see that the PPU machinist is a fairly popular speci alty. Basically, job offers come from regions that are engaged in road construction and oil production. Almost all employers put forward such a requirement as having at least 1 year of experience. Now, however, vocational school graduates can work as a mobile steam plant operator as an apprentice with an ever-increasing salary. Those who decide to get such a speci alty need to be prepared for frequent business trips. After all, the main method of work of the PPU driver is rotational.

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