The word "however": where is the comma placed? Rule and examples

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The word "however": where is the comma placed? Rule and examples
The word "however": where is the comma placed? Rule and examples

In today's world it is important to be a literate person, as this determines our level of learning. However, in the Russian language there are a number of complex rules that you need not only to know, but also to be able to put into practice. In the article we will talk about introductory words and conjunctions, as well as the word "however" is separated by commas or not. Happy reading!

Is "however" an introductory word or conjunction?

First you need to find out what part of speech the word "however" refers to. An introductory construction is a phrase that is part of a sentence, but does not perform a syntactic function. An introductory word can be easily removed from a sentence without changing its meaning. Then what is a union? It acts as a link between simple sentences. The word "however" can be both a union and an introductory construction. It all depends on the meaning and the transfer of the syntactic role.

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"However" - do you need a comma or not? Rule

As we managed to find out, this word can appear in various variations. It depends on this whether the expression will be highlighted with commas. If the speech unit "however" will play the role of an introductory word, then it is necessary to put punctuation marks on both sides. It is known that introductory constructions are always separated by commas, regardless of their position in the sentence. And what about the union "however"? The comma will be placed before the word. However, it cannot be followed by a punctuation mark.

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It should be remembered that "however", as an introductory word, will most often be at the beginning or middle of a sentence. It must be highlighted with punctuation marks depending on the position. For example:

  1. However, this strange story no longer mattered to the people around.
  2. And they had a cheerful and loud wedding while Timothy was suffering, however, it doesn't matter anymore.

If "however" is a conjunction, then a comma comes before the word. For example: He was always interested in science fiction literature, but he did not forget about the classics.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the phrase "however, as always." A comma must be placed after the word "however", as it acts as an introductory word. For example: My daughter went out for a walk again and did not clean her room, however, as always.

Summing up, it is important to note that punctuation isset based on the syntactic functions that the word performs. We wish you to learn how to use the rules correctly in practice and not make mistakes. Thank you for reading this article and wish you good luck.

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