Age of maturity in a child. Signs, psychology, acceleration

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Age of maturity in a child. Signs, psychology, acceleration
Age of maturity in a child. Signs, psychology, acceleration

Age of maturity is the period when a girl or boy is ready to reproduce. Before that, the child's body needs to go through many stages of change, both physiologically and psychologically. When the body is formed under the influence of hormones, various emotions arise, which are very contradictory.

General changes in teenagers

Very often during the transition period, teenagers move away from their parents and adults, preferring communication with their peers, the desire to experiment increases. Thus, teenagers find their language with the world, develop new life strategies. If the relationship remained in place, as in the childhood of a child, then it is unlikely that progress has reached the level that it has now. After all, adults are comfortable in the established world, and growing children want novelty.

separation from parents

At puberty, a child's body begins to change. Secondarysexual characteristics: girls have breasts, boys have facial hair. At the same time, hormonal changes occur, and one's own sexuality is realized. It begins to excite attraction to the opposite sex and at the same time scare. The brain develops intensively, sometimes even faster than the body.

From girl to girl

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At what age does puberty begin in your child can be determined by external signs. In girls from 8-9 years old, breasts begin to develop, 11-12 years old are marked by the arrival of menstruation, rashes are possible on the face. The sweat glands begin to work hard, giving an individual smell that is as unique as fingerprints. Although after the onset of menstruation, a girl can become pregnant, this does not mean that she is psychologically ready for this. After 4-5 years, around the age of 17-18, the girl reaches the age of maturity.

Sexual development of boys

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Boys in our time begin to develop on average from 11 years old, which is 2 years later than girls. The pituitary gland begins to work actively, as a result of which the genital organs begin to develop. In the testicles, a sex hormone is produced, which actively affects the appearance: the muscles develop in the boys, the shoulders become wider, giving a masculine look. Often acne breakouts appear on the skin. The voice undergoes changes, begins to "break", gradually acquiring lower and deeper notes.

And although by the age of 18 boys look like mature young men, fewwho knows at what age puberty is fully formed in them. At the age of 20-24, a young man "ripens" psychologically and socially, and not just at the biological level. At this age, he is ready to start a family.

Leap forward - good or bad?

It seems that even the past generation developed a little later than the present. And it really is. According to doctoral records of the middle of the 18th century, it was determined that the first menstruation in girls began at the age of 15-17, and the breaking of the voice in boys occurred on average at 16 years. In the 60s of our century, puberty shifted in girls to 12 years, in boys to 14. The data of our time say that in girls, sexual development begins at 9 years old, in boys from 12.

Researchers are concerned that this poses a threat to society and humanity. A sexually developed girl at the age of 11-12 begins to experience psychological discomfort. Since her body is already different from that of a child, there may be a problem of sexual pressure, ridicule from still undeveloped peers. At this age, it is difficult for teenagers to cope with adult problems at school.

The developmental trend of boys is not as well understood, as there are few records that have been preserved that would determine their age of maturity. The head of the Max Planck Institute, which is responsible for demographic research, Joshua Goldstein, has begun to study this issue, using a phenomenon called the "dangerous peak" to do this.

Institute in Germany

During reaching the maximum levelmale hormones, when the body has already physically developed and the ability to reproduce has been achieved, young people begin to show irresponsible strength, demonstrate their courage, sometimes they have inexplicable aggression. In many countries, these factors cause the death of very young children. Therefore, such a phenomenon is called the “dangerous peak.”

Reasons for acceleration

Scientists have not yet established the exact reasons for the acceleration of human development in sexual terms. However, it is already possible to say exactly at what age maturity occurs. “Today, 18 years old is the same as 22 years old in 1800,” says Joshua Goldstein. This is not due to progress in the technical field, but the reason is in the environment. An increase in fast food restaurants and a drop in physical activity lead to excess weight. For now At the moment, many foods contain high amounts of hormones that speed up the age of maturity.People's convenience in the use of plastic also plays a role, since it contains bisphenol A, which is present in many everyday things.

early adulthood

Adults in everyday life are busy almost all the time, their children spend their teenage years virtually without their participation. It's not entirely bad, but it's not good either. Growing children need unobtrusive and correct advice to help them get through such a difficult and important period.

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