Social psychology - what is it and where is it used? What is the difference between social psychology and ideology?

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Social psychology - what is it and where is it used? What is the difference between social psychology and ideology?
Social psychology - what is it and where is it used? What is the difference between social psychology and ideology?

What is the difference between social psychology and ideology? Are there any differences between them at all? Or is the essence of these concepts absolutely identical, only the names are different? Find the answers in this article.

On the concept of social psychology

For most people, it is no secret that psychology includes many different subspecies. And each of them studies certain problems, phenomena, questions. So social psychology is one of the subspecies of psychology. She only considers and studies in depth certain human processes.

social psychology is

You can ask questions about this definition to different people. And, most likely, they will all respond differently. However, the greatest meaning of this definition is based on the word "public". So what does this concept mean? Social psychology is a system of traditions, habits, feelings and emotions that are formed in a person as a result of being in a direct social environment. This concept alsoincludes certain human beliefs on the topic of politics, morality and rights that he has developed as a result of the influence of the social mass of people.

Differences in concepts

What then does the concept of ideology mean? True, there are some common features between social psychology and ideology, but they are still different concepts. Ideology is understood as an individual perception of social psychology. Then what is the difference between social psychology and ideology?

What is the difference between social psychology and ideology

The fact is that ideology considers a person's system of views on socially conditioned processes from the theoretical side, based on the rational consciousness of a person. While social psychology relies on emotional consciousness, feelings and moods. Of course, this line between the two concepts is very difficult to find and even more so to explain it, but it is important to build a kind of model for the perception of these concepts. Before trying to define it, it is important to remember that social psychology and ideology are parallel concepts.

Public Influence

Social psychology is a combination of various conflicting sensations, a versatile perception of all kinds of processes in a person's life. It must be understood that all the interests of people are formed solely from the position of a particular society in which they are located. These interests and views are directly influenced by the will of a given society and its intellect. Yes, it is intelligence. It is inherent not only to an individual, but alsoa group of individuals, a collective, society as a whole.

social psychology and ideology

Of course, you can treat public opinion contradictorily, disagree with it somewhere, but one way or another you will have to advise him. It is under the influence of society that habits, a point of view, some customs are formed that a person will carry through his whole life. This social "nurturing" can have a positive effect on a person's personality, but sometimes it can also have a detrimental effect.

Fundamentals of ideology and social psychology

Based on this, one can also understand the difference between social psychology and ideology. Ideology is formed from theoretical foundations, certain effective programs and recognition mechanisms. There is no process of perception of information or society at the level of feelings and emotions, there is a clear reliance on theory. But like social psychology, ideology is mass consciousness. Social psychology was formed quite a long time ago, has undergone a number of changes in the course of its own "evolution" and has become an independent system that develops even with the help of rumors or fashion. Social psychology exists on suggestion, on the imposition of opinions, and ideology - on persuasion, where specific arguments are given. But in both cases, it is simply necessary to remove all obstacles between the collective of individuals.

Existence in society

Social psychology is a philosophy that gives an abstract understanding to people, it can also mislead or instillwrong perception. However, being in this or that society, collective, mass of people, a person is involuntarily forced to accept “rules”. It can oppress him, cause negative feelings, but, most likely, after some time he will get used to it. One way or another, any person exists in society, and his personal perception is formed with the help of society.

social psychology is a collection

It is not surprising that sometimes there are contradictions with the opinion of this society, but a person continues to live and develop in it. Each of us receives some experience, knowledge, skills, traditions, foundations thanks to this or that social group. Be it a family, a team, a social mass. It is also difficult to deny the fact that people's views on political issues or religious perceptions are also formed with the help of society. Of course, a considerable place is also given to the individual characteristics of a person: temperament, character, level of perception and education. But one way or another, the final result is also interconnected with public opinion.

Existence outside of society

The concept of "social psychology" well reveals the theme of human development in society, his worldview, positions, opinions. Is the existence and development of the individual outside of society possible? Of course, many will say that now there is a huge mass of people who are more comfortable spending time alone, closed within the four walls of their apartment. Undoubtedly, such a problem exists in modern society and does not cause positive emotions, but this is not about that. Datapeople in one way or another still come into contact with society: they go to shops, work, meet with a narrow circle of friends, observe the life process of other people.

What is the difference between social psychology

And what will happen if a person is simply "pulled" out of society? Most people will not even be able to survive alone in the conditions of, for example, the taiga. There is a concept of Mowgli people who completely lose signs of social development: they are not able to speak, make incomprehensible sounds, they are not able to eat normally, they cannot read and write, their psychological characteristics, external and physiological, are violated.

Negative Consequences

Social psychology is the formation of collective views and opinions on a particular issue, process. Has anyone thought about how it affects a person? Does it provide correct information? Or harm the person? In fact, there are several stages of social psychology. And one of them is the imposition of an erroneous opinion, rumors. Sometimes such processes as deliberately false accusation, provision of incorrect or incorrect information, "sticking labels" occur very often.

social psychology philosophy

However, during periods when some kind of negative situation arises among the public mass, people tend to figure it out on their own. They see that they are being given incorrect information, and sometimes they try to create another critical situation as a distraction. No one likes this position, and the authority of the publicpower drops sharply.

Conflicting views

Social psychology is a science that is widely used in all spheres of human life. Although there are many opinions on this subject. Some believe that social psychology is a science, while others believe that it is not a science at all. One point of view is that psychology itself hardly uses any calculations, experiments, measurements. Such ideas can be attributed only to humanitarian knowledge. From another point of view, the opposite is true. It is believed that various experimental techniques are actively used in psychology in order to confirm or refute a particular hypothesis. In fact, social psychology is part of the system of human sciences. What is really confirmed by a number of generally accepted methods that are widely used in the modern world. So where does social psychology apply?

Applying Community Psychology

As already mentioned, social psychology is a science that is involved in almost all spheres of human life. And in recent years, the need for its study is growing more and more. Its methods are widely spread in the political sphere, economic, religious, in the media.

the concept of social psychology

Practically in any bank there are even specialists involved in this work. Special centers are being created with qualified workers who provide assistance to different segments of the population. Even industrial production is turning to socialpsychology. The heads of some small and large organizations are ready to take special courses and receive additional education in this speci alty so that their process of interaction with employees develops in the most successful way.

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