Home preparation of preschoolers for school

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Home preparation of preschoolers for school
Home preparation of preschoolers for school

Preparing preschoolers for school is a very responsible process. How you do this will depend on your child's academic performance, diligence and other important points. If earlier there were no serious requirements for first-graders, now the views have changed dramatically. Thus, if your child came to school without an initial knowledge base, it will at least be difficult for him to keep up with the rest. Well, all the ensuing consequences will not keep you waiting. There will be difficulties in communicating with the team, complexes, and so on.

preparing preschoolers for school

So the quality preparation of a preschooler for school is the key to the future success of your child. Where to start and what to pay attention to? What tasks are suitable for the development of memory, mathematical thinking, writing, imagination? Let's try to figure it out.

What a child should be able to do when entering first grade

Before you start preparing preschoolers for school, you need to familiarize yourself with what your child needs to know. At 6-7years old child should clearly know the following things:

  1. Surname, first name and patronymic of your own and your parents, close relatives (grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, and so on).
  2. Country, city, street, house where he lives.
  3. Time of day, sequence of months in a year, number of days and weeks in a month, names of days of the week.
  4. Basic names of animals, fish, birds, plants, etc.
  5. Basic rules of the road.
  6. Main holidays and state symbols.
  7. Primary colors of the spectrum.
  8. Where is "right-left".
  9. Tell about your favorite activities.

The child should have certain skills and knowledge in the intellectual direction. So, the child should be able to guess riddles and puzzles, solve simple problems, find differences, lay out pictures, collect puzzles, design simple things.

The speech development of a child at this age suggests that he will be able to tell a fairy tale or a poem by heart, retell or compose a story from a picture. It is better to start these exercises with small interesting texts. Then only you can go to longer ones. Everything should be gradual. This knowledge will subsequently help the student to write well, retell texts, learn poetry by heart.

preparation for school classes for preschoolers

At 6-7 years old, a future student should know the basics of mathematics, count from one to ten and vice versa, increase the number by 1 or 2. Navigate in the names of basic geometric shapes, be able to dosimple applications from paper and fabric, natural materials. Have an understanding of the concepts of length, width and height of shapes.

When it comes to reading, here your child needs to be able to divide words into syllables, distinguish between vowels and consonants. Read small sentences.

Don't forget to teach your child how to hold a pen and pencil correctly, draw various lines, hatch a drawing, draw by cells and dots. Auditory dictations will help with this, when, when drawing by cells, some kind of pattern is gradually obtained.

If the child is already 6 years old, some schools can accept him without talking with a psychologist and a primary school teacher, but if you want to send a five-year-old to the first grade, you need to be prepared for the fact that a special commission of teachers will test the child for readiness to learning. The future first-grader will be asked to guess a few riddles, tell a verse (or ask what verses he read himself or with his parents), count to ten, solve rebuses. In gymnasiums and lyceums, an exam is held for all first-graders, including a psychological test for readiness for school.


The abbreviation GEF stands for the Federal State Standard of Education. Simply put, this is a document that is drawn up in order to indicate the basic requirements for the educational process, aimed at achieving certain results in education. These standards apply to pre-school education, education in schools, secondary specialized educational institutions and higher education institutions.

Based onof the federal state standard, all curricula are being developed, both for first-graders and for students of the last courses of higher educational institutions.

Three components, as a rule, are in the standards of education:

  1. Requirements for the educational program. They should be taken into account by educators when drawing up curricula.
  2. Implementation of the compiled program. It involves logistical, financial support, as well as work with the team, including parents.
  3. The results of the educational process are what children should learn to do as a result of mastering the program.

FSES for preschoolers

Let's dwell on the main points of GEF for first graders. What does the GEF suggest for a preschooler in preparation for school? The main goal of the system of preschool education involves the education of a harmonious personality that will be ready for school, and subsequently for independent, adult life. The child must be psychologically prepared for the further educational process and being in the school team.

preparing preschoolers for school

The official program for preparing preschool children according to the Federal State Educational Standard identifies five areas:

  1. Physical. Provides comprehensive activities for the physical development of a preschooler, this includes water procedures, sports competitions, wellness procedures.
  2. Artistic and aesthetic. It involves the development of individual creative abilities, acquaintance with history, culture,music.
  3. The socio-psychological direction is necessary in order to adapt the child to the team, to teach how to interact with peers.
  4. Speech behavior. The foundations of this direction are developed for each age category separately.
  5. Cognitive. Develops the child's interest in the world around him, the society in which he lives.

In order to prepare a preschooler for learning on their own, it is advisable to adhere to these standards, directions. Then the development of the child will be harmonious.

Preparing a preschooler for school

To prepare a child for school on your own, you need to know how specialists do it, and think about what to build on. Consider the example of one of the work programs for preparing preschoolers for school. Directions of preparation:

  • development of mental abilities, attention and memory;
  • development of correct speech;
  • social-psychological preparation;
  • mastering basic knowledge of mathematics and literacy.

For the development of correct speech, a program for preschoolers to prepare for school involves reading poems by Russian and foreign poets, conversations on the topic of what they have read, learning by heart and expressive reading, reading by roles. This can be interesting entertainment for the whole family, because you can not just read fairy tales, but make a whole performance. For example, it is enough to make paper finger puppets, prepare a text for all participants in the performance, gather the audience and start the performance.

Preparing a preschooler forwriting is a long process. This is due to the fact that in order to ensure the writing process, the child must be well developed: fine motor skills, motor apparatus, coordination of movements, imagination, thinking. Therefore, preparing a preschooler for writing includes not only the development of writing skills, but also the following exercises:

  • speech games - “Guess the word”, “Continue the story”, “Make a riddle”, Name the sound” and so on;
  • designing or composing letters from various elements;
  • orienting actions, or outlining the contours of an object, hatching, and so on.

To develop mathematical abilities, a preschooler really needs to be taught many things. To develop attention, a child can be offered mazes, comparing figures by color, size and other characteristics.

preschool preparation program

To develop the imagination, exercises aimed at making figures from parts or dividing figures into parts will help. You can also invent a story from pictures or design crafts yourself.

Visual and auditory dictations will help to develop memory.

Speech development of a preschooler

Preparing preschoolers for school in speech development is very important. It will depend on how the child will master the written language. What exercises will help to develop speech?

  1. The task is to collect a portfolio, but with certain conditions. If a thing is needed in a briefcase, invite the child to clap, if not, stomp. You can find poems on such a topic, thenit will be easier for the child to perceive the game.
  2. Invite the child to continue your phrases and name certain objects. For example, you say, “I will name five vegetables…” and the child continues and names, or “I will name five pets…” and so on.
  3. Tell the child the words with the missing sound, he must guess which sound is missing.
  4. Practice with antonyms. You can do this in the following way: you throw the ball to the child and say: “Warm”, in response he should throw the ball to you and say: “Cold”.
preparing a preschooler for school according to the Federal State Educational Standard

You can find the course "Preparing for school" on the Web - classes for preschoolers, print and do with your child.

Teaching writing skills to preschoolers

The process of learning to write should go hand in hand with learning to read. These two directions go in parallel, otherwise there will be no sense at all. You need to work on teaching writing skills in the following areas:

  • gymnastics of the fingers;
  • correct paper orientation;
  • development of fine motor skills.

In the first direction, you can apply finger games, cutting with scissors, drawing and coloring. In the second direction, tasks are needed with hatching on unlined and lined paper, tasks with writing various elements. Such tasks for preschoolers in preparation for school

Teaching a preschooler the basics of mathematics

Math is another important subject. Some kids are math oriented, others are morelove the humanities. In preparation for school, classes for preschoolers in mathematics can be as follows:

  1. Quadangles. Draw polygons on a piece of paper, invite the child to choose quadrangles from them.
  2. Numbers. You need to prepare cards with numbers. Then show the child the numbers, two or three, mix them with the rest and ask them to find.

You can print out such tasks for preschoolers in preparation for school on paper and use if necessary.

Activities for general development of preschoolers

General development is also important. To prepare for school, activities for preschoolers for general development play an important role:

  1. Appliques. Help your child to make an application. For such activities, you can use anything: leaves, cereals, pasta, colored paper, cardboard, and so on.
  2. For the development of motor skills, an exercise with snowflakes is suitable. Cut out snowflake patterns with your child.
  3. Plasticine modeling is a great option for practicing. You can sculpt fruits, vegetables, animal figurines.

You can develop cognitive abilities during a normal walk. At the appropriate time of the year, explain to the child in simple terms why the leaves are falling, why they are yellow, what is rain, snow, why it is warm in summer and cold in winter. You can talk about animals and plants, natural phenomena, other cities and countries (in comparison with our climatic conditions).

preparing preschool children for school

Physical fitness

Don't overload your child with only tasks and exercises. Find time for outdoor activities or exercise. So, you can exercise daily with your child. It's good if it's outdoors. You can send your child to the section of swimming, wrestling, dancing or any other sport.

Be sure to take physical minutes between exercises. Good he alth is one of the main keys to your child's educational success. In between writing, it is enough to stand up, bow several times, stretch your fingers and hands, and stand on your toes.

Important tips for parents

Preparing preschool children for school is an important process. You need to deal with the child consistently. A month or two of chaotic work will not make a child prodigy.

The main thing is not that a preschooler learns to write beautifully, read competently and solve math problems. It is much more important that the future first-grader learns to reflect, compare, and draw conclusions. Classes should be regular. Lessons need to be made not only useful, try to make sure that the child likes them. The lesson should be no more than 15-20 minutes.

Be sure to believe in your child's success, praise him for any, even minor achievements.

Increase the complexity of tasks gradually. Pay attention to the fact that the previous material is well learned. First learn to write in block letters, then in capital letters. Play with your child at school. For example, you are a teacher, he is a student, and vice versa.

tasks for preparing preschoolers for school

Explain to your child what discipline means. Learn how to get things done and how to stand up for your opinion. Talk more often, read, communicate.

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