Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. RUDN University: list of faculties and student reviews

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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. RUDN University: list of faculties and student reviews
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. RUDN University: list of faculties and student reviews

The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia was established during the reign of N. Khrushchev, in 1960, as the Peoples' Friendship University. At the same time, the teaching of one of the main subjects - the Russian language for foreigners - began. A year later, the educational institution received the name of P. Lumumba, who was a prominent fighter for the independence of African countries at that time, and opened six main faculties, including physical and mathematical sciences, law and economics, medicine, engineering, agriculture, historical and philological.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

The founder of RUDN University is the Government of Russia

In 1992, by decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, which is the founder of this educational institution, UDN received a new name - the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. In the 90s, new promisingfaculties. Currently, the University is a large, internationally oriented educational center, known for its connections in many countries of the world, scientific research and methods of organizing the educational process.


RUDN in the ranking of universities and in student assessments

According to the Interfax rating (2011-2014), this university annually occupies 4-5-6 places among more than a thousand Russian universities. However, the average assessment of the university by students is close to “4” out of five possible points, as students are dissatisfied with the corruption that is encountered, the level of demand for specialists, equipment in a number of faculties, etc. There are both very negative and positive assessments of this educational institution, although many recognize that everything depends on the student's desire to learn.

Institute leads in national patents

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) is known for its scientific achievements. It ranks first in the number of scientific articles among more than 10,000 scientific organizations in Russia, conducts an annual defense of doctoral and master's theses in more than thirty dissertation councils of the educational institution. The Thomson-Reuter rating indicates that the University in 2002-2012. the second largest number of national patents for inventions in Russia was issued (the first place is occupied by Rosatom, the third - the Ministry of Industry of Russia).

rudn medical faculty

Among university graduates there are also presidentsstates

To date, this university has graduated about 90 thousand specialists who work in hundreds of countries around the world, and among them there are presidents of states, ministers, famous politicians and businessmen. At RUDN University, you can simultaneously receive several diplomas, including those in several foreign languages, the main speci alty, the second higher education and additional courses. Currently, the following RUDN faculties are functioning:

  • Agrarian. Opened in 1961, it has a teaching staff of about 100 people and graduates masters and bachelors in the following speci alties: agronomy, veterinary medicine, zootechnics, land management and cadastral affairs, veterinary and sanitary examination, landscape architecture, economics, management. At the faculty, you can complete master's and postgraduate studies in English, gain additional knowledge at the center of additional education, including selection, beekeeping, horse breeding, refereeing equestrian competitions, etc.
  • Department of Engineering, graduating bachelors in economics, architecture, construction, oil and gas, operation of transport and technological complexes, etc. You can also get a master's degree in architecture, geology, construction, nanotechnology, mining, applied geology, etc. Postgraduate faculty is open to more than 20 speci alties.
  • Physico-mathematical \ natural sciences. Prepares bachelors in chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics and computer science, radiophysics, etc., as well as masters in the following speci alties:mathematics, chemistry and physics (including applied and fundamental), etc.
  • Philological faculty. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow) prepares bachelors in the field of linguistics, journalism, psychology, philology, advertising, and public relations at this department. The faculty also graduates masters in seventeen areas of training and has postgraduate studies in ten speci alties.
russian peoples' friendship university rudn

What other RUDN faculties exist?

  • General education disciplines and the Russian language. Here students take a course of intensive training in the Russian language, the basics of general disciplines in the future main department, and adapt to life in Russia. The faculty has a center for students' adaptation to the Russian climate and a testing center.
  • Economic, where foreign and Russian citizens can get the speci alty of a manager (specializations - marketing and general management), an economist (insurance, finance, credit, general economics, accounting and other areas). Participation in the double degree program with the University of Nice, master's, postgraduate studies, advanced training courses are available.
  • Environmental. The faculty has several graduating departments, including speci alties: systems, forensic ecology, human ecology, applied ecology and geoecology, water resources management, forecasting and monitoring ecology. Here you can get a bachelor's and master's degree.
  • Social and human sciences. On theAbout 2.5 thousand people from more than 80 countries of the world study at the faculty, where they receive a bachelor's degree in the following areas: sociology, political science, international relations, history, philosophy, foreign regional studies, municipal and state management, humanities and arts. It also graduates masters in the programs of history (domestic), history of civilizations, philosophy, ethics, sociology, political problems and institutions, world politics, regional studies, management (municipal and state), social and international institutions, social management. The faculty is interesting in that it has a dozen joint programs with foreign institutions, including China, Spain, Germany, France. In addition, students are given the opportunity to receive a certificate of an interpreter, to practice in public authorities (in separate programs).

Many faculties are organized as institutes

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, whose faculties are presented above, graduates specialists in other areas, which are organized in the form of internal institutes of the University. For example, obtaining a legal education is possible at RUDN University at a law institute, including speci alties: civil, international, family law, arbitration process, corporate lawyer, international law, legal translation (English), energy law, etc. Institute has postgraduate studies in ten speci alties, has as partners many foreign institutions and major internationalorganizations (e.g. European Youth Parliament).

russian university of peoples' friendship moscow

The Faculty of Medicine teaches 37 speci alties

What other institutes does PFUR have? The Faculty of Medicine of this educational institution is also organized as a separate institute, where you can study in such speci alties as: "Pharmacy", "General Medicine", "Nursing", "Dentistry". The institute has about twenty speci alties in internship, about 37 speci alties in clinical residency, 33 speci alties in graduate school and nine councils through which one can defend a degree.

PFUR graduates can speak four or more languages

RUDN University, whose medical faculty has trained about 6,400 specialists for foreign clinics, has an institute of hotel business (and tourism). This educational institution was established relatively recently, in 1997, and is an institute with the rights of a faculty. It trains specialists in the field of restaurant and hotel business, some of which have already left after finishing work in their native countries - China, Oman, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Gabon, Vietnam, etc. Graduates of this institute are rightfully proud of the fact that they know two foreign language - English and (optionally) Spanish, German, French or Italian (plus Russian and your own national).

russian university of peoples' friendship faculties

They can do gravity experiments

RUDN University provides training, includingrather rare speci alties, such as relativistic astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation. Such a speci alty, as well as postgraduate studies, can be obtained at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Gravity and Cosmology at RUDN University, opened in 1999. Graduates of this direction can develop promising gravitational experiments in space and on our planet, explore fundamental metrology and fundamental physical constants.

Joint programs with foreign universities

In addition to the Faculty of Philology, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia has an Institute of Foreign Languages, where subjects are taught in English, including: regional studies, international public relations. At the institute, future teachers can study the methodology and theory of teaching foreign languages, psychology and social pedagogy, take postgraduate courses in general pedagogy, German languages. This educational institution, functioning as a RUDN faculty, conducts joint programs with the Lille Catholic Institute (France) and the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain).

rudn departments

It is also worth noting the institutes functioning at RUDN as faculties: international programs, business and the world economy, applied (technical and economic) research and expertise, etc.

Branches and training centers

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia has its own branches in the cities: Yakutsk, Sochi, Perm, Belgorod, Stavropol, Essentuki, as well as twentyfour training centers for additional education, including: a computer training center, a veterinary innovation clinic, a he alth resource complex, a center for scientific research on countering terrorist actions, etc. good specialists, but also people with an active lifestyle and a love for movement and sports.

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