Cavalcade is a group ride on horseback. only if?

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Cavalcade is a group ride on horseback. only if?
Cavalcade is a group ride on horseback. only if?

Constantly overwhelmed with home routine and office work, a person still strives to break out for a walk. And if the voyage takes place with comrades, and even not on foot, but on some kind of transport, this is a cavalcade in the full sense of the word. The term is bright and memorable, it exudes some kind of romance. But where did the sonorous concept come from and in what situations is it appropriate to use it? The answers to all questions can be found in dictionaries.

What did the Europeans say?

Borrowing occurred at a time when knowing foreign languages ​​was the duty of every member of society who considered himself noble. The traditional "cavalcade" is a direct tracing paper from one of the options:

  • German kavalkade;
  • French cavalcade.

However, the original is called the Italian cavalcata, which was a derivative of the verb cavalcare or "to ride." A horse ride was meant, but the meaning has changed slightly over time.

cavalcade members

How many horses are on the ride?

Native speakers can definitely tell that this is not about a loner. becauserider - a member of the cavalcade, a small part of it. Key interpretations of the term directly indicate this:

  1. Group of riders.
  2. Horseback riding.

The first transcript is the main one and is used to this day. She can designate the patrols of the mounted police. The second is considered obsolete, since in the 21st century not everyone can afford to keep a personal horse. And even representatives of the aristocracy are not always ready to follow a good tradition, walking in the saddle with a group of friends.

How is it interpreted today?

Technologies have also made their own adjustments to the semantic content. In the speech of the townspeople, a cavalcade is any group of "iron horses". The list includes the most common modes of transport:

  • cars;
  • motorcycles;
  • bicycles.

A cross-country car rally, a biker rally or a group of cyclists can proudly use a colorful term. This is a colloquial form, informal, but appropriate and in high demand, given the popularization of gatherings by lovers of various vehicles.

Cavalcade in honor of the holiday

Is it acceptable in speech?

The word seems vintage, ill-suited to modern realities. Horses are rarely saddled, and for cars and bikes, the concept of “column” is usually used. But if you suddenly notice a small promotional trip of circus artists on horseback carts, camels or elephants, then this is a cavalcade.

Definition rarely finds a place in everyday life, because it becomes only brighter, associated with positive andholiday events. Use it to indicate the significance of the run.

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