What is languor: interpretation and synonyms

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What is languor: interpretation and synonyms
What is languor: interpretation and synonyms

It feels so good just to lie on the couch. Or soak in the bath. And suddenly you are enveloped in languor. I don't want to do anything. You just enjoy the moment and relax both soul and body. In this article, we will tell you what istoma is, what is the definition of this word and what synonyms it is appropriate to replace it with.

Understanding the noun

In Ozhegov's dictionary it is indicated what the noun "languor" means. This is how the feeling of complete relaxation and bliss is called. Let us illustrate with specific examples what languor is. Imagine several situations.

You run a multi-kilometer cross and after overcoming the finish line sit down on a bench to rest. Or you come home after a grueling day at work, sit down on the sofa and eat a bucket of ice cream. Take a dip in warm water, turn on relaxing music and slowly drink herbal tea.

woman drinking tea

Do you understand what languor is? It is a pleasant feeling of peace, relaxation and bliss when the whole world is waiting. There is only you and your feelings.

Examples of usage

So that this word does not settlea dead treasure in the recesses of memory, we will use it in sentences. Only by putting the word into practice can you truly understand what languor is.

And a sweet languor came to my heart as I thought about the coming weekend

Rest in a hammock
  • Do you feel a relaxing languor when you come home and just make yourself comfortable on the couch?
  • It was a real blissful languor: we have never tasted such a delicious and light cake.

Synonym selection

When you have learned the meaning of the word "languor", you can pick up a couple of synonyms.

  • Lingering. The longing in my soul was so sweet, it warmed my heart.
  • Weakness. The weakness was pleasant, as if after a long journey you sat down to rest.

Such nouns can replace the word "languor" in various contexts. Pay attention to the content of the offer to choose the best option.

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