Shilajit: origin, useful properties, history of use

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Shilajit: origin, useful properties, history of use
Shilajit: origin, useful properties, history of use

Shilajit is a special product that came naturally. As a rule, it consists mainly of resins constantly flowing from cracks in the rocks. In connection with this feature of the origin, this remedy is considered an invaluable source of useful trace elements that help restore the human body.

Shilajit properties

Mumiyo has been known to man for a long time. As a rule, it is mined in rocky areas. The product is detected by a specific species. When the resin leaves the crevices, it hardens, eventually forming growths on the surface. It is precisely because of this origin that the mummy has an appropriate appearance, that is, a smooth, shiny surface, light or dark brown. Even by smell, the nature of this product is clear, because everyone will feel light notes of oil in it. When in contact with water, the mummy completely dissolves after a while.

Product origin

In fact, the full composition and origin of Shilajit is still unknown. Practice shows that in the product I definitely present about 30macro- and microelements, 6 amino acids, essential oils, bee venom, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron and many other components. In addition, in the mummy there are also vitamins of various groups and acids like hippuric and benzoic, as well as wax. It is precisely because of its composition and properties that the use of shilajit most often helps to restore damaged tissues.

Use area

This natural medicine has numerous names. For example, in Mongolia it is called barag-shun (rock juice), in Iran - mumioyin (soft wax). By the way, the second part of this name, that is, Oiin, is the place where the mummy was first discovered.

Shilajit properties

In ancient times, the method of using mumiyo was almost the same, they treated skin lesions, various consequences of burns, they simply nourished dry and problematic skin. Thus, the tool has a long history, which has about 100 thousand years. Information about the various properties, contraindications of mumiyo is known thanks to the ancient manuscripts of the peoples of India, Tibet, China and many others. These historical sources are still being actively studied.


There are several theories about the origin of Shilajit. Let's take a look at each one.

mummy in the mountains

One of the suggestions was that the drug was only the result of animal activity. More extensively, this theory has spread throughout Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. They believe that the substance is formed on the basis of the excrement of voles, small animals that live on elevatedrocks. If the origin of the mummy is considered from this point of view, then it is fair to say that the composition will contain metals, particles of gold, silver, tin, and iron. Moreover, depending on the prevailing amount of a particular substance, the mummy has a different color, as well as taste. The process takes place due to the fact that voles are not able to digest most of the food they consume, as a result of which the remains leave their body. Conditions in the mountains favor the formation of this kind of drug.

Favourable conditions for emergence

Origin theories

This theory has gained popularity due to the fact that there are certain facts that, in a sense, prove the origin of the mummy in this way.

The fact is that in the mountains the substance mummifies, becoming more solid. This is due to lack of moisture. If soil waters do reach biomass, then it quickly splits, soaks into the ground, and then simply disperses over the surrounding area. Sometimes underground, in cavities and voids, one can stumble upon strangely formed sinter structures. This is the same mummy, only it has a different look in this case.

To get a mass familiar to a person, specific conditions are needed, such as a certain relief on the rocks, which is formed at an altitude of 200 to 3,500 meters above sea level. Most often, the product can be found in the southern part, in some cavities, cracks or depressions. As a rule, a sufficient number of animals live in such a zone, contributing toproduct formation, certain plants also grow there, giving off part of their properties. Despite the frequent climate change, as well as significant precipitation, increased radiation, shilajit is perfectly formed here.

Mining place

Shilajit of Altai origin is considered to be a product produced by mice or pikas. Animals are somewhat different from voles. That is, it is fair to say that this change in the usual theory also has the right to exist and is considered another option for the emergence of a drug.

The pika allocates its leftovers in the same area, which helps people eventually find the product very quickly.

From an old legend

There is also an unusual opinion about the origin, but it also has a place to be. It is believed that unusual giants cry in the mountains. Their tears harden, resulting in a mummy that can destroy all human diseases. Moreover, this product is very difficult to find. Whoever did this will be he althy and strong all his life.

Therapeutic effect of mummy

Properties and use of mumiyo were known in the ancient period of human life. The main opinion that existed among the peoples was that the product is able to heal the entire body, that is, to affect all internal and external organs. It was also noticed that the remedy enhances potency in men.

What is treated with the help of mummy?

Scope in antiquity:

  1. The drug was thought to help people with severediseases like tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, kidney problems, various inflammatory processes, gastrointestinal problems, migraines and others.
  2. Many doctors agreed that the remedy perfectly cures various dislocations, as well as nervous disorders.
  3. The great Aristotle even touched upon this topic in his notes, describing in them all the benefits of mummy. He believed that the medicine helps with deafness (congenital), with severe and regular bleeding from the nose.
  4. Muhammad Tabib also mentioned that Shilajit affects human sexual function.

Science Facts

Today science is progressing, so it can clearly say that Shilajit is an indispensable medicine that contains vital chemical elements (about 30), amino acids, enzymes, hormones and other substances.

Many chemists and biologists of our time cannot derive the formula of a substance, because in comparison with conventional preparations, in which there are about 2-3 elements, mumiyo contains a significant part of the periodic table.

It is important to understand that the mummy does not make the processes in the body proceed differently, at an accelerated pace, it only balances them among themselves, making them habitual. The medicine helps a person adapt to any environment, as it fills the body with exactly the substances that are needed.

Also, many people know that the product is an excellent tool for raising immunity, for the treatment of viral and infectious diseases. It is important that the mummy is able to fight even with a sore throat, fungus, eczema.

Many scientists believe thatthis medicine cannot cause harm if used as directed.

Species diversity

Besides high popularity in Russia, mumijo is also famous in Asian countries. For example, the Japanese and Arabs highly appreciate the effectiveness of this drug, so they use it in every possible way.

It is customary to distinguish between only 4 types of mummy, but in fact, almost every remedy found has its own composition and properties. It is for this reason that there are over 115 options.

Commonly known are:

  1. Golden - it has a reddish tint as well as a firm texture.
  2. Silver - represented by white.
  3. Copper - has a blue or blue tint.
  4. Iron - black or brown, most common.

Also a classification can be created based on the place of origin. In this case, they distinguish: Caucasian mummy, Iranian, Siberian, Nepalese, Central Asian, Arabian and several others. In terms of chemical composition, these representatives are very close to each other. The differences are some elements that are present in one form, and in the other they are either absent or present to a small extent.

In fact, few people know that there are not so many mummy in nature, so sooner or later it will disappear altogether. It is for this reason that it is important to use the product correctly and for its intended purpose.


When using mummy, it is important to understand that it must be consumed in moderation, otherwise there may be disappointing consequences. In terms ofdrugs, such a view is necessary, because with irregular doses, you can exacerbate your situation at times.

It is necessary to use the product on the recommendation of a doctor or simply on his advice. It must be remembered that mummy is unable to cure certain diseases, so it makes no sense to use it in this case. It is also worth evaluating your individual reactions, because an allergy may appear on the composition. In this case, it is also important to consult with specialists.

mummy in pharmacies

If a pregnant or breastfeeding woman wants to use a medicine, then she better forget about such an idea. This may adversely affect the child.

Also, doctors are sure that in the presence of serious cancers it is not necessary to use mummy. The fact that the disease will begin to flow faster is confirmed by a number of studies by leading experts in the world.

In old age, as well as in the period up to 12 years, you should not be treated with this method, it can cause a negative reaction of the body.

Important to remember

Every person should understand that when taking the remedy, you do not need to drink alcoholic beverages. You should also forget about the use of other medicinal substances with alcohol in the composition.

The substance should be used only in diluted form. This can be done not only in a certain amount of water, but also in tea, juice, milk.

Shilajit can be used both for internal and external treatment.

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