The manual is The structure of the manual, design recommendations, description of the nursing manual

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The manual is The structure of the manual, design recommendations, description of the nursing manual
The manual is The structure of the manual, design recommendations, description of the nursing manual

Tutorial - a publication that includes systematized knowledge in any scientific discipline used for educational purposes. Unlike a textbook, which contains complete information, it can focus on specific sections and include various solutions to a particular issue. The study guide is considered an optional, but not required, educational tool.

Care of surgical patients


Before compiling a manual, you need to decide who it is intended for (teachers or students), what is the purpose of the publication. Based on the tasks set, you need to select the material that will become the basis of this methodological manual.

This edition should include essential components such as:

  • abstract;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusion;
  • bibliographic list.
The structure of the study guide

As optionalmaterial it includes: introduction, images, terminological dictionary. The study guide is not considered a mandatory educational tool, but can be a great help in learning.

Design guidelines

After the text of the methodical publication is written, and the didactic material is ready, you need to provide the manuscript for proofreading to the proofreader, even if the person is confident in his own literacy. When preparing a book, you should not count on the support of the Word program, since only a specialist can find certain errors and typos.

The design of the manual is one of the most important moments in its preparation. First of all, you need to make sure that all sections, paragraphs and chapters are written in a clear sequence, and the page numbering indicated in the table of contents is correct. A manual is a publication in which tables, figures and other additional components must also be numbered correctly. Each such component must have a link, which is indicated in the text of the manual.

The following is an example of such a source of knowledge.

Getting benefits

Nursing allowance

This publication shows the fundamentals, technologies, and importance of general patient care in he althcare organizations. A particularly important role is given to the actual use of the methods and skills necessary for the implementation of general care. A manual is a book that may include several sections. The Fundamentals of General Nursing has three parts that outline the key issues of carepatients, highlights the principles of the activities of medical organizations.

This care guide is a publication that talks about the problems of personal hygiene and nutrition of patients, the various methods of using pharmaceuticals. It covers in detail the issues of caring for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, blood circulation, digestion, and urinary excretion. The methods of care for surgical patients are also discussed (principles of asepsis and antisepsis, preoperative program, recovery period after illness). Great importance is given to resuscitation and first aid in severe cases. This edition is suitable for medical students.

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