Is it difficult to pass the exam in physics, social science, biology and chemistry?

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Is it difficult to pass the exam in physics, social science, biology and chemistry?
Is it difficult to pass the exam in physics, social science, biology and chemistry?

Every year, students have to take a single exam. No wonder graduates ask the same question. Is it difficult to pass the exam? The answer largely depends on the level of training. Some students are preparing for the upcoming test with a tutor, some prefer to study the material on their own.

Is it difficult for a student to pass the exam?

As you know, a single exam can be taken as a final and entrance examination at the same time. Asking the question of whether it is difficult to pass the exam, applicants are simultaneously interested in how to get the highest score. Despite all the “horror stories” that assure that it is extremely difficult for an ordinary student to successfully pass an exam, this is not so.

It is only important to know how to prepare, and then you definitely should not be afraid.

Preparation for the exam

You should never rule out the possibility of getting the highest score. Those students who start preparation in advance have the most chances. For example, a systematic study of the school curriculum for several years will avoidstress associated with the need to master a huge amount of material in a short time.

Usually it is recommended to start preparing for the exam in the 10th grade. However, the sooner you start studying the material on the chosen subject, the more chances for a brilliant result.

exam in physics

You can prepare yourself, become a student of special courses or contact a private teacher. To choose the appropriate option, you need to consider how well the student knows the subject at the current moment and how much time is left before the exam.

It also matters what subject you have to take.


It is curious that this item is one of the four most popular. It is physics that is often chosen by schoolchildren. What is the reason for such popularity? After all, this subject can not be called simple. The secret is that physics is needed for admission to technical universities. That's why boys pass it much more often than girls.

Is it difficult to pass the exam in physics? As mentioned above, this subject is not among the simple ones. Therefore, preparation should be not only lengthy, but also thorough.

exam in social studies

The peculiarity of the exam is that the student must not only have brilliant knowledge, but also comply with the rules of the exam. It is better to familiarize yourself with the rules in advance. For example, not only computer equipment, but also all sorts of newfangled gadgets like smart watches, etc. are not allowed to be brought into the auditorium. Only a ruler and a simple calculator are allowed.

Whenwriting a test, you can not exchange information with other students, it is also usually forbidden to go out without permission, etc.

Violation of requirements may lead to conflict.

Physics requires a score of 36 or more to pass.

Social Studies

Schoolchildren always find it difficult to decide on their future profession. If the student does not imagine himself either in the humanities or in the technical speci alty, then social science becomes a universal option. This subject will be useful for future psychologists, sociologists, economists and some other professions.

Is it difficult to pass the exam in social studies? Some mistakenly believe that this subject is simple, since it does not involve memorizing complex formulas. However, this may be a mistake. Preparation cannot be neglected.

exam in biology

If a student assumes that when passing social studies one can indulge in philosophical reasoning and in this way successfully pass the exam, the result may disappoint him. The USE format requires specific and clear answers.

That's why social science requires knowledge of terminology, the ability to compare and analyze knowledge. This subject includes several humanitarian areas. Each of them opens the abyss of knowledge with its own set of terms.

Choosing the exam in social studies, you need to take the study of the subject seriously. This is the key to a successful result.


Not only schoolchildren, but also applicants have to take the exam. Many people are incredibly afraid of this exam because of the controversialinformation. Therefore, the question of whether it is difficult to pass the exam in biology is always popular.

Probably, there are no simple exams at all. Knowledge testing is always stressful. According to experts, the greatest difficulty of the USE in biology is that the exam covers a colossal layer of information. As a separate subject, this science begins to be taught in grades 5-6.

exam in biology and chemistry

Another difficulty is that biology includes many sections. For example, botany is studied in high school and knowledge can be forgotten by the graduating classes. Will have to spend time re-learning the material.

When preparing for the exam, you need not only to study the topics of the textbook. It is important to get used to the format in which the exam is conducted. During the testing process, it is important to fill out the form correctly without making mistakes. It will be a shame to get a low score, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of filling in errors.


This subject, unlike biology, is taught in the 8th grade, so the amount of information is less. However, this does not mean that preparation can be neglected.

preparation for the exam

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is difficult to pass the exam in biology and chemistry. Much depends on the current level. The more knowledge the student has mastered, the easier it will be to prepare. It's worth starting with a check. The greatest attention is recommended to be paid to the most difficult topics. It is with them that you need to start preparing for the exam in chemistry. After all, the more time for preparation, the better results you canachieve.

Having received 100 points in the final exam, yesterday's student will join the ranks of those who are regularly asked if it is difficult to pass the exam.

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